Special Needs...Special Blessings

Special Needs...Special Blessings

by Donna L. Phelps


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Eight years into our marriage, our youngest boy (who was then a bit past 3) was diagnosed as very autistic and severely retarded. Three months later our oldest boy (4 1/2) was diagnosed as high-functioning autistic. Word spread faster than I was ready to deal with it. I found myself angry and bitter with those who were the first to share the bad news, even when they were sharing a prayer request. Coments of "I knew that was what was wrong with him" pierced my soul with pain. Acquaintances found it difficult to talk to me. Even some I had regarded as friends preferred to stay away.

I had the support of my husband, family and my been-there-through-it-all friend to help me adapt to the new road we were to travel. But my most solid rock has been Jesus. He has given me the strength to turn tired sobs of prayers into praise for His unending love.

I began this book as a way to document to my sons the beauty and perspective they have added to my life, wanting them to know their problems didn't need to be fixed before they were loveable and enjoyable to me. I didn't want them to be remembered just for their limits - I wanted to celebrate what is good and perfect about them. Some of my pivotal moments involved coping with their special needs, but many more happened when they were just happy being themselves. These are the moments I wrote about; the ones that helped increase my faith, that provided joy in my daily life, and drew my eyes repeatedly to my source of power. God has given me so much by allowing us to raise our two wonderful boys, and I will be forever thankful for them.

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