The Magical Music of Disney

The Magical Music of Disney

by Erich Kunzel



There are two schools of Disney music -- the long, early period of Tin Pan Alley-influenced children's songs that began in the 1930s and culminated around the time of Walt Disney's death in 1966, and the pop
ock/Broadway-drenched scores that started with 1989's The Little Mermaid and still keep on coming. This album, a sequel to the Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops early-period CD A Disney Spectacular, is devoted to the later period -- and the lush, symphonically inflated suites from four Disney animated features do not raise the dubious stature of their scores to another level. Whatever its popular success, The Lion King is a depressing sign of the flagging -- or, perhaps commercially driven-by-necessity -- songwriting skills of Elton John in recent decades. One cliché follows another, which is probably what the suits at Disney wanted. The other scores for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast come from the team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (with Tim Rice filling in after Ashman's death in Aladdin), for whom contemporary Broadway is generally the guiding style and the inevitable, saccharine "big tune" the ultimate goal. Again, Indiana University's Singing Hoosiers and various soloists join the Pops in song throughout the disc. From the reproduction of the film's logos on the cover onward, Disney's overbearing corporate stamp is all over this album; even the anonymous liner notes are credited (and copyrighted) only to "The Walt Disney Company." For devotees of the Mouse only -- and even they might be better served with the original soundtracks.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/18/1995
Label: Telarc
UPC: 0089408038129
catalogNumber: 80381

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Erich Kunzel   Primary Artist,Conductor
Don Gibson   Violin
Charles Bell   French Horn
Martin Allen   Viola
Tim Berens   Guitar
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Jeanne Dulaney   Accordion
Ken Elliott   Bass (Vocal)
Jim Gilstrap   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Clydene Jackson   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Martin James   Bassoon
Jennifer   Soprano (Vocal)
Richard Johnson   Oboe
Richard G. Johnson   Oboe
James Lambert   Bass
Scot Lang   Percussion
Darryl Phinnessee   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Joseph Powell   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Frank Proto   Bass
Steve Rosen   Viola
Julie Spangler   Percussion,Keyboards
Sally Stevens   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gerri Sutyak   Cello
Michael Antonio Thornton   Tuba
Carmen Twillie   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Maxine Willard Waters   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Oren Waters   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
David Williams   Bass (Vocal)
Terry Young   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
David Moore   Violin
Wayne Anderson   Bass
Myrna Mathews   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Julia Waters   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Paul Piller   Trombone
Robin L. Graham   French Horn
George Roy Hill   Bass (Vocal)
Steve Curry   Bass (Vocal)
Vincent Bell Lee   Tenor (Vocal)
Randolph Bowman   Flute
Robert Howes   Viola
Borivoje Angelich   Violin
Ronald Aufmann   Bass Clarinet
Gayna Mandelbaum Bassin   Violin
Milton Blalack   French Horn
Ronald Boziecevich   Bass
James Braid   Violin
Lon Bussell   Oboe
Harold Byers   Violin
Chiun-Teng Cheng   Violin
Tony Chipurn   Trombone
Mark Cleghorn   Viola
Rebecca Culnan   Violin,Concert Master
Rochelle Doepke   Flute
Oscar Rubens Fernandez   Violin
David Fishlock   Percussion
Paul Frankenfeld   Viola
Frank Heintz   Contrabassoon
Gerald Itzkoff   Violin
Rich Jensen   Percussion
Michael Kenyon   Oboe,Recorder
Conny Kiradjieff   Violin
Ronald Konieczka   Violin
Matthew Lad   Cello
Kyril Magg   Flute
Hugh Michie   Bassoon
Scott Mozlin   Violin
Hye-Sun Park   Violin
Richard Porotsky   Clarinet
Dana Rusinak   Cello
Serge Shababian   Violin
Charles Snavely   Cello
Joseph Somogyi   Viola
Marie Speziale   Trumpet
Raymond Stilweil   Viola
Charles Van Ornum   Bass
Rick Vizachero   Bass
Julian Wilkison   Viola
William Winstead   Bassoon
Marc Wolfley   Percussion
Matthew Zory   Bass
Michael Chertock   Keyboards
Marna Street   Viola
Juliet Stratton   Harp
Peter Norton   Bass Trombone
Mary Olson   Viola
Steven Pride   Trumpet
Sylvia Samis   Violin
Stephen Schaefer   Violin
Thomas Sherwood   French Horn
Robert E. Stoll   Choir Director
Lisa Tanner   Alto (Vocal)
Joan Voorhees   Piccolo
Stacey Woolley   Violin
Carlos Zavala   Cello
Eric Kim   Cello
William Platt   Percussion
Carmine Campione   Clarinet
Sari Eringer-Thoman   Viola
Joseph Fafard   Violin
Sylvia Mitchell   Violin
Philip Collins   Trumpet
Jennifer Ellen Anderson   Alto (Vocal)
Judith Martin   Viola
Laurie Howard   Violin
Jason Burke   Bass (Vocal)
Norman Johns   Cello
Richard Hawley   Clarinet
David Starkey   Bass (Vocal)
Camille Saviola   Vocals
Kurt Wiesner   Bass (Vocal)
Jason Wilfore   Bass (Vocal)
Aaron W. Zimmerman   Tenor (Vocal)
Aaron Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Darla Da Deppo Bertolone   Violin
Constance Deeter   Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Marshall-Petersen   Cello
Matthew Cooper   Bass (Vocal)
Canada P. Baltimore   Alto (Vocal)
Devon M. Bankson   Alto (Vocal)
Tom Matthew Bishop   Bass (Vocal)
Rory J. Boothby   Bass (Vocal)
Anthony O. Brinson   Bass (Vocal)
Kristi M. Burns   Alto (Vocal)
Anne E. Canalas   Alto (Vocal)
Joshua Cogswell   Bass (Vocal)
Jerome Collins   Bass (Vocal)
Daniel Culnan   Cello
Lori Cummines   Alto (Vocal)
Melanie Cunningham   Alto (Vocal)
Paul Cusick   Bass (Vocal)
Dannah L. Dean   Alto (Vocal)
Timothy Dooley   Bass (Vocal)
Erin M. Driscoll   Alto (Vocal)
Raymond T. Fellman   Bass (Vocal)
Amy L. Fisher   Alto (Vocal)
Eva Flaugh   Alto (Vocal)
Steven Thomas Fulk   Bass (Vocal)
Jennifer R. Goins   Alto (Vocal)
Patrick Haché   Bass (Vocal)
Antonia Ham   Alto (Vocal)
Valerie E. Hirschorn   Alto (Vocal)
Steven J. Hunt   Bass (Vocal)
Carrianne Jakubowski   Alto (Vocal)
Michelle F. Kaiser   Alto (Vocal)
Alex Kyrias   Bass (Vocal)
Tara Leigh   Alto (Vocal)
Crista Livovich   Alto (Vocal)
Raymond E. Master   Bass (Vocal)
Jason Mattingly   Bass (Vocal)
Cullen McCarty   Bass (Vocal)
Erin M. McCauley   Alto (Vocal)
Laura McLellan   Cello
Melissa D. McQueen   Alto (Vocal)
Jake Mechling   Bass (Vocal)
Tyler Michael   Bass (Vocal)
Toffer Mihalka   Bass (Vocal)
Andrew Moulton   Bass (Vocal)
Christine Nachbar   Alto (Vocal)
Julie R. Neumark   Alto (Vocal)
Jorge Luis Pascual   Bass (Vocal)
Nicholas E. Pavlos   Bass (Vocal)
Katherine Purcell   Alto (Vocal)
Emily Quandt   Alto (Vocal)
Christina Reckard   Alto (Vocal)
Patrick Rehfield   Bass (Vocal)
Stephen Curry Sample   Bass (Vocal)
Jessica Santiago   Alto (Vocal)
Loretta A. Schuermann   Alto (Vocal)
Holly E. Scranton   Alto (Vocal)
John David Shepherd   Bass (Vocal)
Michelle C. Staresnick   Alto (Vocal)
Michelle D. Starrs   Alto (Vocal)
Monica Anne Strom   Alto (Vocal)
Rachel Terkhorn   Alto (Vocal)
Oscar Tuet   Bass (Vocal)
Elzabeth S. Watson   Alto (Vocal)
David B. Wiliams   Bass (Vocal)
Matt Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Drake C. Ash   Violin
Michelle Edgar Dugan   Violin
Meredith Lee   Soprano (Vocal)
Eugene Espino   Timpani
Christopher Andrew Turner   Tenor (Vocal)
David J. Arispe   Tenor (Vocal)
Eric Svejacr   Tenor (Vocal)
Sarah Summers   Soprano (Vocal)
Alison Streeter   Soprano (Vocal)
Heather Suzanne Stith   Soprano (Vocal)
Michelle Kei Stephenson   Soprano (Vocal)
Jason Spear   Tenor (Vocal)
Tarryn A. Smith   Soprano (Vocal)
Sylvia Smis   Violin
Megan Shultz   Soprano (Vocal)
Robert Schauer   French Horn
Staci Helene Rudnitsky   Soprano (Vocal)
Christine Bettinger   Soprano (Vocal)
J. David Bickel   Tenor (Vocal)
Samuel Paul Bortka   Tenor (Vocal)
Lori Kay Brassfield   Soprano (Vocal)
Carie Ann Brishaber   Soprano (Vocal)
Melissa Dawn Brooks   Soprano (Vocal)
Kristie Lynn Bruce   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephanie Reese   Soprano (Vocal)
Sean Cantzler   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin James Carroll   Tenor (Vocal)
Melissa Beth Casey   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeff Clanton   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrea L. Clark   Soprano (Vocal)
DeAnne Cleghorn   Violin
Katina A. Colwell   Soprano (Vocal)
Lesley Cooper   Soprano (Vocal)
Karyn L. Crispo   Soprano (Vocal)
Janny DAmbrosio   Soprano (Vocal)
Tim Denbo   Tenor (Vocal)
Elizabeth Dickson   Soprano (Vocal)
Denise Doolan   Violin
L. Michelle Duarte   Soprano (Vocal)
Duane Dugger   French Horn
James Eastman   Trombone
Aric J. Eikum   Tenor (Vocal)
Branch Fields   Bass (Vocal)
Carol Fivecoat   Soprano (Vocal)
Robyn Porterfield   Soprano (Vocal)
Bethany L. Plissey   Soprano (Vocal)
Louise Pinkerton   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrew D. M. Gaskill   Tenor (Vocal)
Brian Gerard   Tenor (Vocal)
Michelle Gilbert   Alto (Vocal)
Mark A. Gross   Bass (Vocal)
William Harrod   English Horn
Brett Harwood   Tenor (Vocal)
Laura Hatfield   Soprano (Vocal)
Edward C. Hayes   Tenor (Vocal)
Steven A. Hensley   Tenor (Vocal)
Christina Hingtgen   Soprano (Vocal)
Jennifer Hubbs   Soprano (Vocal)
Katie Hudson   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael F. Jacquay   Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Jenson   Percussion
Lois Reid Johnson   Violin
Brian A. José   Tenor (Vocal)
Shannon OConnor   Alto (Vocal)
Elizabeth A. Nance   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael J. Kessler   Bass (Vocal)
Derek J. Kibble   Tenor (Vocal)
Daisuke Komuku   Tenor (Vocal)
Rebbeca Kruger   Violin
Catherine Lange   Violin
Margaret E. Lehtinen   Soprano (Vocal)
Maile Libertson   Soprano (Vocal)
Douglas Lindsay   Trumpet
Christopher J. Ludwa   Tenor (Vocal)
Stephanie Mann   Soprano (Vocal)
Sophie Marie Martel   Soprano (Vocal)
April K. Maynard   Soprano (Vocal)
A. Cole McClendon   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer L. McPhee   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephen Bennett Milbauer   Tenor (Vocal)
R. Clark Glazner   Tenor (Vocal)
Karyn L. Grispo   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Henyon   Oboe
George Hill   Bass (Vocal)
Eric Svejcar   Tenor (Vocal)
Chorus   Track Performer
Rich Logan   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Timothy Berens   Guitar
Maxine Waters   Vocals
Susan Stevens Logan   Vocals
Annie Livingstone   Vocals
Jean Dulaney   Accordion
Scott Lang   Percussion
Josef Powell   Vocals
Indiana University Singing Hoosiers   Choir, Chorus
Barry Green   Bass
Paul Patterson   Mandolin,Violin

Technical Credits

Elton John   Composer
Erich Kunzel   Arranger
Howard Ashman   Composer,Lyricist
Michael Bishop   Engineer
Kenneth Hamann   Engineer
Elaine Martone   Producer
Alan Menken   Composer
Jack Renner   Engineer
Robert Woods   Producer
Hans Zimmer   Composer
Tim Rice   Composer,Lyricist
Anilda Carrasquillo   Art Direction
Russ Farrell   Cover Design
Crafton Beck   Arranger
Mark McGurty   Arranger
John Windt   Engineer
Robert E. Stoll   Director
Tom Macko   Illustrations,Cover Illustration
Bob Stoll   Director
Russ Ferrall   Type Design
Daniel Troob   Arranger
Thomas Macko   Cover Art

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