The Six SIGMA Leader: How Top Executives Will Prevail in the 21st Century

The Six SIGMA Leader: How Top Executives Will Prevail in the 21st Century

Hardcover(New Edition)

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Through impressive results, Six Sigma has proven to hundreds of organizations around the globe that settling for “good enough” won't work. Now Peter S. Pande, foremost expert on change leadership and coauthor of the bestselling The Six Sigma Way, challenges leaders to seek a new standard of leadership excllence and apply principles inspired by Six Sigma to take their companies to a new level.

The Six Sigma Leader defines successful leadership in the 21st Century. With illustrative examples and proven strategies such as “The 10 Second Rule” (taking that extra time to make sure you're asking the right questions to get the information you need), the book offers techniques that link leadership improvement to real business results, and explores

  • Six Sigma Leadership: the core principles of Six Sigma leadership and the 21st-century challenges of balance and flexibility
  • Change and Constancy: the role of change in leadership and how to achieve greater return on your change portfolio
  • Certainty and Doubt: the myth of leader infallibility and ways to confidently combine facts and intuition
  • Speed and Deliberateness: the benefits and perils of “speed at all costs” and a set of key disciplines that enable greater speed
  • Teamwork and Independence: the sources of organizational barriers and the leadership practices that can eliminate them
  • Now, Tomorrow and Next Year: the management of business change by different time horizons: short-, mid-, and long-term
  • Customer First…and Last: why customers are so critical, yet can also be a detriment to long-term business health
  • Bringing Six Sigma Leadership to Life: the factors likely to favor and inhibit successful adoption of Six Sigma Leadership

Driven by a vision of great leadership, The Six Sigma Leader is an essential resource for managers at all levels and a call to action for any leader seeking to create a legacy of achievement.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071454087
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 12/18/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Peter S. Pande is president of Pivotal Resources, a global change leadership consulting firm. He has worked with many leading companies including Cisco, GE, Starwood Hotels, BP and adidas. He is coauthor of the bestselling The Six Sigma Way, The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook, and What Is Six Sigma?, all available from McGraw-Hill.

Table of Contents

Foreword   W. James McNerney, Jr.     vii
Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction: A New Standard for 21st-Century Leaders     1
Six Sigma: From Counting to Improving to Leading     3
Leaders and Six Sigma: What Now and What's Next?     6
Encouraging Words: The "10-Second Rule"     9
Roadmap for the Book     10
What Is Six Sigma Leadership?     13
Defining Six Sigma Leadership     13
Leadership Tug-of-War     15
Striking a Balance: Smart Leadership     18
And versus Or     21
Competence and Consciousness     24
A Vision for Better Leadership     28
Change and Constancy     33
Portfolio Management     34
Busy People     39
How Much Change?     41
Bigger-or Smaller-Is Not Better     44
Planning Your Portfolio     46
Executing Change     51
The Beauty of Constancy     52
Certainty and Doubt     55
The Infallible Leader     55
Leading with Facts and Data     58
Challenging Assumptions     72
Ask Doctor Science!     76
Planning forFire     82
Speed and Deliberateness     87
The Illusion of Speed     88
Speed as a Discipline     90
Defining and Interpreting Speed     98
Failing to Success     103
Everyday Speed (Lean Leadership)     108
Teamwork and Independence     115
What Is Leadership Success?     115
A Vision of Leadership Teamwork     118
Building Leadership Teamwork     126
Points of Initiation     129
Looking Up and Out     135
Bring Me Solutions!     138
Now, Tomorrow, and Next Year     141
Balancing Your Time Horizon     141
The Usual Suspects     144
Short-Term Efforts     146
Selecting the Right Change Strategy     150
Mid-Term Projects     154
Compressing or Extending the Time Window     166
Long-Term Vision and Initiatives     166
Customer First...and Last     175
The Lost Customer     177
The Law of the Ignorant Customer     184
The Customer's Customer's Customer     189
Asking, Interpreting, Testing     193
Finding the Middle Ground      197
Pay (No) Attention to the Customer     199
Selling People, Telling People     207
What Do Followers Want?     208
Pulling and Pushing the Oars     211
Shared Responsibility     212
Results = Quality x Acceptance     213
Consensus and Enforcement     224
Bringing Six Sigma Leadership to Life     233
Positive and Limiting Forces for Six Sigma Leadership     234
Whose Medicine Is This?     236
Adopting Six Sigma Leadership Yourself     238
Building Six Sigma Leadership in Your Organization     242
Striving for a New Standard     246
Afterword: Life under Six Sigma Leadership     249
Setting the Scene     249
All Systems Go?     250
Unraveling in the Door-Lock Division     253
Testing Some Assumptions     257
Sam Takes Some First Steps     259
Smart Leadership Pays Off at Global Lock     264
Index     267

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