The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention: Sports, Spirituality and Science Come Together at the Old Ballgame

The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention: Sports, Spirituality and Science Come Together at the Old Ballgame

by Eric Leskowitz MD


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People everywhere are moved by the power of groups, whether it's at a concert, in a congregation or at a political rally. The new science of consciousness research has proven that invisible energies are the key to this power, and the pre-eminent laboratory for studying these forces is an unexpected location: at the ballpark. In "The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention", Harvard psychiatrist Rick Leskowitz describes how his lifelong love of the Boston Red Sox helped him discover that the principles of energy medicine and intentionality research explain the intangibles in sports: the home field advantage, the electricity in the crowd, team chemistry and the prayers of fans.

Read about computer studies that measure fan energy in the ballpark, lab tests that prove how positive emotions are contagious, and learn how energetically savvy fans can enhance their team's performance. This book even answers the age-old question: is your favorite sports stadium a sacred space? "The Joy of Sox" starts by laying a foundation of scientific evidence in support of these mysterious forces. It then charts the path by which these ideas have unfolded during Dr. Leskowitz's production of a documentary film of the same name, that led him to interview ballplayers, fans and scientists (including such Hall of Famers as Larry Dossey, William Tiller, Dean Radin, Donna Eden, Esther Hicks and Michael Murphy). The book's final section is a series of energy exercises that show fans - of any sport, in any town - how to maximize their team's performance by tapping into their own heartfelt enthusiasm and transmitting it most effectively to their team. This book is a Trojan Horse - it brings esoteric research into the social mainstream while camouflaged as a book about popular sports. But by uncovering the New Science concepts that underly the familiar events of baseball, "The Joy of Sox" works its transformative magic on our teams, our selves and our society.

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ISBN-13: 9781439222812
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Publication date: 05/23/2010
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About the Author

Eric (Rick) Leskowitz MD, ABHM is a board certified psychiatrist and directs the Integrative Medicine Project at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. He holds appointments with the Departments of Psychiatry at Harvard and Tufts Medical Schools. He has studied energy healing, meditation and hypnosis for over 20 years, and has presented workshops nationally and internationally on the integration of subtle energy techniques and theories with the allopathic medical model. He serves on the Advisory Boards of three journals, and has written widely for medical and lay journals. He has edited two textbooks: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: Gateway to Body, Mind and Spirit (Transpersonal Press, 2010) and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation (Churchill Livingstone, 2003). His documentary film, "The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention" is now in production; information is available at

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