The Complete Zoo Adventure (A Field Trip In A Book Series)

The Complete Zoo Adventure (A Field Trip In A Book Series)

by Gary Parker

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The Complete Zoo Adventure is perfect for all ages, this guide has checklists, connect-the-dot pictures, word finds, fact cards, a field journal, and more in the activity section.

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ISBN-13: 9780890515006
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/28/2008
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 10.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

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The Complete Zoo Adventure: A Field Trip in a Book [With Field Fact Cards, Biome Cards, Name Badges, Etc.] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
OhioSarah More than 1 year ago
Are you planning on taking a trip to the zoo in the near future? Well then here is a perfect resource to help combat all the evolutionary 'facts' that abound at the Zoo. This is a beautifully spiral case bound book that is colorful and provides an extensive learning experience. With 150 pages and all the included extras this will easily provide a whole unit study on the zoo or, if your children are in public school, will help to refute what they are being taught in the class room. There are nine sections which are tab divided into before the zoo, at the zoo, birds, paws and claws, hooves, reptiles, amphibians, after the zoo and an appendix. Before the zoo includes 7 daily devotionals that parent and child will use the week before visiting to get excited about the trip and become educated. There is a guide in how to use The Complete Zoo Adventure book and a schedule for both before, at and after the zoo. The devotions each have Scripture to read and a theme, for Devotion 1 the theme/title is "Jesus, the Creator-the Presence of God, there is also a prayer that you can use to pray with your children. Each devotion is fairly long - two pages in small type - so for the younger child the parent may need to just pull the important aspects out or do it over the course of the day. At the zoo will help you after you arrive and begin your field assignments - everything you need is in a handy pouch in the back of the book and there are reproducibles for class/group/families. Details are given about how to proceed in getting started with field assignments, filling out field journals, rules and tips for having a great day at the zoo and a prayer. I'd suggest going over these proceeding the devotional each day before the zoo and doing a review on the trip, as most children won't remember all of the twenty-seven rules and tips. Each of the animal sections gives extensive information on various animals within that group. For each animal you'll find the class, order, family, genus and species listed as well as a map indicating where they are found and other pertinent information of how they fit into God's Creation and more on the animal. Again, with so much information it may be difficult to read everything while standing at the animal enclosures, so pulling out the important information before hand may go a long way in saving time, especially if you have more than one child. There are several activities for completion after the zoo such as the "Around the Campfire", personal discussion, having a trivia game using the enclosed field fact cards, if you have older children they can use the "For Deeper Discussion" and do a research paper,completing a scrapbook,while tests and activity sheets are also included in the book and may be copied. Some of the activity sheets are matching the correct nose to the animal God created for it, connect the dots with writing practice in both upper and lower case and print and cursive, find and color animals with certain attributes, word finds, how is it named (class, genus, species), and more! If you're not sure how to use the biome cards there is complete instructions in the back along with Scripture memory suggestions for each animal, educator notes for parents/teachers (unless you're both!), a zoo glossary, and extra field journal should you need to make copies. In your tool kit you'll find: 27 field fact cards - full color and on heavy duty paper (these could be laminated for extra
Jcole96 More than 1 year ago
Oh my! I was tickled when this book arrived in the mail, just days after requesting it!! I had no idea what this book was, but I suspected it would be a book I could enjoy with the kids. Immediately I had to fight my boys off so that I could examine it before they dug their claws into it! And I was immediately thrilled with our new treasure! We love the zoo. We have had zoo memberships for years in DFW and spent many, many days playing and learning at the zoo. Since moving out to the country our zoo trips have slowed dramatically. This book had revived our love of the zoo!! This is not just a book. It is a complete plan to use the zoo as a school, in a sense. Included with the book is the following: 1) 27 Field Fact cards - (a bit bigger than a playing card) I plan to laminate these and put them on a ring to have handy when we are at the zoo, or at home and want to brush up on some animal knowledge. The cards contain 12 different facts (incl. size, diet, location, special features, etc) 2) 7 Biome Cards - these are 5x7 cards that tell you lots of information about regions (rainforest, tundra, evergreen, etc) 3) 3 Field Journals - these are reproducible and you would give each child one on the zoo day to record the animals they learn about - 4) 12 Name Badges - also reproducible, and these are just fun tags you can give to your explores to make it more "official" (my kids immediately were deciding who gets which ones because they each have a different animal on them) I have to say, this book is perfect to accompany Apologia Zoology I for a homeschool science curriculum. There are tabs in each section, and the book is set up to lead you through the different stages : a) before the zoo trip b)at the zoo and finally c)after the zoo. There is a devotion included for the 7 days leading up to your trip. The after the zoo section has great discussion questions you can go through with your young scientists! We have not made it to the zoo, but the kids have poured over it. It is a great book with amazing pictures, lots of great facts and the best part is it all points to and supports CREATION!! I love resources that support what we are teaching in our home!! Disclaimer: I provided a copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books for free in order to write this review. The review above is my own opinion.
ReneeK More than 1 year ago
The Complete Zoo Adventure by Mary and Gary Parker A complete field trip in a book. I like hearing that word "field trip". As a homeschool mom I enjoy getting out to do school as much as the kids. What an incredible book. First and foremost I love to teach my children about God's creation. Unfortunately, most books on animals deal with evolution and not on a Creator. I like it when I don't have to edit a book to line it up with God's word. I want my kids to see that God's creation is not something that, "by some random chance" happened. I was excited to get a chance to review this book. It is jammed packed with all kinds of unique features. Let's start with these features: *A beautiful hardcover, spiral bound book! *Colorful tabs to guide you through this "Field Trip in a Book." The tabs are broken down by these sections: *Before the Zoo *At the Zoo *Birds *Paws and Claws *Hooves *Reptiles *Amphibians *After the Zoo *The very back of the book is a Tool Kit which includes, 27 field fact cards, 7 biome, cards, 3 field journals, and 12 name badges. My favorite features in this book is that it includes 7 short devotionals to tie together scripture and science. The pictures are gorgeous. What better way to get the kids attention than with incredible photography. Reproducible coloring and activity worksheets are included. There is a memory verse included for each animal. A small map shows where each animal lives. It also list each animals class, order, family, genus, and species. The authors thought of including all ages-all wrapped up in one book. How many times have you had to tie together several books to fit several ages! There is a planning calendar and checklist included to help you plan your outing before, during, and afterwards. You can have a field trip in your home with this book or take it along to your next adventure. Honestly, it would be best utilized as an actual zoo field trip supplement. My kids love this book. The only think I don't like about this book is that they are fighting over who's room it should be kept in! Yep, my kids love the animals. It will be a keeper in this household for many years. Disclaimer: I provided a copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books for free in order to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
The Complete Zoo Adventure by Mary & Gary Parker, is literally a "A field trip in a book" as marketed on the front cover. This spiral bound, interactive full color book has color coded tab divided chapters for each animal category as well as a hands on tool kit, containing fielf fact cards, biome cards, field journal cards and name badges for the readers/ participants. This book is educational as well as interactive. This book is the perfect guid to transform any zoo trip into an educational field trip. And for those readers who are not actually going to the real zoo, this book is the next best thing. At first glance this might seem like a very good resource in animals and the zoo. But when you actually read the text of the book and not just the full color photographs of animals, the reader will find it is actually an educational book on biblical creation. In the section "Before the zoo", there are "devotional" pages which give the biblical background of creation starting from Genesis. This book provides a simple, yet very well written background on the theology of creation and sin, the garden of Eden, and the flood. Issues of creationism vs evolutionary theories are discussed. Furthermore, within the text of the animal sections tjemselves, the authors do not hesitate to include biblical based commentary. For example, when commenting on a monkey exhibit at a zoo, the critique the fact that a diagram was depicted which implied than men evolved from apes. This is a bold book, and the authors are not ashamed of the gosepl message and find effective ways to promote the gospel in of all places- a book about zoo animals! As a blogger for New Leaf creations I recieved a copy of this book published by Master Books for the purpose of writing this review. I wish this book would be available to the mass market in book stores everywhere as its message is essential. This publishing company produces many great books that tie in science with biblical creation so that the readers get the whole picture.
Dustybug More than 1 year ago
Oh my! This book is WONDERFUL!!!! I am in love! As a parent, I like to make everyday activities educational, but in a fun way. I desperately want to convey to my children that learning is not about drudgery, but about seeking knowledge for the enjoyment of it! This book helps you do just that! It is more than a book, it is a unit study as well! It has three sections: Before the Zoo, At the Zoo, and After the Zoo. The Before the Zoo section includes seven devotionals to use the week before your zoo trip to help focus your hearts and minds on God, the very Creator of all the animals that you will see during your visit. The At the Zoo section has several tabs, breaking the animals into categories and giving you relevant facts and interesting tidbits about them from a creationist's viewpoint, rather than from the evolutionary side (like many signs at the zoo, etc). In the back of the book is a pocket containing fact cards, field journals, biome cards,and name tags to use during your trip to write about, draw pictures, and just document your observations about all the animals, their habitats, and habits. Finally, the After the Zoo section includes activities, reproducible worksheets, coloring pages (for varying age groups--perfect for homeschoolers!) and discussion topics to help round out your trip. This book is a fabulous addition to anyone's bookshelf, whether you homeschool or not. It can give any zoo trip that added fun and pizazz! My kids have enjoyed perusing its pages just looking at the wonderful pictures! We can't wait for our zoo trip this fall!
247mama More than 1 year ago
As a homeschooling family, I like every trip we make to be educational. If we go to a place that is field trip minded, I check their website before we go to see if they have additional information or worksheets for my kids. We need to go above and beyond just visiting the zoo and oohhing and ahhing over the animals. I want both of my children to take educational tidbits away with them. I was SO impressed when I received The Complete Zoo Adventure! This book will be useful for any family for children whether you homeschool or not! It would also be wonderful for a church group or birthday party trip to your local zoo! This book is versatile and could be used at any zoo or wildlife center! This beautiful hardcover, spiral bound book begins with colorful tabs to guide you through this "Field Trip in a Book." There are tabs for "Before the Zoo", "At the Zoo", "Birds", "Reptiles", "After the Zoo", etc. This is a full learning experience that can cater to several age groups! Your child can learn valuable information with wonderful pictures and resources for many different types of mammals, birds, and reptiles. there is a valuable index to use also! The very back of the book includes a special pocket chock full of: 7 Devotionals . 27 Encounters with God's Creatures . "Looking Ahead" * 7 Creation Foundation Lessons . Detailed Professional Educator Guide . 27 Scripture Memory Aids . 12 Name Badges The field journals and name badges are enough by themselves to get your children EXCITED about a trip to the zoo, even if its one you've visited several times in the past! I'm excited to learn more about animals and refresh my memory on facts! Apple snatched this book up right away and has been pouring over the pages. She and Speedy can't wait until our next trip to the zoo! With highs in the upper 90s and full southern humidity in force, we will be doing the "Before the Zoo" section for several weeks before we journey to our nearest zoo! This book will be in use for the next several years for us! I can't imagine a better animal study! It's got book work, written work, and will have hands on at the zoo! There's even a checklist of things to bring to the zoo with you! I received this book from New Leaf Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.
MarineCorpsNomads More than 1 year ago
Whether you are planning a trip to the zoo or you just want to have a fun zoo adventure at home, this book will help you plan a wonderful zoo field trip. The Complete Zoo Adventure features, a before the zoo section to help get ready for the field trip, an at the zoo section for the actual zoo field trip, and an after the zoo section to help wrap up the learning experience. In the Before the Zoo section, there is a planning calendar to help plan out all the phases (before, during, after) of the zoo field trip, 7 pairs of short devotionals to tie together scripture and science, and field trip preparation which tells you what to bring to the zoo. In the At the Zoo section, there are field assignments (using enclosed field fact cards, field journal, biome cards, badges), smart rules and tips, prayers, and information about birds, paws & claws animals, hooves animals, reptiles, and amphibians. In the After the Zoo section, there are after field trip activities, suggestions for discussions, game ideas, and much more... While this book can be used as I virtual zoo field trip, I believe that it would best used as an actual zoo field trip supplement. The Complete Zoo Adventure is packed with valuable information, tips, planning help, activities, and beautiful pictures. I loved the scripture memory texts that are given for the different animals. My daughter, as a child who loves animals, thought this book was wonderful. She is happy to add this book to her other Complete Adventure Series book - The Complete Creation Museum Adventure: A Field Trip in a Book. I received a copy of this book from Master Books for the purpose of an honest review.