Studies in the Apostolic Church

Studies in the Apostolic Church


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A thoroughly practical handbook for Bible classes and a good guide for the study of Apostolic history based on the English Version. The authors are well versed in the recent English and American literature of the subject to which reference is made in a wisely selected bibliography in the Introduction and throughout the discussion. The conclusions reached on disputed points are generally satisfactory and will commend themselves for their sanity. In the narrative of Paul's life and work the authors follow very closely the results of Ramsay and Bartlet, but usually desert them when they can no longer be followed with safety, rejecting, for example, the attempt of Bartlet to insert the pastoral epistles in the period of Paul's life previous to his release from his first Roman imprisonment (p. 167). In regard to the Galatian question the authors have adopted Ramsay's theory, but do not attempt to adduce any new evidence in its favor. In placing the controversy of Paul with Peter at Antioch before the Apostolic Council the order in Galatians Is departed from, a view which seems to me tenable only on the theory that Gal. ii. 1-10 does not refer to the Council (Acts xv). The epistle of James is dated early and Galatians is still classed among the major Epistles. After the Pauline Epistles, which fall into the usual four groups, the Catholic Epistles of Peter and Jude are discussed; then. Hebrews and the Synoptic Gospels and Acts; lastly, the writings of the Apostle John. The book is well printed and contains two maps.
--"The Princeton Theological Review," Volume 1 [1903]

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