The Strike Zone: Evaluating Individual and Corporate Performance: The Art and Science of Pitching Strikes

The Strike Zone: Evaluating Individual and Corporate Performance: The Art and Science of Pitching Strikes

by R. Mark Janacek


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This is really a good book and well written.

Leslie Wilhelm Hatch • Dog Ear Publishing Editor

The Strike Zone

Evaluating Individual and Corporate Performance The Art and Science of Pitching Strikes

It takes place every day - business professionals evaluate the performance of an individual, a department or team, and perhaps even an entire company. However, for many managers, the process of evaluating performance is a dreaded corporate ritual that fails to cut to the chase and answer the question: "Did the performer achieve the objective, or not?"

For nearly 35 years as a national and international management consultant, Mark Janacek has helped Fortune 500 organizations around the globe to improve individual, team and corporate performance. An avid and lifelong baseball fan, Janacek applies the simplicity of calling balls, strikes and outs against the strike zone as a model for evaluating performance in the business setting.

The Strike Zone provides both a practical set of techniques, as well as a strong philosophical foundation for simplifying and strengthening the evaluation process across the entire business enterprise.

For over three decades Janacek observed the hand-wringing frustration of both managers and staff struggling with evaluation systems failing to identify and truly reward excellence in performance, while correctly indicting poor performers that weigh down the organization. The Strike Zone is designed to reverse this agonizing trend, and vector corporate cultures to perform as never before.

Janacek liberates well-meaning HR departments and company executives as he uncovers the ten most common evaluation traps found in many organizations. The Strike Zone provides specific, hard-hitting strategies to avoid them.

Janacek's cutting edge approach makes The Strike Zone a must-read for everyone competing in the business setting. Regardless of your position - owner, executive, manager, team leader, or individual contributor - The Strike Zone will surely engage you with keen insights, great depth of thought, and ignite those long lost passions for excellence.

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ISBN-13: 9781457542657
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 03/11/2016
Pages: 170
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