The End of the German Monarchy: The Decline and Fall of the Hohenzollerns

The End of the German Monarchy: The Decline and Fall of the Hohenzollerns

by John Van Der Kiste


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By the autumn of 1918 Germany was on the verge of starvation—the result of four years of war and blockade. Sailors led a revolt in Wilhelmshaven on 29 October 1918, followed by the Kiel mutiny in the first days of November cascading eventually to Germany’s capitulation and the Kaiser’s abdication. The Hohelzollern family’s rule had come to an end.

Royalty historian John Van der Kiste, the author of the recent best-selling ‘Prussian Princesses’ here provides a full analysis of the Kaiser’s family heritage, his leading part in the Prussian militarism which in recently unified German led to a full national martial tradition simply bursting for a fight. The book also tells of the vital events in later 1918 which led to the partial and then full abdication, and the Kaiser’s pitiful escape to the neutral Netherlands, unwilling hosts for a somewhat unwelcome visitor.

The Third Reich also comes into play with Hitler’s initial ambivalent attitude, and then the full floral tribute after the Kaiser’s death. It also covers the anti-Hitler plotters who intended to use a Hohenzollern Prince as a figurehead to provide legitimacy to a post-Hitler Germany.

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Publication date: 11/21/2017
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About the Author

John Van der Kiste has published over forty books including works on royal and historical biography, local history, true crime, music and fiction, and is a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. His previous titles include Queen Victoria's Children, Kaiser Wilhelm II and The Romanovs: Tsar Alexander II of Russia and his Family and ‘Alfred—Queen Victoria's Second Son’ and ‘Prussian Princesses’ for Fonthill. He lives in Devon.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

1 'By Iron and Blood' 9

2 'Endless Mischief and Endless Harm' 19

3 'Full Steam Ahead' 28

4 'Not a Mouse Would Stir in Europe' 42

5 'Like a Battleship with Steam Up and Screw Going' 55

6 'If the Iron Dice Must Roll, May God Help Us' 67

7 'The Waves of the Revolutionary Flood Will Sweep Away Everything' 82

8 'Rewarded Only with Betrayal and Ingratitude' 96

9 'And Then Heads Will Roll' 107

10 'A Crown Is Not the Only Worthwhile Aspiration' 125

11 'Great Harm Will Come from Them' 142

12 'Without England, We Cannot Endure' 153

Endnotes 162

Bibliography 169

Index 173

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