The Bristol Sessions: The Big Bang of Country Music 1927-1928

The Bristol Sessions: The Big Bang of Country Music 1927-1928


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Release Date: 07/31/2012
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065715625
catalogNumber: 77156
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Disc 1

  1. Don't Grieve After Me
  2. I Want To Go Where Jesus is
  3. Old Time Corn Shuckin', Pt. 1
  4. Old Time Corn Shuckin', Pt. 2
  5. Walking In the Way With Jesus
  6. The Wreck of the Virginian
  7. I Am Bound For the Promised Land
  8. Where We'll Never Grow Old
  9. Are You Washed In the Blood?
  10. Sweeping Through the Gates
  11. Pretty Polly
  12. Darling Cora
  13. Standing On the Promises
  14. At the River
  15. The Longest Train I Ever Saw
  16. Sweet Heaven When I Die
  17. Greasy String
  18. Your Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy
  19. The Newmarket Wreck
  20. On the Banks of the Sunny Tennessee
  21. Billy Grimes the Rover
  22. Big Bend Gal
  23. Henry Whitter's Fox Chase
  24. Rain Crow Bill

Disc 2

  1. Remember Me, O Mighty One
  2. I'm Redeemed
  3. Mountaineer's Courtship
  4. Whip-Poor-Will's Song
  5. The Soldier's Poor Little Boy
  6. Just a Message From Carolina
  7. Do, Lord, Remember Me
  8. Old Ship of Zion
  9. Pot Licker Blues
  10. When They Ring the Golden Bells
  11. To the Work
  12. Skip To Ma Lou, My Darling
  13. Barney McCoy
  14. I Mean To Live For Jesus
  15. You Must Unload
  16. Train On the Island
  17. Black-Eyed Susie
  18. The Resurrection
  19. I Am Resolved
  20. Dying Girl's Farewell
  21. Tell Mother I Will Meet Her
  22. Suzanna Gal
  23. Sandy River Belle
  24. Johnny Goodwin
  25. Miss Liza, Poor Gal

Disc 3

  1. Jesus is Getting Us Ready For That Great Day
  2. Happy In Prison
  3. I Know My Name is There
  4. No More Good-Byes
  5. The Jealous Sweetheart
  6. Two Brothers Are We (From East Tennessee)
  7. What Will I Do, For My Money's All Gone
  8. Cold Penitentiary Blues
  9. O Molly Dear
  10. Called To the Foreign Field
  11. Do Not Wait 'til I'm Laid Beneath the Clay
  12. If the Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul
  13. Bright Tomorrow
  14. Days of My Childhood Plays
  15. We Shall All Be Reunited
  16. I Truly Understand, You Love Another Man
  17. My Mother's Hands
  18. The Broken Hearted Lover
  19. We Parted By the Riverside
  20. Angeline the Baker
  21. Old Shoes and Leggin's
  22. Down To Jordan and Be Saved
  23. There's a Light Lit Up In Galilee
  24. My Name is Ticklish Reuben
  25. Way Down In Alabama

Disc 4

  1. A Little Talk With Jesus
  2. Went Up In the Clouds of Heaven
  3. I Know That Jesus Set Me Free
  4. Shine On Me
  5. Where is My Mama
  6. When You Go a Courtin'
  7. I Sat Upon the River Bank
  8. Mr Brown Here I Come
  9. Going Up the Mountain After Liquor, Pt. 1
  10. Going Up the Mountain After Liquor, Pt. 2
  11. The Spanish Merchant's Daughter
  12. Too Late
  13. New Orleans is the Town I Like Best
  14. She Tells Me That I Am Sweet
  15. Goodnight, Darling
  16. Little Bunch of Roses
  17. My Mother is Waiting For Me In Heaven Above
  18. She Has Climbed the Golden Stairs
  19. I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart
  20. Three Black Sheep

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blind Alfred Reed   Fiddle,Vocals
Ernest V. Stoneman   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Dialogue
Jim Baker   Guitar
Gwen Foster   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
Roland Johnson   Fiddle
Uncle Eck Dunford   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals,Dialogue,Spoken Word
Claude Grant   Guitar,Vocals
Jack Grant   Banjo,Mandolin
Jack Pierce   Fiddle,Vocals
Claude Slagle   Banjo
Henry Whitter   Harmonica,Soloist
B.F. Shelton   Banjo,Vocals
Watson   Harmonica
Ernest Phipps   Fiddle,Vocals
George Stoneman   Banjo
Hattie Stoneman   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals
Norman Edmonds   Fiddle
Kahle Brewer   Fiddle,Vocals
Iver Edwards   Ukulele
J.E. Green   Fiddle
Ancil McVay   Mandolin
Charles Peak   Guitar,Vocals
Howard Green   Guitar
Bolen Frost   Banjo
W.B. Hitch   Bass (Vocal)
Shirley Jones   Guitar
Alfred G. Karnes   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Harp Guitar
Walter Mooney   Vocals
J.L. Wells   Baritone (Vocal)
Clarence Greene   Guitar,Vocals
Roosevelt Smith   Autoharp,Vocals
Pyrhus Shelor   Fiddle
Robert Roark   Vocals
Joe Blackard   Banjo,Vocals
Jesse T. Shelor   Fiddle
William McReynolds   Banjo
Paul Johnson   Banjo,Guitar,Steel Guitar,Vocals
Oda Roark   Vocals
Malcolm Warley   Guitar,Vocals
James Preston Nester   Banjo,Vocals
James Howard   Fiddle,Vocals
Eula Johnson   Banjo
Ethel Baker   Piano
David O. Fletcher   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
Clarice Blackard   Piano,Vocal Harmony
Charlie Greer   Guitar
Charles McReynolds   Fiddle
Charles Johnson   Guitar
Carl Cruise   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Deane   Vocals
Flora Baker   Autoharp,Vocals
George Roark   Banjo,Vocals
George Roark   Vocals
Ivor Edwards   Harmonica,Ukulele
J.M. "Jim" Baker   Vocals
William Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Weldon "Jack" Reedy   Banjo
W.B. Boyles   Fiddle

Technical Credits

Ernest V. Stoneman   Duet
Ernest Phipps   Duet
A.G. Baker   Vocal Group
Nora Byrley   Vocal Group
Minnie Phipps   Vocal Group
Irma Frost   Duet
Roosevelt Smith   Duet
Flora Baker   Duet
J.M. "Jim" Baker   Duet
William Smith   Duet

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