Stillhouse Road

Stillhouse Road

by Julie Lee



Julia Lee brings a rural, romantic, religious sensibility to her lyrics and music on her first studio album (and first to be released by an independent label), Stillhouse Road. Lee, who grew up in Maryland before moving to Nashville, has a warm, breathy voice that calls to mind Maria Muldaur and Dolly Parton, and her musical arrangements are full of acoustic country instruments: guitars, fiddles, mandolins, Dobro, banjo. She uses nature imagery sometimes for its own sake ("Beautiful Night" is just about a beautiful night), sometimes as a means of expressing love. Her references are also biblical; not only is the object of her affection in "Your Love" "like water in the desert," but she herself is "like the grave at Resurrection / After the stone was rolled away." Lee writes and sings about the attractive powers of cornmeal bread "Made From Scratch" and about the journey of 19th century abolitionist Sojourner Truth, but her favorite subject is her own boundless love, a love "as strong as death," as she puts it in "Many Waters," and one which finds her in despair at album's end when her lover is away and appears not to be coming back in "Till the Cows Come Home." Although she refers in that last song to watching the news, most of her songs sound like they could have been written before the invention of electricity, much less television, and sung on the porch of a house out in the woods as "grandpa's white lightning" and that homemade cornmeal bread were being passed around.

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Release Date: 10/05/2004
Label: Compadre Records
UPC: 0616892602422
catalogNumber: 926024

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Julie Lee   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Alison Krauss   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Julia Lee   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Larry Franklin   Fiddle,Mandolin
Vince Gill   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Rob Ickes   Dobro
Colin Linden   Guitar (Resonator)
Pat McInerney   Drums
Dave Pomeroy   Bass
Jonathan Yudkin   Banjo,Fiddle,Mandolin,Harp
Pat McGrath   Acoustic Guitar
Tammy Rodgers   Fiddle,Mandolin
Richard McLaurin   Shaker
Kenny Hutson   Acoustic Guitar

Technical Credits

Mike Porter   Producer,Executive Producer,Audio Production
Andy West   Producer
Bob Delevante   Cover Photo
Richard McLaurin   Engineer
Andy West   Audio Production

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Playing Time – 50:48 -- Julie Lee sings with a vengeance. Her pure sweet tone makes for an unmistakable sound. Her enticing vocals and high fidelity acoustic country instrumentation with drums (on over half of the tracks) are very warm, partially as a result of live recording to analog tape. As a poet, Julie’s messages relate her faith and life’s experiences on this album dedicated to her family. The title cut mentions rumors of her moonshine-brewing great–grandfather. And the family’s recipe for cornmeal bread is disclosed in “Made from Scratch,” the only cut with a little banjo in the mix. Her more serious and impressionistic songs are some of the best singer/songwriter I’ve heard in some time. “Beautiful Night” speaks to friendship and the joys of singing, laughing on the porch. “Many Waters” ardently states that love is priceless and as “strong as death.” Julie arranged that song directly from scripture (the Song of Solomon, Chapter 8). A tale of abandonment and a failure to admit an inevitable truth is the theme of “Til the Cows Come Home.” A spiritually-tinged gospel message is found “He’s my Man.” “James” references the story of Cain and Abel to convey her sadness after James Byrd, Jr. was brutally killed in Texas by white racists. “Sojourner Truth”was inspired by a photo of a 19th century abolitionist and the Underground Railroad which carried slaves to freedom. The CD jacket includes all lyrics, as well as family photos dating back to the 1930s. Certainly not bluegrass, Julie Lee’s format is a fusion of contemporary folk, country and Americana sounds that always keep her personal and reflective thoughts out front. Her previous self-produced demo recordings have helped her land the support of Nashville’s Compadre Records. Produced by Andy West and Mike Porter, the supporting cast includes thirteen excellent artists such as Alison Krauss, Vince Gill, Rob Ickes, Colin Linden, Larry Franklin, Tammy Rodgers, Jonathan Yudkin and others. Originally from Maryland, Julie Lee has opened for Alison Krauss on numerous occasions. Of Irish and German descent, she grew up developing a personal appreciation for a simple rural lifestyle, history, old family memories, convictions and Christian values. While neither of her parents were musicians, her mother had an impressive record collection. Her influences range from Ella Fitzgerald and Carole King to Gillian Welch and Dolly Parton. At age 20, she took up guitar. With a fine arts degree, she ended up in Budapest, Hungary teaching English for two years. After returning to Maryland and working in a youth ministry, her muse took her to Nashville. Despite working at various jobs, she always stayed focused on her music. Befriending and opening for Alison Krauss were major turning points in Julie Lee’s career. Her creative songs, pleasant vocals and professionally-produced presentation will build her a multitude of fans among those who simply appreciate roots music. Her feelings and beliefs are sung from the heart with character and soul. (Joe Ross, staff writer, Bluegrass Now)
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first time I heard this CD it brought me to a standstill...literally!!..I was driving around town doing errands..but had to stop and pull in a parking lot..the emotions were overwhelming!! Julie Lee has the ability to pierce the heart with her incredible voice,delivery and feelings in every selection on this recording It has been a long time since a singer/songwriter has had that kind of impact!. From the upbeat ,fun "Stillhouse Road" opening cut to the emotional heartfelt "James" right to the end with "Till the Cows Come Home", the recording celebrates this singers' talent and insight. Her voice sparkles,soothes,giggles,cries, surrenders and consistanly offers love. I certainly hope I see this women on the Opry stage in the near future. Thank you for such a lovely and moving piece of art, Ms. Lee
Anonymous More than 1 year ago