The Trial: SOMNIVM DEVS The Satanic Dream

The Trial: SOMNIVM DEVS The Satanic Dream


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On the Seventh Day, God rested, dreaming of His Creation. When God wakes after 18 billion years, He encounters a world filled with violence, desperation, and God-lessness. His active dream of perfection has become a total nightmare. In response to this calamity, God’s Conscience takes God to trial in the Court of Heaven. To God’s defense comes Adam, his first son, and Plato, the Philosopher. The Prosecution calls forth Rufus and Cicero, with Lucifer joining them. As the trial intensifies, new witnesses are called: Eve (Adam’s wife), Jesus of Nazareth, St. Augustine, Mark Twain and the late Christopher Hitchens. While the defense tries to prove God "not guilty" by virtue of "not having been awake," the prosecution attempts to show beyond a reasonable doubt a universe that evolved by itself. Will evolution exonerate the existence of God, leaving mankind in the hands of science and to his own moral equity, or will God reform the chaotic universe led into evil by His prevailing nightmare?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994980960
Publisher: Everly Books Publishing Press
Publication date: 08/12/2017
Series: Everly Books Amazing Stories , #4
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Womb

Chapter Two - Genesis

Chapter Three - God's Confession

Chapter Four - The Intruder

Chapter Five - The Judge

Chapter Six - Servius Suplicius Rufus

Chapter Seven - Adam

Chapter Eight - Marcus Tullius Cicero's Opening Statement

Chapter Nine - Satan's Testimony

Chapter Ten - Delusion The Scrolls of Mark Twain

Chapter Eleven - Plato and St. Augustine

Chapter Twelve - The Scrolls of Mark Twain

Chapter Thirteen - Jesus of Nazareth

Chapter Fourteen - Jesus' Testimony

Chapter Fifteen - Sons of God

Chapter Sixteen - The God of Chaos

Chapter Seventeen - Eve's Testimony

Chapter Eighteen - The Luciferian Principle

Chapter Nineteen - The Ghost of Mark Twain

Chapter Twenty - The Spirit of Muhammad

Twenty-One - Of Islam and Honor Killings

Twenty-Two - Free Will and Determination: God's Attributes

Chapter Twenty-Three - De Nihilo Vita Fit (Out of Nothing, Life Comes)

Chapter Twenty-Four - Christopher Hitchens

Chapter Twenty-Five - The "Hitch"

Chapter Twenty-Six - Satan's Closing Argument

Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Verdict

Chapter Twenty-Eight - The First Man

Chapter Twenty-Nine - One Hundred Commandments for Islam

Chapter Thirty - Epilogue

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