Studies in Latin Language and Literature

Studies in Latin Language and Literature

by Thomas Cole


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This book covers a wide range of subjects from Latin literature and language to textual history and criticism. E. D. Francis gives a history of the words prae and pro, as adverb, preposition and prefix. H. D. Jocelyn surveys the distribution and differing uses of quotations from Greek poetry in Cicero's prose writings and D. F. S. Thomson takes a fresh look at the manuscript tradition of Catullus. The remaining six articles deal with later authors and are divided equally between the poets and the historians: a reading of Horace's Roman Odes and their relation to the other odes in which he addressed the Roman people; a demonstration of the internal coherence of a Tibullan elegy and two Juvenal satires; a review of disputed readings in the OCT of Livy IX; an analysis of the structure of the prologues to the Annals, Histories and Agricola to cast light on Tacitus' intentions; and a critical review of Tacitus' portrait of Germanicus, generally viewed in a sympathetic light but debated by D. O. Ross.

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ISBN-13: 9780521124614
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/10/2009
Series: Yale Classical Studies Series , #23
Pages: 252
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Table of Contents

1. Particularum quarundam varietas: prae and pro E. D. Francis; 2. Greek poetry in Cicero's prose writing H. D. Jocelyn; 3. A new look at the manuscript tradition of Catullus D. F. S. Thomson; 4. Towards a fresh interpretation of Horace Carm III. I Edmund T. Silk; 5. Tibullus: elegy I. III C. Campbell; 6. Note son Livy IX R. M. Ogilvie; 7. Structure and meaning in the prologues of Tacitus A. D. Leeman; 8. The Tacitean Germanicus D. O. Ross, Jr.; 9. Juvenal's 'patchwork' satires: 4 and 7 Ross S. Kilpatrick.

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