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The three stories, involving two people independently linked with a third one, equally present the whole human drama — the dilemmas of love and desire, longings, yearnings, aspirations and transgressions. This very complex, multi-determined human experience is an embrasure into the Nature’s heart in more ways than we can imagine.

“Aida”, “Lakmé” and “The Pearl Fishers” speak about the duality between the wish to have more security and adventure. It’s not about wishing something else, but it’s about wishing challenge and adventure that may not provide the stability our heroes are longing for.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789737739698
Publisher: ONE GREEN UP
Publication date: 07/12/2018
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.10(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Clément Philibert Léo Delibes (French; 21 February 1836 - 16 January 1891) was a French composer of the Romantic era (1815-1910), who specialised in ballets, operas, and other works for the stage. His most notable works include the ballets Coppélia (1870) and Sylvia (1876), as well as the operas Le roi l'a dit (1873) and Lakmé (1883).

Georges Bizet (French; 25 October 1838 - 3 June 1875), registered at birth as Alexandre César Léopold Bizet, was a French composer of the romantic era. Best known for his operas in a career cut short by his early death, Bizet achieved few successes before his final work, Carmen, which has become one of the most popular and frequently performed works in the entire opera repertoire.

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (Italian); 9 or 10 October 1813 - 27 January 1901) was an Italian opera composer. He was born near Busseto to a provincial family of moderate means, and developed a musical education with the help of a local patron. Verdi came to dominate the Italian opera scene after the era of Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, and Gioachino Rossini, whose works significantly influenced him. By his 30s, he had become one of the pre-eminent opera composers in history.

Table of Contents

● Lakmé - adapted from “Lakmé” by Léo Delibes

● The Pearl Fishers - adapted from “The Pearl Fishers “ by Georges Bizet

● Aida - adapted from “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi

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