Star Witness

Star Witness

by The Snitches



After eight years, Montreal rockers the Snitches have found a way to reach the United States. They may have ditched the violin and piano and turned to old-school garage rock while doing it, but there are definitely some fun things happening on Star Witness. After starting it off with an upbeat rock & roll swagger, the catchy "Right Before My Eyes" pumps up the tempo. Then comes the Cars-influenced "Willie," which plays off the story of "My Best Friend's Girl" as well as borrowing the Cars' quirky synthesizer. The friendly "Wednesdays on My Mind" seems a bit out of place, sounding like a track from the Grease soundtrack, while "Swallow" goes a little overboard with its hard rock vocals. For the most part, though, this is lively rock & roll filled with spirited guitars and stories about a "Crazy Talking Girl" and a "Sugar Mommy."

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Release Date: 08/27/2002
Label: Oh Tonito
UPC: 0708527400227
catalogNumber: 2

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