The Great Debasement: The 100-Year Dying of the Dollar and How to Get America's Money Back

The Great Debasement: The 100-Year Dying of the Dollar and How to Get America's Money Back

by Craig Smith, Lowell Ponte


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After 100 years of deliberate debasement, the U.S. Dollar is dying. Our politicians have deceptively siphoned off so much of its value that a 2012 dollar has only two pennies of the purchasing power of a 1913 dollar.This Great Debasement of America’s money is by far the largest confiscation of wealth in world history—and you, your children and your grandchildren are the ones on the losing end of this century-long policy.The Federal Reserve System, created by Progressives in 1913 to give America an 'elastic' money, has taken on such enormous and far-ranging powers that it has become 'the fourth branch of government' that killed the gold-backed dollar, and replaced it with an impostor currency, a central cause of today’s dangerous economic problems.On the 100th Anniversaries of the 1912 Progressive takeover of America and 1913 imposition of the Fed and income tax—-still working together synergistically to transform the U.S.A.—- we expose, and show how to reverse, the Progressives' Great Debasement of America.

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ISBN-13: 9780971148277
Publisher: Idea Factory Press
Publication date: 11/01/2012
Pages: 285
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Craig R. Smith is an author, commentator, and popular media guest because he instantly engages audiences with his commonsense analyses of local, national, and global trends. The founder and chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, he has helped many thousands of people for thirty years to hedge against the problems of a weakening US dollar. A monetary expert, is the author of several books, including "The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us… And Seven Ways to Stop It!" (2011) Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse (2010) and "Black Gold Stranglehold" (2005). His free market economic worldview offers audiences a breath of fresh air amid today’s failed 'big government' approach. Smith believes we need a revival of self-government and free market principles to help rebuild the American economy.

Table of Contents

Foreword Pat Boone vii

Introduction Craig R. Smith 9

Part 1 The Dollar's Rise and Fall

Chapter 1 A View from the Cliff 17

Chapter 2 Ascent of the Dollar 39

Chapter 3 The Progressive Takeover 55

Chapter 4 The Great Debasement 77

Chapter 5 The Age of "Modern Money" 101

Part 2 Tipping Points

Chapter 6 The End of the Republic 133

Chapter 7 The Mandate of Heaven 155

Chapter 8 The Dollar Engulfed 171

Chapter 9 The Dollar and Its Enemies 187

Part 3 How to Survive the Death of the Dollar

Chapter 10 Ghost Money: After the Dollar's Nine Lives 215

Chapter 11 New Dark Age or Golden Age? 227

Epilogue - The Ottoman Mirror 253

Chapter Notes 263

Sources 271

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