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Soulive is a contemporary band with old-school values. Using the time-honored instrumentation of organ, guitar, and drums made popular during the late-'50s heyday of Jimmy Smith, this feisty trio add some new twists to the mix that bring their sound into the here-and-now. It was a wise move to have the band’s first major-label album be a live recording, for Soulive really comes to life in front of an enthusiastic audience. Always emphasizing the groove, this trio never sacrifice rhythmic thrust and feel for display of chops. Tracks are extended, exhibiting fine playing from guitarist Eric Krasno and keyboardist Neal Evans, but an infectious beat, thanks in large part to drummer Alan Evans, grounds every performance. A jam band with a firm understanding of how the past influences the future, Soulive know how to grab both the head and the feet.

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Release Date: 04/22/2003
Label: Blue Note Records
UPC: 0724359008400
catalogNumber: 90084

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