The Complete Decca Recitals

The Complete Decca Recitals

by Marilyn Horne



The great American mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne celebrated her 70th birthday in January 2004, the same year that also marked 50 years since her professional debut.

Horne’s debut in 1954 took place in Los Angeles. Her name and voice was brought to many more people than could ever hear her in the opera house through the 1954 film Carmen Jones in which she sang the dubbed voice of Dorothy Dandridge. But it was with Joan Sutherland that Marilyn Horne found the perfect vocal partner. Their performances in the great bel canto operas by Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti took the opera world by storm in the 1960s and early 1970s.

By the time she retired in 1998, Marilyn Horne’s long and distinguished career embraced an enormous variety of operatic roles, as well as a wide variety of solo repertoire ranging from Schubert, Schumann and Mahler through to modern American songs. Such a wide repertory was due to the sheer range of her voice and its remarkable flexibility, a voice that could sustain long lines of melody as well as negotiate the most florid vocal pyrotechnics.

Marilyn Horne participated in a number of complete opera recordings (among them classic recordings of Norma and Semiramide with Joan Sutherland), as well as ten recital programs for Decca. The complete recitals are now reissued in their entirety as a Collector Edition on this 11-CD set. The original LP cover art is reproduced for the CD sleeves. From the Label

Product Details

Release Date: 04/15/2008
Label: Decca
UPC: 0028947801658
catalogNumber: 001089302


Disc 1

  1. Una voce poco fa
  2. Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio... La tremenda ultrice spada
  3. Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?... Komm, Hoffnung
  4. Assisa a piè d'un salice (Willow Song)
  5. Di tanti palpiti
  6. Bel raggio lusinghier

Disc 2

  1. Pronti abbiamo e ferri e mani... Pensa alla patria
  2. J'ai perdu mon Eurydice
  3. Où suis-je?... O ma lyre immortelle
  4. Ah! mon fils, soit béni!
  5. Divinités du Styx
  6. Stride la vampa!... Condotta ell'era in ceppi

Disc 3

  1. Et exultavit spiritus meus
  2. Esurientes implevit bonis
  3. Schlafe mein Liebster, genieße der Ruh
  4. Erbame dich, mein Gott
  5. Bist du bei mir, for voice & continuo
  6. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion
  7. I know that my Redeemer liveth
  8. Scacciata dal suo nido
  9. Dove sei, amato bene?
  10. Vivi, tiranno

Disc 4

  1. Eccomi alfine in Babilonia... Ah! quel giomo ognor rammento
  2. Ô prêtres de Baal... Ô toi qui m'abbandonnes
  3. Parto, parto, ma tu, ben mio
  4. Nobles seigneurs, salut!
  5. Cruda sorte! amor tiranno!
  6. Deciso è dunque... Le ricchezze ed il grado
  7. Nacqui all'affanno e al pianto... Non più mesta accanto al fuoco

Disc 5

  1. Avanziam... Non temer, d'un basso affetto... I destini tradir ogni spem
  2. L'ora fatal s'appressa... Giusto ciel
  3. Mura felici
  4. Tanti affetti in tal momento

Disc 6

  1. Air des lettres. Werther! Werther!
  2. Air des larmes. Va! Laisse couler mes larmes
  3. Connais-tu le pays?
  4. C'est moi... Me voici dans son boudoir
  5. Elle est là, près de lui!
  6. L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
  7. Près des remparts de Séville
  8. Printemps qui commence
  9. Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix

Disc 7

  1. Ich atmet' einen linden Duft, song for voice & piano (or orchestra) in
  2. Liebst du um Schönheit, song for voice & piano in C major (Rückert Lied
  3. Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder, song for voice & piano (or orchestra) i
  4. Um Mitternacht, song for voice & piano (or orchestra) in B minor (Rücke
  5. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, song for voice & piano (or orchestr
  6. No. 1. Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht
  7. No. 2. Ging heut' morgen übers Feld
  8. No. 3. Ich hab' ein glühend Messer
  9. No. 4. Die zwei blauen Augen

Disc 8

  1. No. 1. Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn
  2. No. 2. Nun seh' ich wohl, warum so dunkle Flammen
  3. No. 3. Wenn dein Mütterlein
  4. No. 4. Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen!
  5. No. 5. In diesem Wetter, in diesem Braus
  6. Der Engel ("In der Kinkheit frühen Tagen"), song for voice & piano (or
  7. Stehe still! ("Sausendes, brausendes Rad der Zeit"), song for voice & p
  8. Im Treibhaus ("Hochgewölbe Blätterkronen"), song for voice & piano (or
  9. Schmerzen ("Sonne, weinest jeden Abend..."), song for voice & piano (or
  10. Träume ("Sag, welch wunderbare Träume"), song for voice & piano (or orc

Disc 9

  1. Im Frühling ("Still sitz ich"), song for voice & piano, D. 882
  2. Nacht und Träume (Heil'ge Nacht, du sinkest nieder!"), song for voice &
  3. Die junge Nonne ("Wie braust durch die Wipfel"), song for voice & piano
  4. Fischerweise ("Den Fischer fechten Sorgen"), song for voice & piano, D.
  5. Die Lotosblume ("Die Lotosblume ängstigt sich..."), song for voice & pi
  6. Aus den Hebräischen Gesängen ("Mein Herz ist schwer..."), song for voic
  7. Die Kartenlegerin ("Schlief die Mutter endlich ein"), song for voice &
  8. Abendlied ("Es ist so still geworden"), song for voice & piano, Op. 107
  9. Auf einer Wanderung ("In ein freudliches Städtchen"), song for voice &
  10. Der Genesene an die Hoffnung ("Tödlich graute mir der Morgen"), song fo
  11. Mein Liebster hat zu Tische, song for voice & piano (Italienisches Lied
  12. Mignon ("Kennst du das Land"), song for voice & piano (Goethe Lieder)
  13. Schön sind, doch kalt die Himmelssterne, song for voice & piano, Op. 19
  14. Für fünfzehn Pfennige ("Das Mägdlein will ein' Freier hab'n"), song for
  15. Befreit ("Du wirst nicht weinen"), song for voice & piano (or orchestra

Disc 10

  1. Chanson d'avril: "Lève-toi! lève-toi!", song for voice & piano (Vingt m
  2. Adieu de l'hôtesse arabe: "Puis'que rein ne t'arrête en cet heureyx pay
  3. Vieille chanson, song for voice & piano
  4. Absence, song for voice & piano
  5. No. 1. La Flûte de Pan
  6. No. 2. La Chevelure
  7. No. 3. Le Tombeau des Naïdes
  8. No. 1. El paño moruno
  9. No. 2. Seguidilla murciana
  10. No. 3. Asturiana
  11. No. 4. Jota
  12. No. 5. Nana
  13. No. 6. Canción
  14. No. 7. Polo
  15. Villancico Castellano
  16. Jesús de Nazareth
  17. Villancico Asturiano
  18. Villancico Andaluz

Disc 11

  1. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, for voice & piano
  2. Beautiful Dreamer, for voice & piano
  3. If You've Only Got a Moustache, for voice & piano
  4. Camptown Races, for voice & piano
  5. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  6. I've Just Come from the Fountain, spiritual (from American Negro Songs
  7. The Lord's Prayer
  8. Shenandoah, folk song
  9. Billy Boy, song (Thaunton, Massachusetts)
  10. Go 'Way from My Window, for voice & piano
  11. Simple Gifts (Shaker song)
  12. Ching-a-ring-Chaw (Minstrel song)
  13. Long Time Ago (Ballad)
  14. I Bought Me a Cat (Children's song)
  15. At the River (Hymn tune)
  16. You're a Grand Old Flag
  17. When Johnny Comes Marching Home, march song
  18. God Bless America, song
  19. I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier, song
  20. Battle Hymn of the Republic

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marilyn Horne   Primary Artist,Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
English Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
John McCarthy   Choir Master
Zubin Mehta   Conductor
Osian Ellis   Harp
Henry Lewis   Conductor
Vienna State Opera Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Martin Katz   Piano
L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande   Performing Ensemble
Royal Opera House Covent Garden Chorus and Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra   Ensemble
Ambrosian Opera Chorus   Choir, Chorus,Ensemble
Geneva Grand Theater Choir   Choir, Chorus
Vienna Cantata Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Carl Davis   Conductor
Robert McEwan   Soprano (Vocal)
Geneva Grand Theatre Chorus   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Ludwig van Beethoven   Composer
Vicenzo Bellini   Composer
Georges Bizet   Composer
Aaron Copland   Composer
Gaetano Donizetti   Composer
Stephen Foster   Composer
Charles Gounod   Composer
George Frideric Handel   Composer
Gustav Mahler   Composer,Text
Jules Massenet   Composer
Colin Matthews   Arranger
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Composer
Franz Schubert   Composer
Robert Schumann   Composer
Richard Strauss   Composer
Giuseppe Verdi   Composer
Richard Wagner   Composer
Hugo Wolf   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
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Victor Hugo   Text
Christoph Willibald Gluck   Composer
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Kenneth Wilkinson   Engineer
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Traditional   Composer
David Ylla-Somers   Liner Note Translation
Michel Carré   Librettist
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