The Battle for Genesis 1 and 2: Creationism vs. Theistic Evolution

The Battle for Genesis 1 and 2: Creationism vs. Theistic Evolution


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Since Darwin published his theory of evolution, the Church has been under constant and ever-increasing pressure to compromise the truths of Creation. Disregarding scientific evidence that brings the theory into serious doubt, some Christians have proven all too accommodating in attempting to gain acceptance as viable scientists, paleontologists, archaeologists, professors of biology, geology, anthropology, etc. Theistic Evolution has now crept into Christian colleges and universities. Dr C. Wesley King offers a serious examination and challenge to this union of twisted theology and science, presenting facts and naming names. He reveals how the doctrine threatens to undermine the very foundations of the Christian faith; by calling into question the biblical account of creation, the lordship of the Creator, the divinity of Jesus as established by his death and resurrection, the entire Faith is at risk. While strongly supporting the scriptures, "The Battle for Genesis 1 and 2" is a compendium of scientific observation and irrefutable logic. Couched in layman's terms, the volume goes to the very root of the modern assertion of Theistic Evolution and draws the "red line" that must not be crossed if members of the Church are going to remain on the side of truth.

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ISBN-13: 9780880195836
Publisher: Schmul Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/10/2015
Pages: 204
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