The Muppets [Original Soundtrack]

The Muppets [Original Soundtrack]

by The Muppets



For the 2011 film The Muppets, our fine felted friends partnered with Disney, raising the question of and hope that the collaboration would usher in a new era of Muppets mania and a creative renaissance for the franchise. Arriving a few months ahead of the flick, Muppets: The Green Album rounded up alt-pop
ock hitmakers of the day to put a fresh spin on the Muppets songbook, offering mixed results and more queries about whether the gang could recapture the magic of decades past. Happily, the soundtrack to The Muppets thoughtfully blends reimagined classics with new tunes (and Muppet performances with live action singing, plus dialogue bits from the movie and a couple of classic non-Muppet radio hits), effectively reinvigorating the franchise for established fans and younger audiences alike. Much of the success of The Muppets' soundtrack can be attributed to Bret McKenzie, half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, who penned the lion's share of the new compositions, skillfully interpreting the irreverence and emotional range that make the Muppets music of yore so enduring. He sets the stage with the buoyant, soaring opening and closing number "Life's a Happy Song," introducing listeners to Muppets fans Mary (Amy Adams) and Gary (Jason Segel), who travel to Los Angeles to try helping the troupe save their theater from oil tycoon Tex Richman (Chris Cooper). Alongside the track's guest performers Mickey Rooney and Feist, Adams is charming and whimsical, recalling her star turn in Disney fairy tale musical Enchanted, and Segel is unabashedly enthusiastic (befitting considering his role as composer of a puppet-driven musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). McKenzie also shines on "Me Party," a get-her-groove-back disco anthem in which Adams and (naturally!) Miss Piggy proclaim "one is the new two," and the moving Segel-centric tune "Man or Muppet." Similarly rewarding is new piece "Pictures in My Head," by Disney hitmakers Jeannie Lurie, Aris Archontis and Chen Neeman, finding Kermit the Frog reflecting on the state of affairs ("My green is feelin' gray/Sometimes even frogs have rainy days") in a ballad worthy to stand alongside "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" and "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday." The other factor that makes The Muppets such a treat is its ability to pack in tons of surprises without sacrificing narrative flow: eccentric indie singer/songwriter Joanna Newsom's divisively Muppet-esque vocals are right at home in a new recording of The Muppet Show theme; rough-edged Cooper plays a Yosemite Sam-Cowboy Troy hybrid on the swaggering, goofy rap "Let's Talk About Me"; Green Album favorite Andrew Bird returns with another carefree whistling session on "The Whistling Caruso"; and Muppet-ized takes on contemporary classics "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Forget You" are perfectly absurd but would make their original performers proud (and not make parents blush). In just 40 minutes, The Muppets offers all the silliness and sentimentality longtime fans have loved and new audiences will embrace, as smart as it is surprising. ~ Chrysta Cherrie

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Release Date: 11/21/2011
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050087169145
catalogNumber: 000650992

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Muppets   Primary Artist
Mickey Rooney   Guest Appearance
Joanna Newsom   Guest Appearance
Feist   Guest Appearance
Nathan Pacheco   Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Paul Simon   Composer
George Shearing   Composer
Jim Henson   Composer
Martin Page   Composer
Kenny Ascher   Composer
David Bianco   Engineer
Kurt Cobain   Composer
Dave Grohl   Composer
Scott Holtzman   Music Business Affairs,Legal Advisor
Dennis Lambert   Composer
Joseph Magee   Engineer
Krist Novoselic   Composer
Rick Ruggieri   Engineer
Bernie Taupin   Composer
Doug Walter   Orchestration
George David Weiss   Composer
Paul Williams   Composer
Piero Umiliani   Composer
Ed Mitchell   Producer,Vocal Producer
Casey Stone   Engineer
Andrew Bird   Composer,Producer
Mickey Petralia   Producer
Ali "Dee" Theodore   Composer,Producer
David Boucher   Engineer
Chris Caswell   Arranger,Orchestration
Matt Shane   Engineer
Thomas Callaway   Composer
Jeannie Lurie   Composer
David Hoberman   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Bret McKenzie   Composer,Producer
Sylvia Krask   Music Business Affairs,Legal Advisor
Ari Levine   Composer
Bruno Mars   Composer
Peter Wolf   Composer
Chen Neeman   Composer
Steve Morrell   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Monica Zierhut   Producer
Aris Archontis   Composer
Mike Klein   Engineer
Samuel Pottle   Composer
Brody Brown   Composer
Philip Martin Lawrence   Composer
Paul Roemen   Composer
Desirér Craig-Ramos   Soundtrack Director
James Bobin   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Kevin Kleish   Orchestration
Todd Lieverman   Executive Soundtrack Producer

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