The Producers [2005 Soundtrack]

The Producers [2005 Soundtrack]

by Mel Brooks



Like his hapless protagonists, Mel Brooks still has a hit on his hands with The Producers. First, a Broadway musical version of his late-'60s cult classic movie about two larcenous theatrical producers became a runaway hit. And now a new major motion picture version of The Producers -- with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane reprising their Broadway roles -- is a must-see movie event. Though The Producers' kitschy humor is almost uniformly lowbrow and Brooks's by-the-book score hasn't a patch on musical theater legends such as Sondheim, Lerner & Loewe, or even Jerry Herman, the show is really entertaining in its own exuberantly vulgar way. Lane and Broderick are joined by Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell, who nearly steals the show-within-a-show with his lunatic portrayal of the Hitler-worshipping playwright Franz Liebken. Though the movie soundtrack differs from the stage version in a few details, it and the movie are an excellent introduction to a long-running production that has the legs to outlast Cats. The movie also stars blonde American bombshell Uma Thurman as ditzy Swedish bombshell Ulla (she of the unpronounceable, multisyllabic surname) and features the irrepressible Debra Monk as one of the sexed-up little old lady investors and Gary Beech as the loopy, visionary director, Roger De Bris. From start-to-finish, the soundtrack to The Producers is packed with enough off-kilter comedic charm to stay in heavy rotation.

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abbyactress55 More than 1 year ago
In the beginning of the movie, I thought the plot would be boring and not interesting. This was very ironic because I ended up liking the movie so much that I wanted to get the soundtrack, too. This soudtrack has some great songs like "I Wanna Be A Producer" and "Keep It Gay" but it also has amazing songs to listen to like "Betrayed". It was a funny movie and a wonderful soudtrack. The two main guys who play Leo and Max were excellent together. By listening to the soundtrack, i was even able to figure out that the guy who played Max (Nathan Lane) was the voice of Timone in The Lion King and the guy who played Leo(Matthew Broderick) was the voice of Simba. This is a great soundtrack and a wonderful movie. Two Thumbs Up!!