The Declaration of Abroath: History, Significance, Setting

The Declaration of Abroath: History, Significance, Setting

by Geoffrey Barrow


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The Declaration of Arbroath took the form of a letter or petition sent from the Scottish nobles to Pope John XXII, dated April 6th 1320. In it the nobles argued for their claim to independence and sovereignty under Robert the Bruce, promising obedience and allegiance, and requesting to be left alone by the English. This famous document was not only significant in medieval times but it is said to have been the model for the American Declaration of Independence, bringing its importance and relevance up to the present day. These seven essays are taken from a conference held in Arbroath in 3000 with contributors discussing the Declaration from historical, ideological, architectural and environmental perspectives. The book opens with an English translation of the original Latin version of the Declaration.

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ISBN-13: 9780903903271
Publisher: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Publication date: 12/31/2003
Pages: 148

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