The Last Warlock

The Last Warlock

by Mark Daniel

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To any who might cross paths with him, Ahren is a quiet herb farmer who lives alone on a mountainside above the hamlet of Duran. To the one friend who knows the truth of his life, he is actually the last of his kind. The last being who can manipulate the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and life itself. He is immortal. He is the last warlock.

To Ahren, his powers are a curse; a nightmare from which he cannot awaken. Each day for three-thousand years, he relives the dark time when he lost his way, and used his powers to destroy every other warlock in the land. And each day, he never tries to stop the pain; or the guilt. He knows he deserves it. So he lives a life of solitude in order to live in punishing emotional pain, and in order to never hurt another living being. But he is destined to be tested.

One day as Ahren tends to his garden, his elfin friend, Azura, brings devastating news that an ancient prophecy appears to be coming true. If the prophecy is fulfilled, an evil sorcerer will become immortal and finally have the power to carry out his plan to crush and rule over the land of Nordanfel . Ahren must make the choice between two unthinkable alternatives. He must either choose to use his powers against and among the living once more - something he made an oath never to do again. Or he must keep his oath and watch from his mountainside garden as all of Nordanfel is crushed to dust.

Perhaps this will be his ultimate punishment. If Ahren doesn't help, he will know that every life the sorcerer takes will actually be his fault. There will be more deaths on Ahren's sorry soul; this time because he wouldn't use his powers. But if he helps, will he lose control once again, and use his powers to bring even more death to the world? Even if he chooses to help Nordanfel and all the living beings of the land, can he even get to the sorcerer in time? Could he lose control, and lose the race to stop the prophecy as well?

Can force of arms or magic overcome the sorcerer and spoil his plans to take Nordanfel? Or will it take another force to save the land? Perhaps the forces of Ahren, the last warlock.

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BN ID: 2940156044399
Publisher: Mark Daniel
Publication date: 04/07/2019
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Mark lives in San Diego, California. In addition to writing, he plays the piano, the basson, the saxophone and a little bit of ukulele. He is also a professional geologist. When not working, writing or playing, he enjoys assembling scale model aircraft.

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