Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

by Jack Davenport

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18+ for language and sexual situations...

Charles "Sweet Pea" Kimble is a newly appointed Road Captain for the Burning Saints MC. His promotion is overshadowed by issues with a rival club and his attraction to the alluring assistant district attorney is an inconvenience, to say the least.

Callie Ames has a passion for justice that burns deep, but that passion may have met its match when the Viking god posing as a biker appears in her courtroom.

As his dark past is revealed, and a brewing civil war threatens everything they both love, will they be drawn together, or torn apart?

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BN ID: 2940161292570
Publisher: Trixie Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/25/2019
Series: Burning Saints MC , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 28,496
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Sweet Pea 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Wendy S Hodges 3 months ago
Well I really didn't see this story taking the turn it did, gosh scary there for a while. Suspenseful plot that does contain some violence and talk of rape though this isn't graphic or explicit so not enough to trigger anyone I wouldn't have thought. It is interesting and often intense but it also has some sweet moments and some hot. The main characters are easy to love and for Sweet pea after his early life I really had my hopes up that he would get his special someone. All this club wants to do is be legal but because of just one person it isn't easy. Great series I'm loving it.
AggieHist 5 months ago
Jack Davenport has done it again! This book sucks you in on page one and does not stop until the very end. Sweet Pea is the viking size Road Captain of the Burning Saints, he has his own demons to face and is not looking for anything permeant. Callie is an ambitious lawyers who has no idea what is in store for her after meeting Sweet Pea. Their chemistry is instant but will their love be able to last the events trying to tear them apart. This book will take you on a wild ride of love, passion, emotion and action. This is another 5 star read in an already amazing series!
Aylewysis 5 months ago
A Viking and Sharkey, they made an unlikely duo, but it worked very well. Sweet Pea and Callie were about as opposite as could be. Callie is a lawyer in the DA’s office and Sweet Pea is a biker, but I loved how they clicked together. One of my favorites was some of the 80’s movies references. I have been a fan of Jack Davenport’s work for a while now, also of his wife, Piper Davenport, too. Love how they are mixing characters from Piper’s Dog of Fire MC, and at least the mention of Harley Stone’s Dead Presidents MC (Love all these MC series). But you have to expect extra support with trouble brewing for the Burning Saints MC and Gresham Spiders. The Spiders is one nasty MC. If you haven’t tried Jack’s Burning Saints, and you love MC romances, I would just like to ask... What are you waiting for? I highly recommend this book and the rest of this series.
TrudyAD 5 months ago
So sweet. So scary. Such an amazing addition to the Burning Saints MC series. For those that haven't read the rest of the series, although it isn't necessary, I highly recommend reading them. They are very entertaining. They will also give you more insight into the tensions that surround the club. This story is all about tension. Wolf is out to destroy the Portland area MCs. Wolf will stop at nothing to take control. Wolf wants Sweet Pea dead. He is blinded by his desire for revenge. Sweet Pea and the rest of the Burning Saints can feel the tension. It surrounds them at every turn. Sweet Pea has avoided any and all relationships. The thought of if makes him tense. He escapes to the courtroom, watching and studying until the day he is confronted by Callie Ames, attorney after a court case goes bad. She has failed and wants Sweet Pea to help right a wrong. So much tension. Legal tension. Criminal tension. Sexual tension. Oh my word the sexual tension heats up the pages. As tensions continue to rise in the club, Sweet Pea and Callie's relationship heats up. The author wrote some amazing sexual situations, things that I usually skip. I actually believed what was happening with the pages. I could picture them. I wanted to see the room, explore the toys. Their play time actually added to the story, not just filler. Oh my, the tension, carried through. Tensions continue to grow. The MC is in danger. Callie maybe in danger. It is all up to Sweet Pea to save them all. Can he do it? Will Sweet Pea and Callie get their happily ever after? They deserve one but is all in the hands of the author.
jjeffrey77 5 months ago
I absolutely loved this latest book in the Burning Saints MC series!!! I was hooked from the very first page and hated to see it end. Sweet Pea didn't have an easy childhood....in fact it was horrific. He has to have control in every aspect of his life and that control got completely shattered when he encountered Callie. She is so good for Sweet Pea....she doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to tell him what is on her mind which is refreshing for Sweet Pea. He doesn't know what to make of the feelings she stirs in him but one thing he doesn't want to do is lose Callie. He will do whatever it takes to protect her from the swirling threats that are surrounding the club. Their story is full of sweet moments, very hot and steamy moments, suspense, danger, lol moments, and teary moments. I loved every aspect of their story and I highly recommend this book to all. I love this series and I can't wait to read the next book. Another fantastic book by this talented author...well done!!!!
Jennifer_e911 5 months ago
The Burning Saints are among some of my favorite MC books of all time. And this book just shows why I fell in love with them! The complex characters, detailed back ground, unparalleled writing, and unexpected twists and turns of the story line kept me guessing and held my attention from page 1. It is definitely one of those books that you can't wait to find out what happens, but don't want the story to end, at the same time! Sweet Pea is one of those characters that you love to hate at the beginning, but just can't get enough of by the end of the story. He comes across as a real jerk, but you slowly find, as the story progresses, that he is hiding a lifetime of hurt behind that attitude. He had a really rough life, until he found the Saints, and he knows they are his lifeline. He would do anything for them and they are his priority. Until he spots Callie, and he just can't stay away from her. Even when he tries, even when he knows he should, he just can't get her out of his mind! Callie is an assistant District Attorney, working on a very emotional case. When it's over, it sends her a little over the rails, and right into Sweet Pea's path. The connection between them is immediate, and explosive! This book is emotional, with a healthy dash of laughter. I absolutely adored Callie and Sweet Pea. I just can't say enough how much I loved this book. At the heart of it all, it's about love, and family. It's about standing up for those that can't stand up for themselves, and standing up for what you believe in. It's about knowing who you are and staying true to yourself. Definitely a must read for MC lovers!