Sparks from Zion

Sparks from Zion

by David Rubin


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As the free world struggles with the dilemma of how to combat ISIS and other manifestations of Islamic fundamentalism, Israel appears in the news like no other nation. Viciously attacked by its many enemies and passionately admired by its friends around the world, all eyes are on the tiny Jewish nation, leaving little room for apathy, disregard, or disinterest. In Sparks From Zion, David Rubin takes us on an eye-opening one-year journey through the intensity of the challenges in Israel, a virtual island of political and individual freedom, surrounded by war and Islamic terrorism. Come join the people of Israel on that journey!

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ISBN-13: 9780982906767
Publisher: Shiloh Israel Press
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

Acknowledgments 14

Israel's News Glossary 16

Time For A New Peace Process 22

Who Are Those Refugees? 25

What Israel Can Teach Boston 28

Can PA Arabs Be Loyal Citizens Of Israel? 31

Who Is Min. Of Defense Moshe Yaalon Defending? 34

Too Many Jewishly-Ignorant Would-Be Politicians 36

Lapid Is Running Scared 38

Michael Oren's Peace Plan: Salvation Or Suicide? 41

Confronting The Apartheid Canard 44

Obsession Against "Settlers" 47

The Bibi And Ruby Show 49

Middle East Advice For America 51

Rand Paul And Israel: AIPAC Fails The Test 54

Clarification Is Always Good 56

"You Stole Palestine!" 57

Benedict And Tzipi: A Fair Comparison? 59

The Political Pope Arrives In Israel 60

The Right-Wing In Europe: Neo-Nazis? 62

Liberman, Rivlin, And The Land Of Israel 64

Bibi And Building: The Buck Stops Here 66

Does Israel Need A Jewish Republican In Congress? 68

The Iraqi Paradox, Or What Is An Islamist? 70

Enough Empty Threats! 72

Bibi, Take Off The Gloves! 74

Words, Words, Words 76

Obama's Deafening Silence 78

Peres and Abbas (And Arafat): Partners Indeed 80

Feel-Good Gatherings … 82

Destroy The Enemy: Time For The Gaza First Plan 85

The Murders And Zionism: Time For Answers 88

Enemy Civilians - And Ours 90

Bibi, Take Back The Weapons! 92

A Nation Of Moldy Doormats? 94

Responding To Criticism: Explain And Ignore! 96

This Time Fight To Win 98

Ceasefire Madness - Again 100

The Land Is Acquired Through Sacrifice 101

Hillary Clinton On Israel And Palestine 103

No More Hesitation 106

Restraint Is Not A Virtue 107

Warning The Enemy Kills Our Soldiers 109

Just Say No 111

Airlines Halt Flights: Blame the Messenger? 113

America's Gift To Hamas And Islamic Jihad 115

War Criminals At The UN 117

No To Ceasefires - Yes To Victory 119

Don't Just Shell Gaza: Liberate Gaza! 121

Yair Lapid On Gaza 123

Hillary Clinton's Moral Failure 125

Israel: A Light Unto The Nations 127

The Fear Of Sovereignty 129

Until The Next War 131

Gaza: The Political Failure To Win 134

Obama And The Palestinian Lie 138

Investigate The UN For War Crimes 141

Our Reward For The Death Of 64 Soldiers 143

Tel Aviv's Sabbath Day: Religious Coercion? 145

The "Islamic State" Wake-Up Call 149

Vacillation Brings Defeat 151

Bibi And The Politics Of Weakness 154

Returning To The Old/New Political Battleground 157

Netanyahu And Abbas: Self-Destructive Bedfellows 160

Beheadings: Learning From The Founder Of Islam 163

Why Are The Muslims Denouncing Islamic State? 167

The Sisi Savior Sinai Solution 170

Facing ISIS Or Facing Hamas: When A War Is Not… 172

The Islamic Ghost That Haunts Obama 175

Can Religious Zionists Lead Israel? 178

Haredi Leaders And The Dangerous Use Of Words 182

The Israeli Response To Abbas's Political "Bomb" 185

The IDF And The "G" Word 188

Stop Apologizing And Start Building! 191

Be Fruitful, Multiply … And Protect Those Borders 194

An Open Letter To "J Street" 196

America Praises And Supports Terrorist Government 199

The Gaza Rehab: Lessons Not Learned 202

Revoking Israeli Citizenship? Why Just ISIS? 204

In Retrospect: The Latest Kerry Fiasco 206

Rejoicing In Children, Rejoicing In Life 210

Some US Citizens Are More Equal Than Others 212

What Will The Goyim Say? 214

Nuclear Deal Or Not: The View From Iran 217

Ever Heard Of Alarm Clocks? 219

Declare Abbas An Enemy Of Israel 221

Shameful Lack Of National Pride 223

Chief Rabbis And Spiritual Leadership 225

The Kahane Legacy 227

The Suicidal Swedes … 230

Five Steps To End The Latest Wave Of Terror 233

Afterword 235

About The Author 236

Other Books David Rubin 238

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