The Epic Of Mount Everest

The Epic Of Mount Everest

by Sir Francis Younghusband


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³The discovery of George Leigh Mallory¹s alabaster corpse,² writes Patrick French, ³high on the slopes of Everest in the summer of 1999, had a spectacular universal impact. Books, articles, and television programs appeared, as the debate was revived as to whether he had reached the summit 75 years before. Mallory ‹ his physical grace, the manner of his disappearance, the era in which he lived ‹ will always hold the public¹s attention. He is the emblem of the early Everest expeditions.² Written in 1926, The Epic of Mount Everest is Sir Francis Younghusband¹s vivid, now classic account of Mallory¹s three separate expeditions to Mount Everest in 1921, 1922, and, finally, 1924 ‹ when Mallory and Sandy Irvine vanished, igniting one of the world¹s great mysteries. ³Centuries pass, mountaineers pass, but Everest remains, an impassive killer, drawing people upward.²

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Publication date: 11/12/2006
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