Southdown Memories

Southdown Memories

by Glyn Kraemer-Johnson, John Bishop




As a companion to the successful Luftwaffe Colours 'Sea Eagles' titles, this bright new book offers the reader a more detailed and varied study of the maritime aircraft and operations conducted by the Luftwaffe against the Allies in World War 2. The Luftwaffe committed a wide range of aircraft to such operations from coastal reconnaissance, with shorter-range and shipboard patrol floatplanes, to long-range U-boat liaison and transports; for example, the Arado Ar 196 A, Dornier Do 18 and Do 24, Blohm und Voss Ha 138, Heinkel He 115, Junkers Ju 52, the enormous Blohm und Voss 222 Wiking flying boat, and the equally impressive Blohm und Voss 238 - the heaviest aircraft to have flown in the world.The operations of the extensive force included 'shadowing' and long-range protection for U-boats under the auspices of the 'Fliegerführer Atlantik', shipboard operations assigned to the German capital ships, mine-laying, air-sea rescue, torpedo-bombing and transport.David Wadman and Adam Thompson examine in detail the various aircraft used by the Luftwaffe, a popular subject for modellers and historians. Beautifully illustrated using over 220 colour and mono photographs and 15 detailed colour profiles of the specific aircraft types; this is the definitive account of maritime aircraft used by the Luftwaffe.

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ISBN-13: 9780711032552
Publisher: Allan, Ian Publishing
Publication date: 04/02/2009
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 9.60(w) x 7.30(h) x 0.50(d)

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