The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply 2nd Edition

The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply 2nd Edition


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Wine is cultural staple and has been since as early as 4500 BCE. Over time, it has developed into one of the most widely recognized and highly cultivated beverages in nearly every civilization. From the rice wines of Asia to the grape wines of Europe and even the honey wines of Africa, wine is enjoyed at every corner of the globe. For that reason, many people seek out ways to make and enjoy their own wine from the comfort of their homes; growing their own grapes and experimenting with a wide array of ingredients. While you do not have to have a vineyard in Napa. Valley to perfect this process, without the right instruction and resources, wine making can result in just another pile of sour grapes. The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home walks aspiring wine makers through every details necessary in creating and enjoying wine from your own home. From the basics of distillation to the ingredients used, homemade wine can be on your table and wowing your guests in no time. You will learn all of the basics of making wine at home, starting with the types of ingredients available to you. You will also learn what is required to start and operate a home winery and what you may be missing right now. The basic aspects of all red wines and white wines will be detailed for you, giving you every bit of information you need to fully understand how each wine is supposed to taste and feel. In addition to the general overview of making wine at home, you will learn details about the difference between each type of wine, the right mixture of ingredients and the testing and trying of new things in each bottle. Ultimately, you will learn how to take control of every aspect of your wines, from taste and dryness to odor and color. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or aspiring to be one, The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home arms you with the tools need to add some body to your creation.

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ISBN-13: 9781620230046
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 07/22/2015
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 482,305
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction: Benefits of Making Wine at Home 15

Is Winemaking Legal? 18

A Brief History of Winemaking 19

Chapter 1 Wine: Start at the Beginning 25

The Essential Three 27

Water 30

Sugar 34

Yeast 40

Chapter 2 Basics of Winemaking 47

Standard winemaking equipment 48

Intermediate Supplies 69

Stabilizers 89

Advanced Supplies 91

Chapter 3 Making Wine from a Kit 99

First Time Using a Wine Kit 100

Wine Kit Instructions 103

Tips 108

Chapter 4 Wine from Juice 115

Using Juice in Wine Recipes 117

Fresh Juice 118

Sterile Juice 119

Juice Concentrate 119

Sugar 120

Acidity 122

pH Level 127

Chapter 5 Wine from Grapes 131

Red Wine Maceration 132

White Wines 141

Chapter 6 Common Winemaking Mistakes and How to Fix Them 151

No. 1 - My Wine is Too Acidic 152

No. 2 - My Wine Will Not Stop Fermenting 152

No. 3 - My Wine has Bubbles 153

No. 4 - My Wine is "Blah" 153

No. 5 - My Wine is Cloudy or Hazy 153

No. 6 - My Wine Became Cloudy in the Bottle 157

No. 7 - My Wine is Too Sweet 158

No. 8 - My Yeast Seems Tired 160

No. 9 - My Wine has a Stuck Fermentation 161

No. 10 - My Wine has a Funny Color 162

No. 11 - My Wine Got Dark 163

No. 12 - My White Wine Got a Weird Color 163

No. 13 - My Wine Smells like a Moldy Newspaper 164

No. 14 - There is a Fingernail- Polish Remover Smell 164

No. 15 - My Wine is Very Bitter 166

No. 16 - My Wine Tastes or Smells Medicinal 166

No. 17 - My Wine Tastes Like Tin 167

No. 18 - My Wine Has a Moldy or Musty Flavor 167

No. 19 - My Wine Smells Like Rotten Eggs 167

No. 20 - My White Wine Tastes Like Vinegar 168

No. 21 - My Wine Tastes or Smells Like Plastic 168

No. 22 - My Wine Smells Like Geraniums 169

No. 23 - There is an Oil Slick in My Wine 169

No. 24 - There are White Flowers in My Wine 170

Chapter 7 Country Wines 173

Berry and Fruit Wines 175

Vegetable Wines 194

Herb and Plant Wines 199

Chapter 8 Meads 207

King Midas Golden Elixir 210

Chapter: 9 Adding a Creative Touch 229

Choosing a name 229

Fancy Labels 230

Shrink Capsules 232

Wine Journal 233

Wine Box 235

Chapter 10 Creating a Home Vineyard 237

Appellation Regions 238

Building a Trellis System 240

Pruning 246

Chapter 11 The Next Step: Open Your Own Winery 249

Steps to First Consider 250

Research Before Opening Your Winery 254

The First Few Years 256

Marketing and Advertising 257

Appendix A Wine Yeast Strains 267

Appendix B Conversion Chart for Specific Gravity/Brix/Percent ABV 271

Appendix C Wine with Food 273

Appendix D Resources 275

Web Sites 275

Glossary 277

Bibliography 281

Author Biography 283

Index 285

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