Situated Stories: Valuing Diversity in Composition Research

Situated Stories: Valuing Diversity in Composition Research




Situated Stories seeks to enlarge our research community by expanding on both the questions we ask and the ways we go about answering those questions. Emily Decker and Kathleen Geissler believe that writing courses are sites for mutual negotiation, places where people from all kinds of backgrounds confront the dominant institutional values. In presenting these investigations, their book calls attention to the diverse students in today's classrooms and to the pedagogical consequences of acknowledging this diversity.

The authors of these chapters introduce us to some new dimensions of composition studies. They describe the issues, challenges, and aspirations of a variety of writers; they share their struggles to define what it means to teach composition; they reflect on what it means to do research. United in their commitment to help students grow, to claim a place in the academy, to develop effective voices, all of these instructors have struggled to find the right names for things. Their articles offer new definitions of meaningful questions - and of legitimate answers - all the time helping to define what it means to truly value diversity.

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ISBN-13: 9780867094404
Publisher: Heinemann
Publication date: 04/09/1998
Pages: 207
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About the Author

Emily Decker is associate director of the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education, a public service center of The Evergreen State College where faculty and administrators collaborate across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Previously, she helped design and implement portfolio-based writing assessment for undergraduates at the University of Michigan.

Kathleen Geissler has taught writing and women's studies, composition theory, history of rhetoric, and theories of literacy and reading. Currently, she is associate professor of English at Michigan State University and associate director of the Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities, where she directs an interdisciplinary, writing-intensive general education course.

Table of Contents

Composing Research/Valuing Diversity

Indiscretions: A Story of Investigating Gender and Literacy, S. Rose

Portfolio Assessment and the Construction of High School Writing Instruction, R. Herter

"Getting It": When What Is Not Said Is the Most Important Data, H. Fox

Dimensions of Diversity

"They've Got the Power-They're Hearing": Case Studies of Deaf Student Writers at Gallaudet University, B. Brueggemann

Going for Broke: Valuing Differences in the Classroom, R. Moreno

Danger Zones: Risk and Resistance in the Writing Histories of Returning Adult Women, A. Aronson

The Unclaimed Self: Valuing Lesbian and Gay Diversity in the Writing Environment, P. Olano

The Role of Response, S. Ebest

The Morrises: A Study of One Family's Writing, C. Chapman

Item 50: Dialect Diversity and Teacher Preparation, T. Lardner

English-Yours, Mine, or Ours: Language Teaching and the Needs of "Nonnative" Speakers of English, Y. Chiang

Valuing Diversity: Next Steps

Multiple Languages, Multiple Literacies, A. Roy

Facts, Artifacts, Counterfacts, and Differences, D. Davies

Women Students' Autobiographical Writing: The Rhetoric of Discovery and Defiance, J. Ritchie, M. Kaur & B. Choo

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