The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith

The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith

by George Thornton


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The Radical Book for Kids is a fun-filled explorer's guide to the Bible, church history, and life for boys and girls age eight and up. Vibrantly illustrated and chock-full of fun facts and ideas, this interactive book competes with screen time by stimulating children's natural curiosity and sense of adventure! Get your kids reading again while communicating big truths about life with this one-of-a-kind resource for elementary and middle-school aged kids.

In an age of endless screen time, The Radical Book for Kids will capture the interest of children while providing engaging biblical content in simple, three to five-page chapters. The power-packed book takes children on a journey into the ancient church that is actually fascinating, funny, and fun to read. Kids learn about ancient weapons (and how to make one), create pottery, discover ancient languages, use secret codes, locate stars, tell time using the sun, play a board game that’s 3,000 years old—and more. They'll also learn about the "radical" men and women who have gone before them and trusted Jesus in the face of great odds.

Check out the table of contents, skip around, or read straight through. However a child chooses to explore it, The Radical Book for Kids will open new vistas for their imagination and help to make straight paths for their feet.

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ISBN-13: 9781942572718
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication date: 10/28/2016
Pages: 253
Sales rank: 243,792
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Champ Thornton, MDiv, is associate pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church in Delaware. He has pastored in South Carolina and served as director of SOMA, a ministry training school in Columbus, OH. He is also the author of God's Love: A Bible Storybook, and Bible curriculum for early and upper elementary-aged children. Champ and his wife, Robben, have been married since 1996 and have three children.

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The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
What can I say about this book that will do it justice? First off the book itself is gorgeous and the pictures do not really show that. It is a good sized book that would look nice on a coffee or end table and the colors pop and are pleasing to the eyes. My kids were drawn to this book from the moment I received it. I actually left it out as one by one each flipped through it and excitedly came and told me about what they had just read. Just for reference, my kids are ages 18 through 6. This book is set up with lots of illustrations and pictures that make the words really stand out. There is a lot of information and tidbits of truth about history, science, missionaries, great authors, etc. From a section of how to clean your room to how and why the books of the Bible are arranged and then a couple of pages on the stars that God calls by name in the Bible, is just some of the information this book offers. And it never offers anything in a boring or usual textbook manner. Thoughtful, insightful, and engaging, this book is great for the whole family and would make a starting point for meaningful family discussions. This will stay on my coffee table for years to come. I received a copy of this book for free from Litfuse. I was not required to leave a favorable review and all views expressed are my own.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
THE RADICAL BOOK FOR KIDS by CHAMP THORNTON is a new simplified theological textbook that brings the bible and faith to life with full color graphics, photos and art. This book is a wonderful resource that can be used as an entertaining tool to introduce your child to theology or even as a religious studies textbook. Thornton portrays faith and the bible in one comprehensive picture in order to provide a complete yet simple to understand foundation of faith for young readers of all ages. Even adult readers who read this to their children, may find their understanding of theology to be more complete after reading this book as well. Each page features impressive full color graphics, photos or other visuals, drawing in the attention - readers of all ages. In this age of multi media, and bold graphics- this book reaches out to today's generation of young readers and their parents. This book is divided into short lessons and an index provides a useful starting point if you are looking for something specific. I found this book to represent a vast array of research on the part of Champ Thornton. Most of all, the author's ability to package the material provides an outreach opportunity to share the gospel and theology basics to children as well as their parents. As a blogger for Lifuse publicity, I received a copy of this book published by NG Press for the purpose of writing this review.
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
"All the roots of our faith grow out of The Tree - The one on which Jesus died in the place of sinners." Radical originally meant "going to the root" and that is what this book is about. Kids growing down while their growing up, "letting the Bible sink its roots in their hearts". This book begins by summarizing the Bible into one sentence - "Through Jesus God is restoring everything that is revised." It continues with a compare and contrast chart of Genesis/Revelation. Then proceeds to describe the Bible's books, their genres and what they contain. Other info you'll find - the names of God, good news of the gospel, growing in Christ, martyrs willing to die for their faith. This book is full of information not just doctrine, but practical things too, such as, How-to clean your room, What to do when I am angry, afraid, have enemies. There are activities - How-to make your own sling, sundial, knots, etc.. Some oddities you might find included - Learn the Hebrew alphabet, Latin words and phrases. There are missionary stories, jokes, biographies of great preachers, science, history and nutrition. It's like a fun, all-in-one, dare I say "school" book. To be honest, I wasn't really sure about it. The cover didn't really seem that appealing to me. After looking up some information on the book, I decided to try it. I was impressed the first time I opened it. There is enough data to last a long time and keep the interest of any child. It can be read through from cover to cover or the reader can just choose a subject, location, or point of interest and read. It could be used as a family devotional, although it's probably not meant for that, but it does contain Scriptures that support the doctrine and theology covered. I know this book is geared more towards school age children, but in my opinion a new believer of any age would benefit from this book. Along with the information, there are also a ton of colorful, eye catching illustrations, pictures, etc... I give this book FIVE stars!! I was blessed with a free copy of this book from LitFuse Publicity for review. I was not required to review positively. All opinions are my own.