Statistics Topics

Statistics Topics

by Salil Mehta


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Salil Mehta is a top-selling author, academic statistician, risk strategist, and C-suite advisor. He has appeared numerously in the popular media, academic journals, American Banker, and through prestigious statistics organizations such as Society of Actuaries, CFA Institute, American Statistical Association, and the Royal Statistical Society. Salil is also the creator of the popular web log, Statistical Ideas, and the forthcoming Kids' Statistics internet-playground.This pedagogical book is more sophisticated then the web log, and colorfully weaves statistics topics into stories concerning everyday life issues. This topic is of greater importance with the growing demand for big data and an information revolution pushing their way into relevancy, by pouring over large heaps of data, but still wanting accurate and reliable insights as a positive objective. The topic is also of greater importance as nations seek to gain on their population's mathematical literacy in order to compete in this current century. The stories cover the nascent development of the field going back many hundreds of years from Asia, to the Middle East. Shows the later development in Europe of the most major theoretical constructs. And then continues all the way to these current applied topics: fickleness of modern U.S. elections, hot hand streaks in the markets, Flight MH370's disappearance. There are also tools to think about diverse things such as civil unrest in emerging countries, and Federal Reserve Chair Yellen's current rate strategy.Statistics Topics' chapter topics are: probability theory, parameters, moments and correlations, stochastics, samples and errors, advanced confidence intervals, visual solutions, regressions, distribution fits, other topics and summary, and reference formulas with solutions.Note that the Kindle version of this book has limitations in its ability to show mathematical symbols, which partially challenges that product. However I have gone through the Kindle version as well and mapped alternate letters as substitutes for symbols, and I also enhanced some of the graphics and tools (e.g., formula look-ups) to make both versions as pleasurable, as possible. While the full-capability paperback book has been ranked Top 1 to Top 4 in important science, and business research/reference categories and enjoyed in classrooms (graduate biostatistics, mathematical and business statistics, and analytics), depending on your needs, the ebook version (similar ranked in similar mathematics and statistics categories) offers readers a strong alternative and additional accessibility - at a low price. Also read by celebrity business CEOs, government leaders, and at least one Nobel laureateMost of this book's income is being donated to philanthropic efforts. If the book price (print and ebook combined is nearly at cost) is unaffordable and you live in the U.S., then please e-mail me your city zipcode; if there are multiple needs from specific locations, then I will work with the local library there for you to get a copy onto their shelves.

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Pages: 160
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Independent statistics advisor. Editorial Board within American Statistical Association. Georgetown University adjunct in statistics, and analytics. Former Department Director of Policy, Research, and Analysis at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Former TARP Director of Analytics at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Graduate degree in mathematical statistics from Harvard University.

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