The Barbary Corsairs: Pirates, Plunder, and Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1480-1580

The Barbary Corsairs: Pirates, Plunder, and Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1480-1580

by Jacques Heers

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The Barbary corsairs first appeared to terrorize shipping at the end of the fifteenth century. These Muslim pirates sailed out of the ports of North Africa, primarily Sal?, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. This area was known in Europe as the Barbary Coast, a term derived from the name of its Berber inhabitants. Acting as officers of the sprawling Ottoman Empire, these pirates plundered the trading routes of the Mediterranean and sowed horror in the hearts of Christians everywhere.
The most famous and powerful were the Barbarossa brothers, sons of a renegade Christian. The true founders of the Algiers Regency, they initially preyed on fishing vessels or defenseless merchantmen before growing bolder and embarking upon more brazen expeditions?attacking fortified ports and cities; raiding and kidnapping inhabitants of the African coast; and hunting ships from the Christian nations.
This translation of Jacques Heers's work follows the extraordinary exploits of the brothers, and those of other corsairs and profiteers, set against the turbulent backdrop of trade, commerce, and conflict throughout the Mediterranean as the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance. It is an enthralling adventure, robustly written, and it brings to life an age when travel and trade were perilous enterprises.

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Publication date: 11/13/2018
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About the Author

Jacques Heers was a teacher and historian specializing in the history of the Middle Ages, professor at the Faculty of Humanities of Paris-Nanterre and director of medieval studies at Paris-Sorbonne University. He passed away in January 2013.
Jonathan North is a professional editor and a historian specializing in Napoleonic history. His publications include An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War I. He lives in the United Kingdom.

Table of Contents

Chronology 13

Sultans and Kings 17

Introduction 21

Piracy in the Western Mediterranean 22

Piracy in the Levant 26

State Sponsored Piracy 30

Chapter I Before the Barbarossa Brothers 33

Christians and Muslims 37

Trading Against the Odds 41

The Pirate Emirs 48

War and Conquest 51

Rhodes: Last Stronghold of the Christians 53

Egypt Conquered 56

Chapter II The Barbarossas and the Turks 61

Aroudj, Algiers and Tlemcen 62

The Other Barbarossa: Kheir ed-Din, Lord of the Sea 66

Italy Threatened 70

The Great Game: The French Alliance 72

The Embassies 73

The Turkish Fleet in Toulon 78

A Time of Shame 87

Chapter III Lepan to 95

The Siege of Malta 96

The Holy League 101

7 October 1571 107

Victory 109

A Fragile Peace 113

Chapter IV The Africa of the Corsairs 117

Eyewitnesses: Warriors and Pilgrims 119

The Cities of the Corsairs 123

Algiers the Great 125

Streets, Markets and Palaces 126

People 146

War on Land and Sea: The Janissaries 149

The Captains: Piracy and Raids 152

Barbary Corsairs or Turks? 160

Spanish Possessions 165

Spanish Colonies? 167

Misery and Setbacks 171

Chapter V Slavery 177

The Roman Tradition 178

War, Provider of Slaves 182

Slavery in Africa and the East 185

Work and Labour 188

Domestic Slaves and Domestic Disorder 189

Moorish Slaves in Aragon 190

Africa: War and Raiding 195

Christians for Sale 197

Female Captives 199

Escape 201

Exchanges, Buy-backs and Ransoms 205

Agreements and Money 206

Risks 212

Charity 214

Chapter VI War and Propaganda 219

Reality: Fear 219

Reality: Danger at Sea 221

Propaganda and Legend 224

The Romance of the Pirate 232

Conclusion 237

Notes 243

Bibliography 261

Index 267

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The Barbary Corsairs: Pirates, Plunder, and Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1480-1580 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great research giving a comprehensive view of the time period. The work is very neutral providing both sides of the war and the portraying the struggle of Western Europe to the Ottoman Empire from true viewpoint of the Corsairs and their victims and benefactors. The only struggle I had was the nonlinear sequence. Which served well with how the author wanted to tell the story just made it harder for me to recall dates and people as they were mentioned.