The Duke of Distraction

The Duke of Distraction

by Darcy Burke

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After witnessing how love embittered his uncle and broke his father, Felix Havers, Earl of Ware vows never to love. He conceals his emotions behind a wall of wit and charm, and is celebrated as the master of entertainments—parties, picnics, races. When his best friend's wallflower sister needs to find a husband, he promises to make her the toast of London... without losing his heart.

Miss Sarah Colton has given up on the pursuit of marriage. When her parents learn she intends to open a millinery shop, they give her an ultimatum: choose a husband or they'll do it for her. She accepts Felix's help, never imagining their scheme will ignite a mutual attraction neither of them dare indulge. But when tragedy strikes, can they heal each other or will the demons of Felix's past consume them both?

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BN ID: 2940161927694
Publisher: Darcy Burke
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: Darcy Burke's Untouchables Series , #12
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 17,014
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About the Author

Darcy Burke is a USA Today bestselling romance author. Fall in love with a host of dukes, marquesses, and earls in her Regency-set The Untouchables series and journey to Oregon wine country and meet the Archer family in her contemporary Ribbon Ridge series. Darcy lives in Oregon with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, and four crazy, beloved cats.

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The Duke of Distraction 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
The Duke of Distraction by Darcy Burke The Untouchables # 12 Friends to lovers and falling for the sister of one’s best friend are the tropes this book centers on with Sarah Colton being pressed by her parents to find a husband “or else” they will and her brother’s best friend, Felix Havers, Earl of Ware, offering to find her a man she would be able to fall in love with. Little did they realize at the beginning of this book that their friendship could lead to so much more. With Sarah wanting to marry for love and Felix never wanting to marry at all it took them some time to find their HEA but it was fun watching their relationship progress. This story had horse races, friendship, a house party, kissing games, couples from previous books, a woman who knew what she wanted, a man who thought he knew what he didn’t want, horrible relatives, expectations, dreams, grief, loss and a whole lot more. The writing and plotting was well done and the story flowed smoothly. I enjoyed the story and hope to go back and read the first four books in the series at some point in the future. I am eager to see what the author will write next as I see there is a new series in the making. Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
Anonymous 9 days ago
I've really enjoyed this series. Love when the books have reacuring characters especially when it is done so well.
nelriv 12 months ago
Another Duke in the series and just as entertaining as the others. We have Sarah and Felix's books and I hope you have been following series to know who these two are and also because some of the characters of the previous books were included. Sarah has known Felix all her life since he was her brothers best friend. Sarah's parents were on a mission to get her married and ended up humiliating her in front of Felix by asking him to marry her, yeah a little out there he was against it since he is never going to marry even though you would think he would need an heir but he has a cousin that he plans to pass that off to. Sarah would like to get married but only for love and she already has plans to support herself in the even that she does not find herself a love, however tragedy strikes having her and Felix closer than ever and dealing with feelings that they never had before..Now we need Anthony's story. Sarah did frustrate me at times... Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinion
ECD More than 1 year ago
I loved the main characters Sarah and Felix. Sarah is talented and she knows the direction she wants her life to take. Sarah is close to her parents and her older brother Anthony. She knows what it is to be loved and have close friends. She also longs for a marriage full of love. Her parents want to arrange a marriage with Anthony's best friend, Felix. Felix is a confirmed bachelor who is adamant to never fall in love and never, ever marry. Felix is like family to Anthony and Sarah. They all grew up together. Naturally, Sarah's parents think the match is sound. Sarah has a secret that will ensure her future if she fails to marry. She knows if her parents were to find out they would disapprove and have her married forthwith. On the other hand, Felix is a gregarious gentleman. He is charming, witty and utterly irresistible. He is also a renowned rake. He never fails to bring entertainment to his friends. He enjoys it. It gives him great pleasure to see others happy from his actions. Sadly, Felix has trained himself to suppress his feelings. He harbors something dark within him that keeps him from ever getting emotionally close to anyone. He thinks no one ever notices how he avoids anyone ever getting to really know him and get close to him. At a house party, something happens between Sarah and Felix that irrevocable changes the way they see each other. From this point on, nothing is off limits. Tragedy strikes Sarah and Anthony. Felix is there to support them as best as he can. During this time, Sarah begins to explore her feelings and finds herself becoming more aware of Felix than ever before. Felix fights his confusing feelings for Sarah. Felix's uncle tries to keep Sarah from Felix. The uncle does not want Felix to marry. His son will inherit when Felix does not produce an heir. So many secrets, so many conflicts, so many emotions. I enjoyed reading this book. It is moderately paced and extremely engaging. I was not bored. I do recommend this book.
mscountrylace More than 1 year ago
I have never smiled reading a book a much as I have with this one. These two just make you smile from the start with how made for each other they are. They are alike in many ways and see in each other what others don’t. That spark was was always there waiting and it ignited with one game at a party. These two can’t keep their hands off of each other. I was so unprepared for what happened with her parents that I almost dropped my Kindle. The emotions and aftereffects really came off the pages. Felix was there to help no matter what. When Anthony burst through the door I actually spoke out loud with what I was thinking. The ending was perfect and everyone was finally happy. Sarah is full of sass and will not be told what to do by anyone. I loved her right away with her plans to open the shop and how she talked with Felix about it. She saw that there was more to him and was determined to help him and give to him like he did everyone else. Felix is happy when he is making others happy and doesn’t know how to let others do the same for him. He made me smile at every turn and broke my heart when everything about his past came out. But it didn’t ruin him like he thought. I was worried about Anthony and that something would happen to him and hope he finds happiness. copy provided for an honest and voluntary review.
LoriP123 More than 1 year ago
I love this series! I just can't say enough about it and this story is no different. The Duke of Distraction, the twelfth book in The Untouchables series by Darcy Burke is wonderful! If you love historical romances you definitely won't be disappointed with Felix and Sarah's love story. Felix Havers vows not only to not marry, but also to never fall in love and up until he offers to help Sarah find a husband he has done a great job of keeping his emotions concealed. Sarah Colton has given up finding a husband and wants to open her own millinery shop, but her parents have given her an ultimatum to find a husband or they will. Sarah wants to marry for love and if that isn't an option than she doesn't want anything to do with it. She is relieved when Felix offers to help, but soon their fun and games lead them to a mutual attraction neither one of them expected. Before they are able to explore their mutual attraction tragedy strikes and emotions that have been kept buried have the possibility to destroy their relationship before it even gets started. I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Felix and Sarah's story! Plus, we finally find out who wins the races... ;) The Duke of Distraction is a friends-to-lovers/best-friend's-sister romance, and it's nicely done. The characters are very sympathetic, and as Ms. Burke throws more complications and tragedy in their direction, readers share in their heartache and root even harder for them to figure out how to get to their HEA. Which they do--finally! Before which there were times I wanted to shake Felix as hard as I wanted to hug him, so...lucky for him he's fictional. And twice as lucky for him, he came to his senses and Sarah was right there for him. HEA for the win! My only real complaint--why isn't the cover model wearing one of Sarah's hats? Seems like a missed opportunity there... ;) The epilogue--and the author's note at the end--indicate that this is the end of The Untouchables series, because a spin-off is coming (to which I say yay! New series! ...but what about Anthony??? Fingers crossed he'll show up in there, because that man NEEDS an HEA of his own). Every--or almost every? I didn't count, but there were a lot of them!--of the couples from this series make an appearance at the most recent version of the annual ball that started the series, wrapping things up nicely. If you haven't read the other books yet, you might be a little overwhelmed; really, though it's a brief wrapping-up scene for the series, and you don't have to know who all of those people are. The rest of the book would work as a standalone--but why would you do that to yourself? Read them all! ;) Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I loved Felix and Sarah's story!! It was a nice twist on the little sister of your best friend troupe. Normally one of the pair is smitten and the other doesn't know. In this case, they were very good friends and an event made each of them look at the other in a new light. I really liked the fact that Felix and Sarah were such good friends before they ventured into their romance. We got to see how well they got along with each other well before they were linked romantically and I think that added a lot to the story. I also loved the bantering between the two of them. It had me laughing out loud! This was a great addition to the Untouchables series and I can't wait to see what Burke has in store for us next!!
Detaildi More than 1 year ago
A very good 4 1/2 star read! When I was asked to review an advance reader copy of The Duke of Distraction, I gladly jumped at the opportunity. The only Untouchables I had read, included in a boxed set, was The Forbidden Duke and I remember I loved it. I can honestly say I found just as much enjoyment in reading The Duke of Distraction. Sarah has known Felix, her brother’s long-time friend, for many years. They have in common the fact that they both wish to remain unwed. Sarah would like to open a milliner’s shop (run by someone else to protect the family’s name), as she is talented in creating beautiful hats. Being almost on the spinster’s shelf, her parents are pressuring her to marry. Felix, the Earl of Ware vowed long ago not to wed having seen the effects love, or the lack of, had on his father and uncle’s marriages. He would rather maintain his status as the ton’s master of entertainment instead of succumbing to love as had many of his friends. Having read a few books in her other historical romance series, I feel Darcy Burke does a credible job of portraying her characters and engaging her readers' interest in them and the story taking place. I never questioned the reason why Sarah had a reluctance to marry, but the reason for Felix’s was initially vague to me. Once the reason was fully revealed, I could understand his reluctance and why he was the consummate party planner, bon vivant, and kept his heart insulated from deep entanglements. For me, the slow-growing feelings and eventual romance between Sarah and Felix was so sweet with just the right amount of spiciness. The added bonus of an enjoyable epilogue to The Duke of Distraction was the icing on the cake. So very much, that I plan to acquire or check out from the library the other works in The Untouchables series. I must find out more about those other Untouchables.
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
The Untouchables series has been an amazing collection and this last story is about Felix and Sarah. Felix appeared in many of the other books and but no much was said about his history. He is just so darn lovable and always seemed to be helping others. But it comes out what he has endured and why he never wants to marry. Sarah has know Felix forever because he is her brother Anthony's best friend. He has always been there to dance with her and just a lot of fun. When her parents insist she find a husband, Felix is there to help her. Oh yes, not to marry her as her parents suggest! Unexpectedly, they wind up at a house party he plans and hopes to find her a match. But when they are having a fun game with everyone, they end up kissing, and oh that sets a new awareness in motion! There is a tragedy and some strong emotions that come out and these two slowly try to come to terms with their feelings. I can honestly say it touched my heart at some places and I could only cheer these two on to find their happy ending. What a memorable series by Darcy Burke who knows just how to pull all the elements together for the perfect historical romances I love to read. Lori Dykes
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
Finally, Miss Sarah Colton gets her story. She is being commanded by her parents to get married, hopefully to the Earl of Ware. He is known as the Duke of Distraction for all the entertainments he sets up.  She wants to marry for love and it that doesn't happen, then making hats is her next love. Felix has decided to help Sarah find a husband. He has known her and Anthony, her brother and his best friend since they were very young. He decides a house party with eligible bachelors and races would be a good start to helping Sarah. Then one night, there is a kiss given by mistake that changes everything, but Felix will never marry. When Sarah and Anthony get devastating news while at the party, Felix takes over. He realizes that due to a childhood trauma, he doesn't know how to love. Will Sarah be able to change his mind? I love Felix , he's a caregiver and doesn't even know it. There is more than one storyline and they are woven into a book that you will not want to put down. Another Untouchable down. I have loved every one. I received this book from the author for a honest review.
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
Felix Havers, Earl of Ware, is only doing what he does best, helping bring joy to others, when he falls hard for forbidden fruit. He promises to help his his best friend Anthony Colton's sister Sarah find a husband she can fall in love with and can't seem to let anyone else closed to her. Somehow the little girl he grew up with and considers family became a fascinating woman. He's dumbfounded because he vowed to never fall in love. How could this happen? You've got to see by reading Darcy's masterful creation of finding love where you least expect it. When tragedy strikes the Coltons Felix goes into action determined to help them through their grief. Anthony is wallowing in guilt while Sarah's future expectations turn radically around. He can't let these two people, the only family he feels he has, pull away from everyone and turn bitter in grief like his father did. Along the way he and Sarah discover they have a chemistry that's irresistible. This was a delicious story and I am so glad Darcy gave us a satisfying story to our Duke of Distraction, Felix, master of fun activities.
clarkws More than 1 year ago
The Duke of Distraction is book 12 in the Untouchables series by Darcy Burke. I have enjoyed all of the Untouchables books. But I felt that this one fell short of the mark. Felix Havers, the Earl of Ware is an agreeable character, but I kept hoping for more of a physical description of him. There is a brief one half way through the book, but not much. Felix also carries some secret that affects him negatively, but I couldn’t really understand the depth of it. I also wasn’t a fan of Sarah Colton the heroine. Her willingness to callously use men made her self centered and grasping. Her willingness to use an old friend like Felix was just awful. I enjoyed the scene of parlor games even though I had not heard of them before. There were some laugh out loud moments. Overall, I felt this book lacked something that the other books have had - solid character development with logical responses to life around them. I was gifted a copy of this book by Netgalley
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Miss Sara Colton wanted to marry for love or not at all. She had amassed enough money to open her own millenery shop. Everything was going according to plan, until her parents decide that it's high time she got married, even if they have to pick a husband for her. Her brother Anthony and his best friend Felix Havers, Earl of Ware, won't have it. And so Felix, THE DUKE OF DISTRACTION, will help her find someone to love. Darling, adorable Felix, how eagerly I had been awaiting his story! Unfortunately, the book was not what I had hoped for. I loved the friendship Sarah, Anthony, and Felix shared; there was real affection and respect, and in a strange way, it proved to be somewhat of a problem later on. Even though I was told about it, I never felt a shift in the relationship between Sarah and Felix, unless you count the "lightning bolt" moment. It seemed as if two siblings had suddenly fallen in lust with each other after a somewhat contrived event gave them an opportunity for a little passionate episode. Felix had the usual hero's aversion to marriage, and Sarah was "his best friend 's little sister". Allow me a moment to rant here. This is not aimed solely at Darcy Burke, but I noticed a trend recently in romance novels, which I find very annoying. Do the authors - and/or publishers - deem it necessary to remind us countless times of the trope(s)? I know what the trope is, you told me already, I haven't forgotten, could we please get on with the story, not just a "best friend's little sister" story. The progression from friendship to something else was thankfully not rushed, but it felt forced. I was rather shocked at Sarah's behaviour when the first kiss - and groping - occurred and she turned into a wanton. The "tragedy" was extremely convenient, requiring some obligatory "distracting", and Sarah's subsequent decisions made no sense to me. I thought she acted foolishly, but changed her mind according to what the plot dictated, I suppose. Even more frustrating was that, while there were detailed descriptions of very minor characters, and extensive and vibrant ones of Sarah's hats, there was precious little about the main couple. Although I dislike endless flowery descriptions of the main protagonists, I do enjoy having some idea of their appearances. Up until 65% in the book - when we finally get to know that Sarah has blue eyes - we only knew that she was shorter than Felix (no big surprise there), and that she had "bow-shaped lips" (of course!). At 88%, at last, we are told that her hair is dark; that's about the extent of Sarah's description, and it's disconcerting! (But at least, you will fare better than I did). Around the 75% mark is really where the author lost me as some inconsistencies crept in, again for obvious storyline purposes. A crucial event was even remarked upon by a character as being inconsistent with what had been done, and it was casually dismissed! I thought the last quarter of the book unsatisfying and rather unpleasant. And what was that epilogue all about? The introduction to an upcoming series? To my consternation, THE DUKE OF DISTRACTION just didn't work for me. I felt it lacked the originality, the creativity, the excitement, the unpredictability, and the charm that had made The Untouchables so special and memorable. If you're looking for a well-written, steamy, and safe "best friend's little sister" historical romance, it might be the right book for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Miss Sarah Colton and her friend, Lavinia, the Marchioness of Northam are enjoying themselves at the races. There, both men and women race their phaetons. Felix Havers, Earl of Ware is the facilitator of the races. But when a woman is injured when her phaeton overturns, Felix is urged, and agrees to stop the races permanently. Sarah is now in her fourth Season and the pressure to marry is intense. Sarah likes to bet on the races hoping to earn enough money to support herself as a spinster should it come to that. Her plan is to open a shop called Farewell’s along with her friend, Dolly. There, they will design and sell hats. Returning home from an outing, Sarah is summoned to her father’s office where Felix is standing. Her father suggests that Sarah and Felix marry as he feels they are an excellent match. Both Sarah and Felix are embarrassed with Sarah refusing and leaving the room. Later, Sarah apologizes to Felix for her parents. He says he will do his best to find a husband for her. Felix’s mother died giving birth to him and his father grieved her death for the rest of his life unable to show love for his son. Having experienced a childhood where he was deprived of affection, Felix feels that finding someone to love is not in his future. Felix plans a house party at his home featuring phaeton races and includes a number of bachelors hoping to find a husband for Sarah. There, a kissing game ends up changing the way Sarah and Felix feel about each other. Is it possible for Felix to learn how to love someone? I really liked this romance. Sarah and Felix are great characters and perfect for one another. The only thing I questioned was the kissing game they play at the house party. That sounded a bit juvenile to me, but after researching it, it truly was a game played at Regency parties although slightly different from the one played at Felix’s party. I hope readers will enjoy this book as much as I did. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
CaroleBurant57 More than 1 year ago
I've always loved the friends to lovers trope and this story proves why! I so enjoyed reading Sarah and Felix' story. Felix Havers, Earl of Ware, and Miss Sarah Colton have been friends since they were young children, he being her brother Anthony's best friend. Felix is determined to never marry and Sarah is being forced by her parents to marry. Felix, known for his parties, balls, races, etc, decides to help her find a suitable husband and has a grand party inviting mostly legible bachelors for her to choose from. During one of the planned games, something goes awry and Felix and Sarah find themselves looking at each other differently and a sexual awareness ensues. Then....tragedy strikes and Felix does everything he can to help Sarah and Anthony get through it. We also find out why Felix is so against love and marriage and I admit, I cried so much, hurting for him. I love how Sarah wouldn't give up on him and teaches him what love can be like. This is another wonderful book written by Darcy Burke and deserves a solid 5 star rating. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Count on Burke to break a heart as only she can. Just when you think the pain is too much, she gives a reason to smile again. Embittered by love, Felix and Sarah are about to discover that no one is immune to it's power. Although not as passionate as some of the previous books in the series, The Duke of Distraction proves it can definitely hold it's own. Sarah and Felix have a romance that was years in the making and their hearts have decided to finally take flight. Can they friendship survive the obstacles that stand in the way? This couple will get under the skin before they steal your heart. What started as slow is destined to leave a lasting impression.