Summary & Analysis of Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: A Guide to the Book by Anthony William

Summary & Analysis of Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: A Guide to the Book by Anthony William

by ZIP Reads


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New York Times bestselling author of the Medical Medium series cuts through all the confusing (and limiting) medical jargon to offer a new truth that promises to liberate believers from their chronic and mystery illnesses.

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About the Original Book:Anthony William's Medical Medium: Thyroid Healing looks at the root cause of thyroid-related symptoms and explains why chronic illnesses are at an all-time high today. William includes a comprehensive protocol to resurrect your thyroid and keep your body-and mind-functioning as well as it has ever been. Anyone who has struggled with chronic fatigue, brain fog, mystery weight gain, or any other thyroid-related illnesses will find in this book all the answers science has obscured.

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