The Stepdaughter's Poolside Passions

The Stepdaughter's Poolside Passions

by Julie Adams, Saraha Graham

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The best thing that ever happened to sweet little blonde Emma was getting caught searching for something to eat in her neighborís house. Her mother may have been a neglectful, selfish woman, but their neighbor George genuinely cared about the girl. In just a few years he went from being her neighbor to her permanent guardian, her sweet Papabear to her innocent Goldilocks.

Emma grew up under the tender care of George, but not long after her 18th birthday things had begun to change for the blossoming blonde bombshell. With a new pool in her backyard and a romantic afternoon with her boyfriend Emma discovers the physical pleasures she had been denying herself.

Once the virginal girl gets a taste of carnal pleasure she canít get enough. Her handsome neighbor, her BFFís brother and his best friend. Georgeís brother, all just fuel the lustful spark within the buxom blonde. Then one morning she realizes who it is she craves the touch of most of all. How long can Papabear George last against the sexy seductions offered by his sexy little Goldilocks?

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Peeking through slitted eyes, George saw that Emma was in that one special nightgown that made him crazy. It was a red babydoll, but the way it was cut made her soft full bosom hang almost out of the front. The bottom had a ruffle running round it, and his darling Goldilocks never wore any panties under this one. When Emma moved, his heart would stop as he anticipated the huge globes of flesh popping out into his view, or getting a flash of her ripe, young, and smoothly shaven mound.

Emma's eyes were on the bulge in the sheet when she called to him.

"Time to get up!" She saw his eyes open as he smiled up at her.

Realizing that he had been awake for the last minute as she stared at his covered manhood, Emma giggled. The bulge throbbed, making the sheet move all the way up to his chest.

"Are you getting up, Papabear?" she teased. "Or do I have to tickle you?"

The gorgeous teenager didn't give him a chance to decide. She dove onto the big bed, laughing as she fought her way under the sheet and started pushing her fingers into his sensitive ribs. George had always been very ticklish.

Emma wrestled with her guardian, her luscious young body on top of his as he laughed and fought back to keep her hands from his ribs. She felt that big bulge that had thrilled her the morning when she had snuggled with him. This time, it was right over her hot, wet feminine lips. The stiff shaft was pushing into her skin as they rolled in the bed. Emma wished the material of his pajamas would disappear so she could feel his naked hard-on.

As his hands caught both of her wrists, the big-breasted girl heard a snap at his waist. His pajama bottoms had come undone. With a wicked gleam in her eyes, the horny Emma leaned down. She pretended that she was still fighting for his ribs, but she lowered her body along his. The movement forced her thin nightgown up over her own ribs, baring her big soft breasts. At the same time, she was pushing down his open pajamas.

Suddenly feeling him pulling up on her wrists instead of pushing them away, Emma brushed her naked tits over her dear protectorís equally bare hard-on. The leaking tip was wet over the globe of breast flesh on her right side.

"Ooooh!" he groaned as she lewdly rubbed the glorious young set of tits all over his throbbing shaft. "No, baby. Stop!"

"Itís okay, Papabear," she cooed. "It's all right. I like it, too. It feels good to both of us."

"No!" he insisted, pulling away.

Emma's eyes locked on that big thick hunk of meat that was sticking up in the air as he scooted away from her half-naked body. She felt her heart pounding as she gasped in need. She knew that he wanted her.

"Papabear," she moaned.

"I've got to get to work!" he panted, fighting with himself and his very lewd desires for his own young ward's obviously adult body.

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BN ID: 2940012833839
Publisher: Julie Adams Books
Publication date: 07/12/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Julie Adams is a 22 year old college student that lives in the Louisville area, with and her boyfriend and girlfriend.
She loves to try and find new experiences to explore but that doesn't mean she forgets to indulge in the pleasures learned in past adventures. Whether its backpacking, gambling trips to Vegas, or quality times on the beach; Julie throws herself into the joys of the moment with wild abandon.
She enjoys reading erotica, along with the intimacy it can build for her and her partners. Her experiences and fantasies have inspired her to write her collection of titles. With the encouragement of her friend Sarah, Julie has started updating the stories she wrote for herself and her boyfriend to read for sharing on the Kindle so others can enjoy her writing as well.

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The Stepdaughter's Poolside Passions 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I rated five because of excerpt was too sexy papa bear.? Giggle giggle snort
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago