The 50 Greatest Love Songs

The 50 Greatest Love Songs

by Elvis Presley


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In his long and storied career, Elvis Presley sang passionately about many things, but no rocker could touch the King when it came to love songs. Including timeless classics such as "Suspicious Minds," "Love Me Tender," "Are You Lonesome Tonight?," "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," and "Can't Help Falling in Love," this two-CD set assembles 50 of the King's most ardent recordings.

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Release Date: 09/11/2001
Label: Bmg / Elvis
UPC: 0078636802626
catalogNumber: 68026
Rank: 29965

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Performance Credits

Elvis Presley   Primary Artist
Jordanaires   Background Vocals
Sweet Inspirations   Background Vocals
Mary Holladay   Background Vocals
Imperials Quartet   Background Vocals
Ben Speer   Background Vocals
Brock Speer   Background Vocals
Gordon Stoker   Background Vocals
Donna Thatcher   Background Vocals
Kathy Westmoreland   Background Vocals
Sherrill Nielsen   Background Vocals
Mary Greene   Background Vocals
Jon Dodson   Background Vocals
Rad Robinson   Background Vocals
Charles Prescott   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Billy Hill   Composer
Kui Lee   Composer
Armando Manzanero   Composer
Mark James   Composer
Jerry Ross   Composer
Richard Adler   Composer
Simon Napier-Bell   Composer
Hal Blair   Composer
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Colin Escott   Liner Notes
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Roger Semon   Producer
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Charles E. King   Composer

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The 50 Greatest Love Songs 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This will be a little longer because I had 50 song titles to review. Always on my mind - I could never hold the true man I loved, because I was forced to marry another but, no more I started the procedure for divorce on the 7th of October - oh boy does it feel good to finally be free after 17 years of bondage, control and victimizing and emotional abuse that I suffered, the damn man even stole my gift of writing, harmony, sole and spirit away but no more, because I got it back. He even stole my love of music away our beloved Elvis Presley the one and only. Don't cry daddy - And I have finally found my dad but, I have yet to see his face and hold his hand. Surrender - hold you in my arms as the stars always tell a story. The wonder of you - smile, because things will be brighter even if your left with a $1.00 and change to your time, at least I still have the love left in my heart, for the man I long to hold and my 5 precious children. You've lost that lovin feelin - It's hard not to show it. It's impossible - feel you thru me, like an ocean rushing to the shore. Until it's time for you to go - different worlds apart but, close in spirit and we sure love to play naturally. You don't have to say you love me - just be close at hand. For the good times - Warm and tender body close to mine, lay your head upon my pillow. Spanish Eyes - Wait For Me There goes my everything - not goodbye and there came back my reason for living. Make the world go away - the world took me away. She wears my ring - as deep as the ocean. It's only love - destiny even in the stars, and we can face reality. I just can't help believin - the girl is going to stay for more than just a day. Let it be me - cling to some one and let it be me. Rags to riches - I am tired of wearing rags, I would like my own pair of boots,big hat, a pair of jeans and a beautiful shirt and a new ring from my new future husband. Can't help falling in love - like the river flows just like honey. Hawaiian Wedding Song - I have always dreamed of this place I own one jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a hawaiian sonset, hanging on my mother's wall of that soon to be ex husband wanted to throw it away. Good luck charm - happiness Pocketful of rainbows - I have always believed in them and there radiant colours from heaven. Besides I live under one. Besides I would love to be kissed under one. Love Letters - memorize every line. It hurts me- same old lies, it hurts me to see the way he made me you cry. But, no more because I have been healed and restored naturally body, mind, spirit. You don't know me - kiss my lips - only been a friend but, NO MORE. Old Shep - Sheeba my labrodor my true, faithful loyal companion until the day she went to heaven. Young and beautiful - so young / beautiful. Don't - embrace - when the night gets cold Now and then there is a fool such as I - my husband I sure did fool, from beginning to end. G.O.L.D.D.U.S.T
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a pleasant experience to listen to this CD truly is. Magnificient singing is what one hears, throughout. Although I would have taken out EXACTLY 9 songs from the 50 song, 2CD set ( namely ''You've lost that loving feeling'' ( too bombastic), ''There goes my everything'' ( too country), ''She wears my ring'' ( too strained), ''It's only love'' (too fast), ''Good luck charm'' ( too teeny-boppered sang), ''She's not you'' (too dated),''The thrill of your love'' (too slow), ''Old shep'' ( wrong kind of love, since it;s about a dog), and ''A fool such as I'' (too much about something else), and replace them with other, even more powerful, yet smoothly sang Elvis love songs ( say ''Hurt'', ''Memories'', ''Any day Now'', ''Loving Arms'', ''My boy'', ''Tonight's all right for love'', ''What now, my love'', ''Blue Moon'' and especially, ''Fountain of Love''), the end-effect after listening to this package is the instant realization that Elvis' greatest attribute was his unerring ear.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Look, there are plenty of good and great songs here, including some often overlooked ones like the beautiful "Love Letters" or the pretty "There's Always Me." On the other hand, there are more coherent collections "this unavoidably mixes songs from different periods" and more representative ones. Elvis may have recorded more love songs than anything else, to be sure, but the focus still seems a bit narrow. Finally, anyone who can comfortably sit through the ultra-sentimental "Old Shep" has a higher tolerance for such goop than I do, and I adore dogs and have suffered the loss of dogs. This collection has much good material, as I said, and a lot of material, but I think a collection like the double "The Essential" makes far more sense and is far more desirable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
These songs of this beautiful soulful voice sooths the mind and body. Also Elvis has a way of making each song his own.
AnnaLermantov More than 1 year ago
With Elvis's voice, with its original melodic tone, each song, sounds like a loving ballad that you never want to end. I listen to it everyday in the car, without end, for as long as I am driving.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago