Tales from the Indianapolis 500: A Collection of the Greatest Indy 500 Stories Ever Told

Tales from the Indianapolis 500: A Collection of the Greatest Indy 500 Stories Ever Told


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What’s it like to race across the blacktop of the nation’s most famous track? How does it feel to smash into a concrete wall while going over 200 miles per hour? This exciting, humorous, and poignant collection of tales takes readers inside the most thrilling race in America. Newly updated, Tales from the Indianapolis 500 captures horrific collisions and sweet victories from drivers past and present. With the 100th race approaching, the excitement and history of the Indy 500 will be on the mind of every racing fan.
Author and renowned broadcaster Jack Arute exposes readers to a fast-paced world of high-speed thrills and unbelievable wipeouts. Beginning with his first encounter at the iconic race, along with stories from racing legends like Ray Harroun, and memorable races stretching up to the present day, Arute captures an entire culture of its own. NASCAR fans, whether young or old, will revel in the chance to experience the Indy 500 from within these pages. There’s no doubt readers will feel like they’re actually there!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781613218747
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 05/17/2016
Series: Tales from the Team Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jack Arute covers the NFL and college sports for Sirius XM Radio. He previously served as president of the family-owned Stafford Motor Speedway.

Table of Contents

Foreword to 2016 edition Jack Arute x

Foreword A. J. Foyt xi

Introduction xiv

Preface xviii

Acknowledgments xix

My First Indy 1

Hands on the Wheel 3

Rebel with a Cause 5

In the Pits 6

One and Only 6

Family Secret 8

The Great Debate 9

A New Generation 11

Breaking for Indy 12

Following Foyt 13

Following in His Father's Tracks 15

Indy's Guide 17

Secret Hideaway 18

Rookie Run 19

Snake in the Grass 21

All Access 22

Proud Papas 23

Party Questions 24

The Brothers Unser 25

Racing Penske-Style 27

Safety Fire 29

Schools of Racing 30

Suited for the Road 32

At a Loss 33

Time Trials 35

Perfectly Cursed 36

Two-Faced 37

A Special Day 38

May Madness 40

Studying for Success 40

Caution Talk 41

Reason to Win 42

Talkin' Shop 44

Creature of Comfort 45

The Sirens of Indy 46

Ladies First 48

A Helping Hand 50

Fire Alarm? 52

Like Father, Like Son 53

Neck and Neck 54

The People's Champ 56

The Betting Altar 58

Turning In 58

Cause Champion 60

AH in the Family 62

Saying Goodbye 64

A Class Act 67

Crash Course 68

At His Own Pace 72

The Magic Eye 73

Caught in the Split 75

Inside the Split 77

Walking the Line 78

Getting a Grip 79

Rival Restart 80

Pushing His Switch 81

So Close, Yet 82

Saving Face 85

On the Cutting Room Floor 88

Caught on Film 89

Don't Shoot the Messenger 89

Faithful Felines 91

Outpouring of Support 93

"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines … Again" 94

Watered Down 96

Computer Crash 97

Taste of the Races 98

With Open Arms 99

A Winning Sweet Tooth 100

Hero Worship 101

The Real King 103

Flag Man 104

What Good Is an Empty Car? 104

Cliffhanging 106

A Curse of a Joke 107

CART Comeback 108

Need a Ride? 109

Geared Up? 109

Happy Helio 110

Coming Home 113

Mission to Win 115

Racing Philosophy 101 118

Moves of His Own 119

Pressed Off! 120

Need for Speed 120

Stroke of Luck 121

Eye on Talent 122

Walk of Fame 124

Getting His Cake and Eating It Too 125

Final Retirement 127

Say Cheese 129

A Last Goodbye 130

A Day in the Life 132

A Tearjerker 137

A Day in the Life Reprise 138

Another Andretti? 140

The Ail-American 142

Added Bonus 145

Rahal's Redemption 146

The Booth 146

That Girl 150

The Race for the Pole 153

The 2005 Race 157

Her First Mistake 158

Error Number Two 158

Her Shining Moment 159

Michael Gets His, Thanks to Lionheart 161

Check That Off of the List 163

Got Milk 164

All I Got Was This T-Shirt 165

The Plot Thickens in 2006 165

2007 Indy 500 166

2008 Indy 500 170

2009 Indy 500 171

2011 Indy 500 Qualifying 174

Race Day 2011 177

Gasoline Alley 181

2012 Indy 500 188

2013 Indy 500 191

2014 Indy 500 195

2015 Indy 500 198

100th Indy 500 Racing 202

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