Strange Bird, Vol. 3

Strange Bird, Vol. 3

by Michelle Malone



Michelle Malone has been making music for an awfully long time without really hitting it big. But she keeps on writing, singing, touring, and recording. Strange Bird, Vol. 3 is the live sum of those parts. Recorded straight to two-track and released on her own independent label, it highlights all the bumps in the musical road along with the raw, rocking talent that is Malone. She throws down some pretty impressive guitar solos and belts out her tunes with awesome vocal power. Her backing duo isn't too shabby either -- that would be drummer Michael Lorant and bassist Charlene Owen, with David LaBruyere contributing only to "My Green Thumb." Her audiences eat this stuff up, hooting and hollering and screaming out requests. But she knows how to bring them down -- energetically not emotionally -- with mellow tunes like "California" and "The Edge" that also show her own stylistic range. The last track is a nice acoustic rendering of the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses." Not a subtle reminder of her influences. This is Michelle Malone front and center, pure and simple.

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Release Date: 03/06/2001
UPC: 0682446600626
catalogNumber: 6006

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