The Little Giant Book of Magic Tricks

The Little Giant Book of Magic Tricks

by Bob Longe


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Hundreds of fabulous, leave-'em-flabbergasted tricks include all the secrets that a magician can pull out of a hat. Coins, cards, mind reading, and more: they're here, all within your grasp, and copiously illustrated, with patter included. Triple the fun with a three-dice stunt where you boggle the crowd by guessing the number a volunteer rolls.while you're turned away. Thimbles aren't just for sewing: when you make them disappear with some crafty hand moves, no one will figure out how. The "odds" are definitely in your favor with a card trick that depends upon arranging the deck in odds and evens. Put together a mini-routine that relies only on a simple "thumb stretch"--no other paraphernalia but your hand is required! Plus lots of other dazzlers.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780806980997
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 03/01/1902
Series: Little Giant Books
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 4.30(w) x 5.86(h) x 0.91(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

A Few Pointers13
Coin Trick Tips18
Part I21
The Regular Palm21
The Finger Palm22
To Begin With24
A Common Vanish28
Flip Vanish32
Small Coin Vanish35
Making a Coin Reappear39
It's a Toss-Up39
Good Catch40
From Ear to Ear40
"Oh, Here It Is!"43
In Your Ear44
Slap 245
Double Cross45
Coin Toss50
More of the Same52
Drop Vanish54
Flip of a Coin59
Part II63
Coin Con63
Tricky Tumblers68
Good Times72
What's the Difference?74
Lost Money77
Free Choice82
Rubber Money87
Folding Money89
A Fool and His Money89
A Wad of Money92
Presidential Headstand95
A Roll of Bills98
It's an Ill Wind100
Triple the Fun103
The Hidden Numbers105
Stack the Dice108
Not a Fair Shake110
Roll 'em112
Playing Cards123
A Real Magic Spell123
Sappy Speller128
It's All in the Mind132
Sucker Selections136
Yes and No143
This Is Your Choice148
Cloth through Glass151
The Supreme Kort158
Coin through Handkerchief163
Fall Out168
Do Not Fold173
Rubber Bands177
Just Passing Through177
The Great Rubber-Band Escape186
String, Cord, or Rope189
Ring on a String 1The Beginning190
Ring on a String 2The Sequel194
Ring on a String 3The Return196
Ring on a String 4The Legend Continues199
Finger Ring203
Good Vibrations205
These Two Joined Together210
Disappearing Thimble217
Disappearing Thimble 2220
Thimple Thimble Thumb Palm221
Thimble through Handkerchief226
Jumping Thimbles230
A Little Juggle235
Rolling Spoon237
A Hard Roll241
Bouncy Food242
Pencil Hop245
Penetrating Pencil247
The Semi-Disappearing Pencil250
The Magic Pencil254
Perfect Misdirection256
Other Objects261
Easy Vanish261
Easy Vanish 2264
Spheres of Action267
Take My Card...Please275
The Head Boxer278
Mental Magic283
Something to Sniff At284
To Aid and Abet288
I Have a Title290
Play the Odds295
A Longer Finger302
Finger Stretch305
Rubber Fingers309
Snap Your Finger310
Magic Finger312
Up the Ladder313
The Swinging Arm315
As the Spirit Moves316
Mathematical Book Test322
Multiple Choice326
All the Same329
Triple Dates334
Quadruple Dates335
One of Our Dates Is Missing337
One of Our Dates Is Missing 2339
Nearly Hypnotic Tricks341
The Mighty Thread342
The Power of Negative Thinking343
Open Your Eyes and Smell the Performer344
Straight from the Shoulder345
Raise Your Hands346
Please Stay Seated347
Mastery Levels Chart & Index348

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