The Jackal [Original Soundtrack]

The Jackal [Original Soundtrack]



Just as the 1997 film The Jackal was an update of the 1973 classic The Day of the Jackal, so too does the accompanying soundtrack album update the sounds, stepping above the usual movie fare with a punchy, edgy, completely contemporary assortment of leading electronica artists who not only enhance the frantic pace of the on-screen action, but give the armchair listener a revved heartbeat as well. Kicking off with Fatboy Slim's "Going out of My Head," with its eye-catching samples from the Who's "I Can't Explain," the rest of the album reels out like some glitter-filled who's who. From Prodigy's "Poison" to the Moby mainstay "Shining," and from the Primal Scream classic "Star" to Black Grape's proactive pot-loving club hit "Get Higher," the usual suspects are fingered. But placing the set apart are a few surprises. Massive Attack's heavy, dub-tinged version of Siouxie & the Banshees' "Metal Postcard," "Superpredators," is an inspired inclusion. Originally only available as a B-side on their 1997 "Risingson" single, it becomes a welcome addition here. Elsewhere it's a refreshing dive into the otherwise unavailable BT/Richard Butler collaboration "Shineaway," while the Chemical Brothers wrap their remixers around the Charlatans UK's retro-rock "Toothache." It's not often that one comes away with the feeling that a soundtrack was compiled not only as a Zen match to its film, but also to serve as an important and incredibly cohesive record of genre -- of a moment in time. Utilizing a varied mix of some of the electronica field's finest artists, The Jackal certainly succeeds -- on both levels.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/28/1997
Label: Fontana Mca
UPC: 0008811168827
catalogNumber: 11688

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charlatans UK   Track Performer
Massive Attack   Track Performer
Moby   Track Performer
Primal Scream   Track Performer
Prodigy   Track Performer
Ani DiFranco   Track Performer
Apollo 440   Track Performer
Richard Butler   Track Performer
Black Grape   Track Performer
Goldie   Track Performer
J Majik   Track Performer
3T   Track Performer
L.T.J. Bukem   Track Performer
Fatboy Slim   Track Performer
Agent Provocateur   Track Performer
Lunatic Calm   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Charlatans UK   Producer,Contributor
Pete Townshend   Composer
Massive Attack   Producer,Contributor
Moby   Producer,Engineer,Contributor
Primal Scream   Contributor
Prodigy   Contributor
Ani DiFranco   Producer,Contributor
Steve Albini   Engineer
John Gosling   Producer
Shaun Ryder   Producer
Danny Saber   Producer
BT   Producer,Contributor
John X. Volaitis   Producer
Bush   Contributor
Richard Butler   Contributor
Liam Howlett   Producer
Goldie   Producer,Contributor,Remixing
J Majik   Producer
L.T.J. Bukem   Producer,Contributor
Fatboy Slim   Composer,Contributor
Cirrus   Contributor
Agent Provocateur   Contributor
Todd Gallopo   Art Direction
Tom Sarig   Executive Producer
Dollshead   Arranger,Producer,Contributor
Lunatic Calm   Producer,Contributor
Doll Factory   Arranger,Producer
Daniel Williamson   Composer

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