Sweet, Hot and Blue: St. Louis' Musical Heritage

Sweet, Hot and Blue: St. Louis' Musical Heritage

by Lyn Driggs Cunningham, Jimmy Jones


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Sweet, Hot and Blue gives lives and careers of 124 musicians whose styles range from jazz to classical and who were born in St. Louis or in the surrounding area. The research includes 57 original personal interviews with the artists. Each person’s entry gives stage nicknames, date and place of birth, and biographical highlights. The main emphasis is on band affiliations, club and concert performance dates, and recording credits. The glossary of 186 terms, from axe (an individual’s instrument) to woodshed (practice to keep up one’s skills), explains some of the slang used in the interviews.

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ISBN-13: 9780786473847
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 01/23/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

The late Lyn Driggs Cunningham was a writer, editor, researcher, poet and lyricist of Florissant, Missouri. The late Jimmy Jones was a multi-talented musician-singer, composer, lyricist pianist, organist, drummer and music teacher. He lived in Edgemont, Illinois.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vi

Introduction ix

The Musicians

Willie Akins 1

Harold "Shorty" Baker 2

Josephine Baker 4

Billy Banks 5

William "Bill" Benson 6

Charles Edward "Chuck" Berry 10

Diane Bolden 11

James Boyd, Jr. 11

George Leslie Brazier, Sr. 16

Jesse Leroy Brazier 23

Olive Brown 23

George "Bubba" Buckner III 25

Joe Buckner 26

Milton "Milt" Buckner 31

Theodore Guy "Ted" Buckner 31

Theodore "Wingie" Carpenter 31

Gerald C. "Jerry" Cherry 32

Forrest Crawford 35

Leonard "Ham" Davis 36

Miles Davis 36

William "Billy" Davis, Jr. 38

Calvin Dillard 38

Hurbert T. "Herb" Drury 44

Cheryl Ann Dueren 44

Karl H. Dueren 51

Horace Eubanks 54

James Robert "Jimmy" Forrest 54

Charles W. Fox 56

Raymond Gay 57

Frank George Goessler 62

Clarence "Sonny Hamp" Hamilton 63

John "Bugs" Hamilton 73

Arville S. Harris 73

Ben Harris 73

LeRoy Harris, Jr. 78

LeRoy Harris, Sr. 78

Ernie Hays 79

Catherine Henderson 79

Otis "Lightnin' Slim" V. Hicks 80

Charles W. Hill, Sr. 81

Jimmy Hinds 84

David Edward Hines 88

Dewey Jackson 89

Percy E. James, Jr. 90

James L. Jeter 93

Edith North Johnson 93

Edward "Eddie" Johnson 94

Floyd "Candy" Johnson 96

James "Stump" Johnson 99

John Clyde "Johnnie" Johnson 100

Frank Joseph "Pappy" Kloben 101

Mike Krenski 101

Bob Kuban 102

Tina LaCoste 106

Otis "Sonny" Little 108

Jimmy McCracklin 110

William "Red" McKenzie 111

LeMonte McLemore 111

The McPhersons 112

Carl Makarewicz 112

Freddie Martin 113

Richard Martin 117

Emmett Mathews 118

James "Iron Head" Edward Mathews 118

Louis Metcalf 122

Velma Middleton 123

Bill Miller 123

John Mixon 124

Vernon Eugene Nashville, Jr. 126

Oliver Edward Nelson 128

Singleton Palmer 132

Robert "Pops" Porter 138

Irving "Mouse" Randolph 139

Kenny Rice 140

Charles Ellsworth "Pee Wee" Russell 143

Albert St. James 144

Fred Sample, Sr. 149

Sami Brautigan Scot 151

Eugene P. "Honey Bear" "Gene" Sedrick 153

Arvell Shaw 153

Joseph "Joe" Shies 154

Carol Shoop 156

Flora Bush Smith 158

Stanley Sykes 163

Irene "Eva" Taylor 163

Clark Terry 164

Jeter Thompson 166

Cornelius "Chuck" Tillman, Jr. 169

Randall Wayne "Randy" Tobler 171

Robert Harold Tobler 172

Henry James "Mule" Townsend 173

Anthony Joseph Viviano 177

Mitchell Wadley 191

Jimmie Walls 193

Eugene Clifford "Stump" Washington 193

Hugh D. "Peanuts" Whalum 194

Mae Florence Wheeler 196

Thelma "Tee" Wiley 197

Ernest "Ernie" Wilkins 198

Ralph Williams 198

Terry Williams 203

Robert Edward "Juice" Wilson 206

Charles "Little Man" Wright 206

Karen (Mooney) Zelle 208

Fred Zettler 209

Afterword: Music 215

Glossary 217

Sources of Information 223

Index Teri Haines 225

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