Sparrowhawk: Book Five, Revolution: A Novel of the American Revolution

Sparrowhawk: Book Five, Revolution: A Novel of the American Revolution

by Edward Cline


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The American Revolution did not just happen. It was the culmination of two centuries of Enlightenment ideas that entered men's minds and were refined and honed until they expressed themselves in an unprecedented rejection of tyranny in the name of individual rights and political freedom from the whims of arrogant monarchs and conniving, power-lusting politicians. Sparrowhawk: Book Five Revolution, encapsulates that process in the story of an exiled young British aristocrat, Hugh Kenrick, and a former indentured felon from the British lower class, Jack Frake, who both reject the tyranny of the British Crown, become friends and neighboring planters, and form a bond that will enable them to take the first steps towards independence from the mother country. Hugh Kenrick becomes a burgess for his county and helps Patrick Henry secure the Stamp Act Resolves. Jack Frake is certain that reconciliation with the mother country is not possible, for the political establishments in London and in the colonies have tasted power, and will not relinquish it voluntarily. The American Revolution was the capstone and apex of the European Enlightenment and an unprecedented philosophical and political event in human history.

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Publication date: 08/16/2013
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