The Excalibur Of Christ: The Diary Of The Master Disciple

The Excalibur Of Christ: The Diary Of The Master Disciple

by Dr. Eyam Idew


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The Excalibur of Christ is more than a book, more than a diary. It's a guide, a weapon and truth; I say this because everyone knows the story of Excalibur, but what everyone might not know is the truth of a sword. A sword is far more than a piece of metal, in the Bible and other doctrines of the world, a sword is the tongue and mind of man.

However, the true mind of man is the incorruptible spirit of him, which was birth by the Most High, the true image we're in, but if you do not have that sword, you will not know although you may be forever hearing.

So, now that you know the truth of the sword, this book is written with the Excalibur of Christ, because we not only war with flesh and blood. But we war with principalities of things that are unjustly done which causes the war on flesh and blood. Therefore, to fight that battle you have to be equipped with the right information and weaponry.

Thus, you are given the truth of your sword, and if you think I'm not being truthful, look at it for yourself. Take the (s) off sword and all you'll have left if word, which is your thoughts and speech. So, with that being said, take up thy armor and fight a good fight that you may enjoy all that's rightfully yours in this life.

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ISBN-13: 9781452080482
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/19/2011
Pages: 280
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The Excalibur Of Christ

The Diary Of The Master Disciple
By Eyam Idew


Copyright © 2010 Dr. Eyam Idew
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-8048-2

Chapter One


Greetings, unto all:

First off, I would like to say thank you, for if it was not for all of you this book would have not been written. Secondly, I would like to say in no way is this meant to be taken as a new religion, but it is the one of the ancients and in no way is it meant to take the place of the Bible. Because I am just like you all, looking for answers with understanding, so I did as the Bible said. I asked, sought and knocked and I found the answer to my questions when the Holy Spirit of the Almighty opened the door within my heart that all things may come back unto my remembrance.

You see, I believe that we all are one people in both spirit and truth, since we were not there in the beginning sort of speak, all I know is what every person here on earth knows. That we came from one spirit and one man, that was created from that one spirit which is our Father, God the Almighty. So be it if you are black, white, orange, Baptist, Catholic or atheist etc. I care not, because I know that the spirit of our Father, the Almighty lives within all and he alone has given us life.

Therefore, for some reason above my own, I was given charge to write this book in this very manner that you may get the understanding that no one outside of you can nor will ever save you. For Jesus Christ of Nazareth already came in the flesh to show us that this is who I am, so this is who you are, me. Nevertheless, since we could not be him while he was here in the flesh the first time, he had to die for our sin of not knowing who we are, and who our Father is. However, once he was resurrected we were able to return to the oneness within the Almighty, because it was explained and exemplified. Through the flesh by the spirit of Jesus which became Christ through the awakened awareness of being one with our Father, the Almighty. That is why he said "I think it not robbery to be equal with God, for me and my Father are one, and if ye have seen me, ye have seen the Father."

Which leads to the philosophy of me, well the spirit within me, because I did not just come up with this on my own, but when the Holy Spirit reawakened in me, all things came back to my remembrance. As it is written, "Once the Holy Ghost comes upon thee all will be brought to thy remembrance," so you see this is not in anyway falsified, for it is written, "You will do all I have done and more, for I only do as I see my Father, who is in Heaven do."

Therefore, the more is true and at the same time unknown if you have not longed for the abundance of our spiritual divine right, the one thing that got me and lead me to ask the question the young rich ruler asked was that. In the Bible, it says, "that all that say Lord, Lord will not enter into my kingdom, even if you've worked miracles, healed the sick and raise the dead and prophesied in my name. Because, I will still say, get away from me, for I know you not." So I was like what, Come on, are you for real? Tell me then how can I not be one of them, how can I get in the kingdom, come on tell me? Then slowly but surly all things stared to line up and I understood, then I was told to write it upon a scroll that all children of the Almighty may know, thus we have the "The Excalibur of Christ, the Dairy the Master Disciple."

Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to place myself above anyone else, like I said, we are all equal and I am the same as you, living my life doing what I do best. However, it's some people that don't know or may need help spiritually to move into their dream or dreams that they want to fulfill, and to help them is part of my dream. Yet, the only way for me to do that is to let them know who they are and what they can do, which is all things through the spirit of our Father, Christ the Almighty within them by faith with actions.

As for the "son of man and son of dust" Jesus of Nazareth was not and is not the only one, notice in the Bible that most prophets were call either son of man or son of dust. Jesus was the only one that was born of such a birth and knowing who he was and what he was to do, that is why he was and is the Christ. Now we as children of our Father, the Almighty have the ability to reawaken that same spirit within us, because Jesus made it possible by making it known in the flesh. So that we may be saved, from the sin of not knowing whom our Father is and that he lives within us.

Well I hope you enjoy the awaking, because peace and blessings have always belonged to thee, thus ends the philosophy of the spirit within the flesh of me.

Amen, shalom




There's Nothing


Under the Sun

I'm quite sure many will have lots to say about what is written within this book, like how it's written grammar wise (etc.), but I never stated that I'm a english or grammar genius. Other question might be, is this true, where did this come from and is he serious. Many will have more to say, however, there is one thing that's needed to be known and that is, there is nothing new under the sun.

You know, history has always repeated itself in some form or fashion, so what stage we're in now is for you to decide. I'm only here to do my part in preparing all and to bring this message, because there is nothing new under the sun.

The Interpretation

Each poem or story you read comes from the heart and the spirit of me, the dreams and visions I have had. However, they all tell the tell of good and evil, passing judgment while giving correction with love.

Many have called me holier than thou or self righteous, but that's not the case, I'm only awakened to the truth of my divinity. Sure I've done my share of wrong doings, but mine own stones have I cast at me, yet when I awoke, I placed them stones at the alter of my Father, the Almighty. That he alone may judge me, and still this commandment was I given.

Therefore, for 8 years in the womb of his spirit I dwelt until the birth of what you have before thee. Thus, you have the interpretations of me & the images you'll see within this book you're about 2 eat, although there's more. However, that is for those who have an ear 2 hear what the Spirit of the Almighty is saying unto them.







The cross of Christ

2day in this time and age, I see people wearing and advertising the cross of Christ, but its aroma is the foul smell of mischief and blasphemy un2 my spirit, that's why I stated no idles are 2 be worshiped.

Therefore, my children, my people, open thine heart and mind that you May partake of the truth I speak, as you all know; Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified upon a cross. However, before and after him there were many, some were physically crucified while the others were symbolically crucified as some are this day.

But his crucifixion was 4 the sins of the world and when he was crucified he was crossing out mere flesh placing spirit in its proper place, which is higher than the flesh, while still being one in the same. Yet, many 2day are crossing out my spirit raising flesh and material above it, so woe un2 you I say 4 your reward will be given because of the aroma you've sent my way.

4 the cross of Christ was 2 be a remembrance of the love and sacrifice he made, not 2 be mocked and misused nor an idle just 2 be had or displayed as a religious figure or fad. Yet again woe un2 you who use it as you do without using it in truth. 4 the cross of Christ is not an idle, but the remembrance of the love I have 4 your life ...

Thus saith thy Father, the Almighty ...

The Truth

Of the


Father God, tell me why were there times I saw one set of footprints in the sand when I walked and the other times there were 2? A writer once said u were walking along side of me until I got tired, then you picked me up and that was the 1 and 2. Tell me Father is that true.

My son listen attentively, because what I am about 2 tell you is truth indeed. The times you were walking and seeing 2 sets of footprints was because you were walking with another other than me. Remember the scriptures, and know that I live within you and you in me, so the times you saw 1 set of prints is when you awakened 2 the truth that we are 1 in the same.

Therefore, in that awakened state of understanding in wisdom is when I carried you, before then you were double minded without the understanding that we are 1. That's why you allowed another 2 pose as me, therefore repeat after me "I and my Heavenly Father, the Almighty are 1 and there's none other but the Holy Spirit within me."

Now repent and see the works of me as I bring the tide in and wash away the other set of footprints that you may walk in the truth I have given. 4 the truth of the footprints is more than a mere poem and flattery, but a weapon of wisdom which is the truth of me.

Thus saith thy Father, the Almighty within not only you, but also all my children ...

The Confession of Christ

Father God in me, I now open mine heart and accept thee as my only Lord & savior. No one will ever divide my spirit from thee, for our spirit has reunited as one manifested in flesh at your request and for that Father I thank you for awaking me.

4 it was you alone Father who raised me from the death of the dust & placed thy spirit of Christ within me, that I may speak and give you the glory as you have commanded me. That I may proclaim the laws of spirit & truth that thy children may obtain peace within the spirit of you, as well as all you've promised them since the genesis.

I will do nothing Father other than that which you will have me to do, I've confessed thy spirit of Christ in me and now mine ears & heart are open and I see there is none other but thee. Therefore, I thank you for awaking me that others may also be awaken to the true confession of your spirit within them, as ye have ordained for us since the beginning.

That every thought we think should be a confession of the spirit of Christ within us and to walk in your image daily taking complete dominion with all keys in our hand, to live this life and the next one knowing that we are in the image of your spirit Father & none others.

So this is my confession unto thee, that as long as your spirit lives so do I, doing the works of thee, giving you all the glory, so again I thank you, Father. I thank you for the acceptance of my confession & choosing to make thy spirit manifest in the flesh of me as me. So to you Father, I give all the praise and glory & that glory which ye have for me, I worry not for it will be given when you see fit.

Out of my heart is the only way I could confess this and just as it is written it is so.


The Repentance

Father I have come unto you to ask for the repentance of my sin, the sin Of not knowing who I was in thee. In other words, being the prodigal son By not acting or thinking as you commanded me and just going off on my own, knowing that you exist and thinking that I was giving you thy praises and glory. Just by saying all thanks be to God, not knowing that it was a certain principle that you wanted me to follow and status to maintain.

Now that I have been awakened to know the principle that you want me to follow Father, I thank you, because the true knowledge of thy spirit has freed me indeed. Now I can complete your command & spread thy word unto all your children. That they also may be redeemed and return to your glory, yes Father I know that they are redeemed already, so allow me to say awaken them to their redemption in divinity as ye have awakened me. So that when they acknowledge you, you will accept their heart of repentance as ye did for me.

We all are one in the same right. Therefore, I thank you Father for awaking your children that they will no longer be prodigal but return to the oneness of thee, as you have allowed me.

I know that repentance is a daily act that you will have me to do because there is always an awaking that you want me to experience. From glory to glory, right. So, that means although I am always one within thee, there are times that I need to be awakened from this world of sleep, that you may reveal thy self within me.

Father, I know I fall short of thy glory at times and feel that I am far away from you, but I see that's just my time to ask & thank you for my repentance. Because if I had not been awakened there would not have been a revelation of thee unto me, so again from mine heart I thank you for forgiving me and unto you I give all the glory and not just 4 the repentance of me.



Father; I thank you for teaching me how to be obedient unto thy voice; even though I might not understand your ways at times. For you know I want nothing more than to follow thy commands in obedience.

So again I thank you for teaching me Father that I may know what it is that I can change & that in which I cannot, because it's part of my destiny for thy glory & my good.

Remember my child, to keep open thine heart & hear what I speak unto thee, for obedience is better than sacrifice. You see, some sacrifice unto me, yet it is not required, so be obedient and if a sacrifice is required, I will tell thee.

Thank you Father, for answering my prayers that mine heart may be at ease in all that you give me to do for the glory of thy spirit within me. Amen

I'm Out / R.I.P.

Dedicated to the fleshly mind of me

Father, today submit my flesh unto you that I may be a living vessel doing that you've commanded me. Not just for this moment either Father, but beyond this life and upon my next return that the "free will clause" may be lifted from upon me, that thy will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Therefore, I'm out. I'm out of this worldly way of thinking that leads to the worldly way of living; 4 when I had thoughts of this world I was a slave to it. A slave with no one to save me except for you Father, my own mother that ye allowed to give birth to me was unable to shelter me or dry me off when the storms of life came, just as "Joseph" my earthly father.

Therefore, I truly thank thee, for your truth of life that illuminates thy spirit within every man and for awaking the truth of thee in me.

Father, now as I say goodbye to an old friend, I thank you for forgiving him of his sins. I know at times he did wrong, yet in the midst of wrongdoing he tried to do right. Then at times Father, we know he was just wrong.

So again Father I thank thee, for allowing me to give the eulogy of my dear friend, whom was also my enemy. Now that he is gone, I say goodbye, goodbye to the worldly sinful spirit of me. For now only thy spirit lives and is awakened within me that all may see Father that thy spirit has been made flesh again as you have written it to be, for thy glory.


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