Superhero: Blue Knight Episode I, Dark Ship

Superhero: Blue Knight Episode I, Dark Ship

by Allen Pollens

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Chicago Births a Superhero Dedicated to “The Protection of Mankind, Upholding Honor and Justice, and Vanquishing Evil in All Its Forms and Wherever Found.”Superheroes capture our imaginations. Superheroes inspire a purity of beliefs in positive, self-effacing conduct. Superheroes simplify the distinction between good and bad, even when circumstances are complicated.Allen Pollens responds to our adoration of the conduct of “knights of old” by recreating its essence in the present day.

In SUPERHERO’s eight episodes, our armored champion is challenged by an art thief (The Artiste), a Marid jinni (Kadar), a volcano goddess (Pele), a Russian Mafia boss (Ivan), a gangster committed to bringing back the glory days of Al Capone (Tony), and criminals from Seattle.Captured and held prisoner by The Artiste in the initial episode, Blue Knight dwells on how his alternate identity, Roger from Nebraska, came to Chicago to fulfill his destiny. Thus, readers are treated to the Superhero origin story. While each episode stands on its own, Roger/Blue Knight evolves with the new challenge each escapade presents. The relationships he forms with the people at Rosie’s Rooming House become increasingly important, especially the one with Myra.Created by Merlin, Blue Knight has the appearance of a knight of old as he appears in Roger’s dreams. However, every aspect of the knight’s being and his steed, Black, contribute to his super powers. The excitement of Blue Knight’s exploits as he goes forward according to his vows of conduct is heightened by the unusual and wily opponents that test him. Yet beneath it all, there is still Roger, the human side of Blue Knight, who grows from the simple young man off the farm into a principled adult with strong feelings for the people around him.Each episode is unique in the story it tells, and what it adds to our understanding of Roger and Blue Knight. However, the ongoing characters evolve with each new story. Readers may finish the eighth episode wanting more. If they do, author Allen Pollens promises sequels with more Blue Knight adventures.

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Publisher: Allen Pollens
Publication date: 01/28/2015
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

"Starfish Chronicles" is my third fiction offering in nine months. It is middle-grade-reader fantasy and follows two adult science fiction books, "Creator, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Epic, Earth’s Human Behavior Confronted" and "Alternative Lives, To Sleep Perchance to Dream...Another Life." In addition, “Superhero, Chronicles of Blue Knight Adventures,” book length fantasy for young adults, is just days away from publication. "Starfish Chronicles" is currently available in paperback and for Kindle at My main retirement interests are travel, photography, and writing. My high-tech work life included hardware engineering on the front end, software engineering on the tail end, and 25 years of sales and marketing in between. Future writing projects include adult science fiction, “The Story Teller” (or “Conjurer” … I have not decided yet). There is much else awaiting my attention: Butterphant stories for younger children; Lorna’s Legacy, adult novel based on true events; Sales – Honing the Craft, non-fiction. I have been telling stories my whole life. My children and grandchildren were ready audiences who assumed I could deliver a new story on demand and generally, I did.

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