The Unfed Flame: That Beats Your Heart

The Unfed Flame: That Beats Your Heart

by Namaste

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The Unfed Flame that beats our heart is pure in its omnipresent form. Every human is a prodigal son who is wandering through life squandering his omnipresent fortune with his free will. The results are the adulterated world we walk in. The process has been clouded. I hope this book will help return your understanding to the omnipresent power of and in love. There is a redemptive quality to truth. Knowledge without divine truth is directed to discord. Experience is the teaching tool of perfection. The only thing in life that will make you truly happy is to give love.

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ISBN-13: 9781467044431
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/13/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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That Beats Your Heart
By Namaste


Copyright © 2011 Namaste
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-4445-5

Chapter One


To begin with, we need to identify two different ideas and see how they each work through knowledge: God and the prodigal son. They could be more easily expressed as a large and a small G in the word God. In truth, the two are one, but they play very different roles when we are fallen from grace or functioning in 3-D. The ego or prodigal son is a very necessary part of the physical experience of Gods. Jesus said that we are Gods, and I have spent my life listening to the churches explain that away, showing their lack of understanding. To see what is meant, one needs to look at the sunshine. It is composed of a gazillion rays, and each carries all the qualities of the source. Likewise, the God distributes its divine qualities of love through man or rays that contain all the power of its source. Here, the Bible is accurate, as it tells us that the prodigal son wanders through the world squandering his father's fortune until he dies or puts that God in charge and returns home. Each ray or person is a collage of thoughts, feelings, and emotions arranged in a separate but equal package called man. The story is embellished when it tells you that the angels in heaven who did not fall from grace are jealous when you return. In truth, they are as happy for you as you are to return home. You are an eternal being! You can forget who you are, but you can never, never be less or more than you are. Energy can nether be created nor destroyed, but it can change its form. That is what happens when a God reincarnates. Herein develops the difference between your eternal self and your prodigal son or ego self. The ego does not reincarnate, but the karmic debts it accumulates does pass on to the new ego that God develops to try again. Herein lays the understanding of what is meant by being born of sin and the fact that we die from our accumulation of sins. It should also be clear that if you died from your accumulation, you must block that information from the next embodiment or you would die again more quickly. Jesus did say that we die of sins, and death is the last thing to be mastered. If you don't see yourself to be Gods, you will never return home, for the key is in knowing the truth that sets you free.

Now that we have established the prodigal son has different qualities than God and can be used to override the God idea while in our three-dimensional experiences, we should explore the ego's reasons for confusion. First, the ego has one life in which to get realigned with God so we express our eternalness. When the ego separates itself from God or falls from grace, it develops these ideas—right and wrong, them and us divide and conquer heavens and hells. It feels being part of an elite few is better than being part of an elite many. It superimposes on God its feelings of fear, anger, revenge, jealousy, and punishment. It maintains order through organized chaos. It makes you afraid to go outside the Bible and even more afraid of someone who has expanded the truth. It is filled with blind faith and controls learning to prevent expanded truth. All of these things have become necessary to the prodigal son, because the ego has separated itself from its source. It sees God in the center of the universe, and it is left here all alone to do pretty much what it pleases (rather than to realize its responsibility). Because these people see themselves as righteous and all others as infidels, they have no problem imposing their ideas on others while becoming offended if you try to explain a greater truth. They run to their caves when they hear the truth, because they have been hypnotized to believe you are the devil that has come to fight for their souls. They call you a false Christ. The more sense you make, the more afraid to listen they become. These churches are clearly separate from God and quite dangerous to first themselves and then you. The church that teaches you to fear a false Christ or God is blowing smoke to cover or divert your attention from the fact that those teachings are in themselves the results of a false Christ in them. The results of all this make this a dysfunctional world indeed.

It is for this reason that Jesus and his legions of angels do not appear at the front altar on Sunday morning to deliver his truth. There is a cosmic law that forbids the idea of wasting the energy of life on those who are too deep in illusion to get it anyway. You Bible-thumpers will have to go to the pits of your hell before (like a drug addict) you are ready to hear the greater truth. Even then, you will have to submit yourself by request to the invisible body part called the Christ. That is what begins the process of correcting your errors. It should also seem logical that if you are the father (so to speak), the son is also a part of you. How hard is it to understand from there that it is the mediator between all of you? Nobody is going to do it for you if you are able to do it for yourself, and as a God, you can do anything from creating hells to heaven on earth. One of the commands in the Lord's Prayer is "it will be on earth as it is in heaven." That simply means that you will activate God on earth through you—not by being born again for a moment in time but by understanding what a Christ really is and invoking that knowledge forward every day. Your Christ is the Son of God within each of us. No man can reach the father except through the Christ, the son, as it really is.

This is where today's Christian has become yesterday's Jew. Where you look for a man who died for your sins so you don't have to, you would find a man who would help you understand your responsibility for your sins and begin to correct the errors within yourself. Where the Jew was looking for a man to defeat Rome, they found a Christ who thought your responsibility to the God within was to separate yourself from the problem. On top of that, if we were all expressions of God, their claim to be favored by God would lose its importance. Within the embellishments of the Bible of the past is the reason they rejected the idea of self-responsibility. In their Bible, God has always stepped in and somehow done things for them before. Unfortunately, that was the ego's embellishment. The truth is only when you accept the responsibility for your errors will you correct them. Only when you correct them will you ascend into the many-mansion kingdom. In other words, you're going home, and that is the key. You are going to walk that lonesome valley by yourself. Nobody can walk it for you. It was an embellished truth that kept the Jew from recognizing Jesus. It is also what prevents the Christian from understanding what Jesus said. He could not die for your sins; he died because of the Jews' confusions and their egos' determination to control the thoughts of people. He died because he told them they were Gods, part of that eternal oneness that could not place itself above another as special and that offended the Jews' theory of being God's chosen few. If that were allowed to get out, the Jews would lose their authority just as this information will cost the churches their authority worldwide.

The stories of God coming and destroying their enemies were all embellishments. A God of love does not tell you "though shalt not kill" and then come and do it for you. The power of God is in the just as well as the unjust. That makes Joshua's ability to stop time seem like it was God's will to mass murder many people with that time. God did not place the Jew or anyone else on a pedestal as his chosen people, but rather Joshua murdered many people in the name of God. If Hitler would have won the war, do you not see that he would have told his people it was because God saw those Germans as a chosen few or white people as a supreme race? You see how important the truth is and how important recognizing the embellishments is? There is no land that God saved for his chosen ones, but you can now begin to see how the idea does feed the ego's need to feel important or better than another. You can also see how long it will bring havoc to a group of people for as you judge, so will your father in heaven do to you. The self-righteous attitude of the Jew chasing rainbows has put them on a roller-coaster ride, and it won't be over until they see all as equals.

Here I would like to share a story of my youth. I asked God if he wanted me to become a preacher. So many people claim they are called by God to become a preacher or priest. The response God gave me was, "Watch what they do." Soon, I realized that I could not become Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish without becoming anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, or anti-Jewish. I was told that few if any new revelations can take place in those heaven-and-hell systems. At a young age, I told God I would join none of these religions so I might be at one with all these religions. I am a priest, and planet earth is my parish! Imagine my surprise to find people from those religions didn't want me anywhere near them, and they accused me of being possessed by their devil. Wow! I didn't expect that.

Whenever anyone goes against the majority opinion, it will stir up attacks, and they will raise smoke screens as a defense to their illusion. That is the reason the Jews rejected Jesus; they were defending their illusion (illusions are things that are not real to the God side of you). Remember, I told you anger is what the ego or prodigal son uses to hide the truth it doesn't want to face from itself. The ego has a hard time adjusting to change. It likes a forever fixed, unchangeable truth. God in you is forever expanding and changing the truth, which the ego finds hard to keep up with. Your churches are as determined not to change as your egos. To solve that problem, we must meet and know our invisible but powerful Christ, the invisible part of our higher self or God self that mediates between our perfect self, the confusions of the prodigal son, and the illusionary creations it hangs on to with such fervor. Just as the ego has slowed down the God computer to a speed it feels is safe, it stifles God's expansion through you to that speed. There is only one way there will be heaven on earth for your ego, and that is by putting your Christ in charge of the God within you and asking it to cleanse your soul (a soul with an accumulation of illusion cannot return to God in that state, so it accumulates in the soul for redemption. This will be explained in the chapter on the Christ.)This also explains why people have cried, "Lord, cleanse my soul." It is one of the parts of you that need cleansing. Although Jesus and his legions of angels can help, they can only do so through your personal body part called the Christ. That is why Jesus was originally called Jesus the Christ. God is love, and love is energy in its purest form (Kundalini, chi, perona, or Holy Spirit), not a judgmental man in the center of the universe. As love is poured through the ego's thoughts, it gets re-qualified and directed into the world of form adulterated by the ego. The brain stirs the ethers or thoughts to the new pattern and travels to the new world through the blood, to the lung, and sends its magnets on your out breath. Only when each of us recognizes that we are ourselves responsible for what we have drawn to ourselves can we begin to correct the error.

People tell me that I take what I want from the Bible and reject what I don't want. I would point out that all embellishments in the Bible become clear when you know the rules. God is love, and the ego is dividing. This makes the embellishments easy to detect. The truth is in the Bible as well as most other spiritual books that have been written, but they all have a degree of embellishment involved or their followers would have ascended long ago. For many of you, this is the first time you have been exposed to the idea of being able to make your ascension before you die. Mother Mary did; why can't you? Why did Jesus say that death was the last to conquer? How many have made their ascension in your church rather than dying? Your churches around the world have avoided that, to say the least. The ego's world will not work without the aligning of fraternities of one sort or another. It is the original gang rule principle that works throughout the ego's world. All gangs divide in one way or another. Everyone likes to feel more right than other people, but example is the only name for a priest. A man changed against his will is of the same opinion still. You can go to the world with a thousand theories, but if no one is working on ascension, we are but a dysfunctional, noisy gong. The only one on earth that you can change is you. The only time you can make a change is in the eternal now. Nothing unreal or illusionary exists, so a moment of true insight can allow your Christ to erase your karmic debt to it all. Letting go and letting God without knowledge will only create more fraternities. Your buildings can be used constructively, but only when you come with the open heart of love and the mind of a child can you be open to learning. All of you will learn at a different pace because all of you have a different set of karmic problems to work out. As you judge so will your father in heaven judge you; that is karma. God is within you always, and as you use your creative thought against another, you have inflicted that thought on yourself. Use your thoughts to bless another and reap what you sow. The God side of all of us would see every person good and in bliss. The God in us will see that quality in the just and the unjust. God is never ending; he is the expansion of love through you and all others. He is intelligent and all knowing. He reflects your deepest thoughts. He will not join the ego's illusion. God waits for us to flow with his or its internal perfection, for he knows that which is real has no enemy and that which is not real does not really exist except in illusion. This illusion is more like a dream than God's truth, because Gods do dream their truth in illusion. Only truth will dissolve your connection to the illusion and return you home, or better yet, bring heaven to earth.

The churches are always telling you that we must find god. They are the churches of the false Christ, because you can't find what was never lost. In an emergency, God seems to show up, but that doesn't mean that the still, quiet voice is not always there. It means our noisy ego is charging forward in illusion. Be still and know ye are Gods. Only when you see yourself as a God will you see others as one too. Only as a God will you understand your value and the value of others outside the interpretations in illusion. Within you is everything you have ever created in illusion or truth. As the universe expands in you, it expands. As you give, so is it given unto you. I am grateful it is so, for therein is my redemption. Ye are Gods wrapped in a cocoon of self-created illusion. Redemption of that illusion can only come through the truth. Truth is wisdom and knowledge, but blind faith of hypnotized ideas will hold you in confusion, fear, and at the mercy of the mass consciousness projection. Redemption comes from allowing the flow of your God to go through your Christ body to bring heaven on earth. In truth, you are all three one, but within illusion, you seem to be three: Father, Christ, and prodigal son. You will never find what can't be lost. As you remember the truth, you begin to function in the world knowing that as you give, so does the creator give to you. So be kind to your enemy and bless those who persecute you for what you sow, you shall reap. Only the knowledge of how it works will give you the ability to live in the world but not be of the world. Give thanks every day for the blessings of God that flow through you. What your attention is on, there I am also, or there is what the creative power within you will direct itself to.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Unfed Flame....................1
Chapter 2 Christos....................9
Chapter 3 How We Create....................21
Chapter 4 Devils and Hell....................41
Chapter 5 Healing....................51
Chapter 6 Reincarnation....................59
Chapter 7 He Who Has Eyes to See....................66
Chapter 8 Food and Diet....................81
Chapter 9 Fortune-Telling....................87
Chapter 10 Employer-Employee Relations....................94
Chapter 11 Sex and Religion....................106
Chapter 12 Value to Churches....................121
Chapter 13 ET's and Angels....................129
Chapter 14 Family and Marriage....................137
Chapter 15 Goals....................146
About the Author....................163

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