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The Reinventionist Mindset: Learning to love change, and the human how of doing it brilliantly

The Reinventionist Mindset: Learning to love change, and the human how of doing it brilliantly

by Joe Jackman


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How do you thrive in the era of disruption? Reinvent.

Change is everywhere and coming for us fast. This isn’t breaking news. Yet despite knowing this—seeing the impact on our businesses and livelihoods—our human instinct is to resist. Instead of choosing change, we choose the status quo and ride it off a cliff.

It needn’t be this way. What if we could see change as good? In The Reinventionist Mindset , business transformation expert Joe Jackman repositions change as a force to be embraced. Raised in a time of civil disruption—himself transformed from designer to executive and ultimately Reinventionist—Jackman has catalyzed some of the most remarkable transformations of the 21st century. In this book, he gives readers the rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn the human how of kickstarting growth and relevance: Dave & Busters, from down and nearly out to spectacular IPO; the surprising reinvention of a New York institution, what Bloomberg Business Week called “Duane Reade’s Miracle Makeover”; Flow Water, a bold new take on a tired category; and the exciting reemergence of Staples. Jackman reveals the secret sauce of successful reinvention alongside analysis of transformations that failed.

The Reinventionist Mindset is a unique, human-centric approach to transformation, a how to for those on a journey to their most powerful and keenly aware the time to move is now.

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ISBN-13: 9781989025925
Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/2020
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Joe Jackman is the CEO of Jackman Reinvents, the world’s first and foremost reinvention company. An advisor to consumer brands, retailers, B2B companies, and private equity partners for more thirty years, Joe has proven invaluable to leaders intent on sharpening strategy and orchestrating insight-led reinventions of their businesses. Throughout his career as strategist, creative director, marketer, and Reinventionist, he has helped companies create the most powerful and relevant versions of their brands and businesses in record time; he is widely considered to be the leading expert on rapid reinvention. Joe lives in Toronto, Canada; works across North America; and lectures around the globe.

Jackman Reinvents works closely with leadership teams and private equity to build Category of One businesses, systematically transforming brands, their value propositions and customer experiences. Jackman helps catalyze value creation: financial value, cultural value, and human value

Read an Excerpt

Change is clearly upon us as never before. The very idea of a technology-fueled, ‘age of change’ is so firmly rooted in today’s zeitgeist that the majority of people believe it is not enough to be comfortable with change, or even good at it, we need to become really, really good at it. Like, performance athlete good.

There is a serial killer of companies on the loose. Its name is status quo, and it is coming for every slow-moving and change-resistant organization on the planet.

As I realized much later in life, my relationship with change and the status quo was not normal. What I gathered—first from my family, then through industrial design school (learning what would now be referred to as ‘design thinking’) and finally, through consecutive career reinventions leading to reinventionist—is that life gets easier and more rewarding once you understand the rules:

Change is hard. Irrelevance is harder.

Change is not risk, it is opportunity. Today the greater risk lies in staying put.

Change before you have to—always—and understand that you always have a choice. The only catch is that if you don’t exercise it, choices will be made for you.

Change comes with roadblocks. There will always be something in your way, always something pushing hard against you. You can use this opposing force to your advantage and, in this regard, speed is an ally and momentum is everything.

Change does take a village.

And, lastly,

The surest way to stay true to who you are—company or brand or even individual—is to change; to reinvent, so as to continually become the most powerful and relevant version of you.

This last point is the bomb.

Looking back, now with the kind of daybreak clarity that only hindsight brings, I realize that change wasn’t a force taking me further from what I knew, further and further into the unknown, as we all fear it will. Instead it brought me back again and again to who I truly am. In the latter part of my professional life it was equally true. As I worked closely with leadership of dozens of companies, helping to get them on a path back to growth and relevance, it proved out there too. At the heart of it all was a powerful yet counterintuitive idea: the surest way for any organization to become its truest and best ‘self’ is to get really good at reinventing itself over and over again.

Table of Contents


1 Not normal

2 Change in sixteen words

3 The five principles of the Reinventionist Mindset

4 From darkness to light (and from WTF? to AHA!): The Loblaw Story


5 First Mindset Principle: Seek Insight Everywhere

6 On your side: The Staples story

7 Like water in the desert: The Flow story

8 Second Mindset Principle: Embrace Uncertainty

9 Hold up it’s working: The Vitamin Shoppe story

10 A stitch in time: The Joann Fabric story

11 Third Mindset Principle: Create the Future Now

12 The new mix of fun: The Dave & Buster’s story

13 Reinventing a reinvention company: The Jackman Reinvents story

14 Fourth Mindset Principle: Obsess the Outcome

15 The great American food dream: The US Foods story

16 The patient is on the table: The Old Navy story

17 Fifth Mindset Principle: Make Momentum Together

18 I do (until I don’t): The David’s Bridal story

19 Again but differently this time: The JC Penney story

20 Faster than a New York minute: The Duane Reade story


21 The four pillars of reinvention

22 Reinventing your company

23 Becoming a pro athlete of change

24 A few final and encouraging words

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