The Life of Charlotte Brontë - Volume 2

The Life of Charlotte Brontë - Volume 2

by Elizabeth Gaskell


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This is the second and final volume of Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell's 1957 biography of Charlotte "Brontë, Charlotte Brontë - A Monograph". The first biography of this seminal literary figure, this volume provides a fantastic and unique insight into her life and mind, making it a must-read for fans of her work. Emily Jane Brontë (1818 - 1848), also known under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, was an English poet and novelist best known for her only novel and classic of English literature, "Wuthering Heights". She was the third-oldest of the four Brontë siblings who survived into adulthood. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, (1810 -1865) commonly known as Gaskell, was an English biographer, novelist, and writer of short stories famous for her authentic depictions of Victorian society. Other notable works by this author include: "Cranford" (1851-53), "North and South" (1854), and "Wives and Daughters" (1865). Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this classic volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition for the enjoyment of literature lovers now and for years to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781528704021
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Publication date: 03/23/2018
Pages: 238
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Tremendously popular in her lifetime, the books of the English author Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865) have often been overshadowed by her contemporaries the Brontës and George Eliot. Yet the reputation of her long-neglected masterpiece Wives and Daughters continues to grow. Gaskell wrote six novels in all — of which North and South and Cranford remain two of the best known — as well as numerous short stories, novellas, and a biography of her great friend Charlotte Brontё.

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