The Art & Science of How to Build Up Your Low Self Esteem & Confidence: An essential book about proven techniques & activities for building positive self esteem for adults, including young men and women

The Art & Science of How to Build Up Your Low Self Esteem & Confidence: An essential book about proven techniques & activities for building positive self esteem for adults, including young men and women

by Samantha Claire


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"Who Else Wants A Serious Boost in Confidence and Self-Esteem?"

Self esteem and confidence troubles? it sucks doesnt it? What if I
were to tell you that there is an easy fix? That you will be able to look beyond the negative opinions of others and create a better self image? You'll be able to get to know yourself better, bring out your strengths, focus on them, and through your mindsets and actions, raise up your self-esteem and self confidence in a natural and consistent way.

This is designed to be practical and useful to children, teens and even adults alike.
This is not merely changing your mindsets through artificial means i.e.
hypnosis, nlp techniques. This is how normal people build up their self esteem and self confidence through competence, experiences, self-worth and successes. This is a book on building character by which, a good dose of self confidence and a healthy self-esteem are the by-products.

Aside from practical advice, exercises will also be provided in this book.This course isn't meant to make you just feel good and learn--it's designed to deliver results and change lives!

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