The Religious Wiccan: A Guide to Understanding Wiccan Spirituality

The Religious Wiccan: A Guide to Understanding Wiccan Spirituality

by Rev Michael Farrell


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First off, this book is about the Wiccan Religion itself and about the Philosophy and the Wiccan Spirituality that drives it.

This is not an instruction manual on how to become a Wiccan (or a witch) or how to perform magick. No detailed instructions are provided for either of these, however, you can find that in many other books on the market that do.

Religious Wicca is a peaceful, gentle, loving system of beliefs and practices. This book is a guide to what the Wiccan Religion and Wiccan Spirituality is and what it is all about. This is done by comparing it, in moderate detail, with the mainstream religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The book describes our beliefs and introduces our group organizations of groups, circles, and covens. And it presents the basics for our various rituals and while touching a little on what magick is (the 'k' differentiates this form of magick from stage magic).

Wiccan Spirituality is the basis of the Wiccan Religion and the Principles of the Beliefs of Wiccan Spirituality guide us in our journey to the Divine. These principles are explained in detail for some and not so much for others as they are complete in themselves.

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