So You Want To Be A Leader?

So You Want To Be A Leader?

by Sr. Usmc (Ret) Colonel James Benson


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"Good leaders are intense; real good leaders are passionate; but great leaders are predators when it comes to winning on the battlefield, the gridiron, or in the workplace." Jim Benson

"Winners create their own destiny by their proactivity while losers suffer a fate by their reactivity." Jim Benson

"Intricate and complex are recipes for failure in organizational planning." Jim Benson

"You can, you will, you must succeed." Coach Ray Bussard

Through the years, I have been intrigued by the consistent success of some leaders. Why are some people successful leaders within the organization while others, with superior intellect and academic credentials, are less successful or blatantly unsuccessful? Why are others quite successful in one position or assignment, but, when promoted, fail miserably? Why are there great assistant coaches in the college and professional athletic ranks who simply cannot win once they assume the role of head coach?

Much of the narrative herein deals with personal experience and observations in over 26 years as an officer of the U.S. Marines, but I also call on experience, observations, and readings in the fields of business, academics, higher education, and athletics. The ideas and principles here are just as applicable to the small business entrepreneur, corporate CEO, or Baptist minister as to the young U.S. Army lieutenant or high school basketball coach.

Jim Benson

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