The Missing Wife

The Missing Wife

by Sam Carrington


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You think you know those closest to you. You are wrong…

A sleep-deprived new mother approaching her fortieth birthday, the very last thing Louisa wants to do is celebrate.

But when her friendTiff organises a surprise party, inviting the entire list of Louisa’s Facebook friends, Louisa is faced with a room full of people she hasn’t spoken to in years – including someone she never expected to see again: her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Dunmore.

When Oliver’s wifeMelissagoes missing after the party, everyone remembers the night differently. Someone knows what happened to Melissa, and Louisa is determined to find them. But the truth could be closer, and the deception more devastating, than she’d ever imagined…

A gripping psychological suspense novel, perfect for fans of My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing, The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, and The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen.


‘A pacy read, packed with surprises. Will keep you on your toes.’ Jane Corry, Sunday Times bestselling author of I Looked Away

The Missing Wife is superb: one of those books that keeps you guessing … I was riveted.’ Alex Lake, bestselling author of After Anna


‘A top-notch thriller that grips from the start and will leave readers on the edge of their seats … A book that redefines the word unputdownable as once you start reading it, you simply will not be able to stop!! Reader review

‘I loved this book. I finished it in two hours… I couldn't put it down… best book I've read so far this year’ Reader review

‘A brilliant,twisted ending!’ Reader review

‘There’s so much I can relate to with Louisa. A first rate psychological thriller.’ Reader review

‘Fantastic storyline and completely gripping!’ Reader review

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ISBN-13: 9780008348038
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 198,644
Product dimensions: 5.08(w) x 7.80(h) x (d)

About the Author

Sam Carrington lives in Devon with her husband and three children. She worked for the NHS for 15 years, during which time she qualified as a nurse. Following the completion of a Psychology degree she went to work for the prison service as an Offending Behaviour Facilitator. Her experiences within this field inspired her writing. She left the service to spend time with her family and to follow her dream of being a novelist.

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The Missing Wife 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Rambled on. Seemed like an exciting climax was coming and really disappointing end. Pretty unbelievable characters
Anonymous 4 months ago
Kept me fascinated through the end. Interesting plot twists and good characters.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Good mystery, twists I didn't see coming. The main character was a bit dense at times, I wanted to scream at her! She seemed to be the only one who didn't know what was going on. And the self hypnosis thing was a bit far fetched. But overall a good story and I'd read more by this author.
Anonymous 4 months ago
too convoluted. too long-winded. sucky plot. who edited this story?
Anonymous 5 months ago
great read. kept me engaged until the end. twists not at all what I expected. love that.
Anonymous 5 months ago
the book went on and on and it became boring to read.
wvteddy 6 months ago
Louisa is a 40 year old with a teenage daughter and a fussy newborn. I could empathize with her. She is exhausted, no one seems to be helping her, the baby cries all the time, she can't focus or remember simple things, and now she suspects her husband and best friend are having an affair. When her husband books her a night out at a local hotel, all she wants is a complete night's sleep. Instead she is greeted with a surprise birthday party attended by all of her Facebook friends, none of whom are really Louisa's friends, and her first love Oliver whom she hasn't seen in twenty years. In her despair she drinks too much and remembers little of the evening. Oliver comes around to ask for her help in searching for his wife who went missing the night of the party. At this point I found the book going a little odd and unbelievable. Her husband welcomes Oliver and befriends him, even going out drinking with him. I can't imagine too many men would welcome their wife's ex into their lives so readily. Still, I read on to find answers for the questions I had. What caused Louisa's trauma induced amnesia from around the time she last saw Oliver? Why did he come back? Where is his missing wife? What is Tiff up to? Louisa's despair and postnatal depression are palpable. The book takes a surprising turn. I found the ending satisfying but out of character for the rather weak Louisa. Still, for the most part I enjoyed this book and the author's very readable style of writing. I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book for review. I hope to explore more of Sam Carrington's work.
Anonymous 7 months ago
"Louisa is an exhausted, sleep-deprived new mother and, approaching her fortieth birthday, the very last thing she wants to do is celebrate." "Sleep-deprived" is the defining aura of this read. While I was intrigued by the story, the constant talk around sleep deprivation only heightened my own exhaustion and desire for the read to hurry along. I wanted to love this story, and while I did not technically dislike the story by any means, it ultimately did not fascinate me. Louisa's character was tired and messy. The storyline didn't quite add up realistically, and I found the explanation regarding Louis's mental health struggles to be lacking. I suppose this would have helped me understand her character more deeply - an in depth understanding regarding her past and current struggles with memory loss/amnesia. Would I not recommend this read? Not entirely. Would I have preferred a TV series out of it? Sure! Do I think this read will entertain others' more than it did myself? Absolutely.
AdrianaB 7 months ago
2-2.5* All I can say is "poor Brian and good for the brain, which is helping us in a stressful situation". This is a mystery book with a strange plot. Did not like Louisa at all, how can you, as a new mom, forget to feed your son? With all the sleep deprivation, I am telling you, you can't. And the finish.... is not I wanted from Louisa. Thank you Netgalley for this experience.
laur3296 7 months ago
I'm conflicted in how to review this, so I will just give my thoughts and let people decide for themselves. I found the main character to be too gullible. And why didn't she share her thoughts and concerns with her husband? Her behavior wasn't normal. But then again that makes sense because she wasn't normal. It frustrated me, yet it added to the story. I thought parts were confusing and I wasn't sure what was going on. But then again, the main character was confused. I think it added to the atmosphere of the story. I didn't like any of the characters, and wasn't sure who I was rooting for. But I was drawn in, and wanted to know what happened next. Overall, I'm giving it 4 stars because I was really drawn in and there were twists after twist. I think this will stay with me for a while. I Thanks to net gallery for an advance copy, which did not influence my review.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Likable characters and keeps you guessing.
RobinLovesReading 8 months ago
My Rating: 4.5 Stars Louisa's biggest problem at the moment is trying to get enough sleep while dealing with a new baby. However, her fortieth birthday is approaching and her husband and best friend Tiff plan a huge surprise party. Louisa doesn't have any other close friends other than Tiff and is appalled when she arrives at the party only to discover that Tiff has invited everyone on Louisa's Facebook list of friends. One shocking guest is Oliver, Louisa's first love. Not only did their relationship end very badly over twenty years earlier, Oliver's wife Melissa goes missing at the party. Louisa had far too much to drink the night of the party and cannot remember anything about Melissa. However, Oliver shows up at her door begging for her help. This is incredibly difficult for Louisa, and that is for several reasons. Yet, she reluctantly decides to help him. As the weeks roll on, Louisa is plagued with fractured memories. This is something she dealt with her entire life. This is multi-layered story dealing with these emotional issues of Louisa go beyond being a harried mother. Furthermore, there are things about Oliver, and their shared past, that trouble her deeply and this leads to nerve-wracking moments for Louisa. Finding Melissa is not easy for Oliver, nor is it easy for the police. Other than Emily, Louisa's teen daughter, the only character I could trust in this story was Brian, Louisa's husband. This story most definitely has several twists and turns. What is more is that the conclusion is something that I never saw coming. All while reading the story I was equally worried and frustrated for Louisa. Conversely, I never trusted Oliver from the moment he walked into Louisa's party. Due to a conclusion that seemed a bit off, the rating on this book is a bit lower for a story that genuinely kept me quite interested. I was sold on looking for Melissa so I did find this to be a good book by Sam Carrington. I do look forward to reading more from her in the future. Many thanks to Avon and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
Mimiphilly 9 months ago
This ARC was courtesy of netgalley in exchange for an honest review I've not read any of this authors work before but I certainly will search her out in future - I loved this from start to finish - couldn't put down - this is an absolute belter !!! Can't rate this highly enough - would recommend to everyone - a must-read!!!
sspea 9 months ago
New mom Louisa is shocked when her ex boyfriend Oliver shows up at her 40th birthday party. When his wife goes missing he insisted the last place she was seen was at her party, but no one remembers seeing her. When Oliver starts dropping vague hints about an incident from her past, and showing up around her house, Louisa is convinced that Oliver has something to hide. This book was not for me. While it sounds interesting, it does not hold up to the hype. I did not like the story or the writing style. I thought it was choppy and that it dragged on. After the final twist the book just kept going, without adding anything to the story. Not for me
CCinME 9 months ago
Well written but somewhat tedious. The real twist comes near the end and races to a finish that does not make sense nor seems plausible. A quick read.
Doreena Silva 9 months ago
Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC Wow! this was an exciting, well written read! I really felt the character Louisa, In some parts the story was too consumed of her and it others it moved really fast and made me root for her. I definitely recommend this terrific cat and mouse tale. I will also be checking out the author Sam Carrington and his other books!